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Key New Features in Origin 8.6

  1. Native 64 bit Application as well as 32 bit
  2. PCA and Cluster analysis (Pro)
  3. Spider/Radar chart
  4. New Tool to drag data plot to change axis scale
  5. Auto-hide Project Explorer window
  6. Vertical Cursor and other new gadgets
  7. Parametric function plot
  8. Fitting with integral
  9. Worksheet Navigation dialog
  10. File Import menu customization dialog

Other Features that we can consider to swap with above

  • Specify Data Range by X values in analysis tools
  • Apply analysis to other plots in a graph, or other columns in worksheet
  • Raw and Index data support for more statistics tools
  • Access to Histogram Probability Density distribution curves
  • Column Statistics output to a flat sheet for easy plotting

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64 Bit Support

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3185 Native 64-bit support
  • 64 bit version has much more memory at its disposal, so is useful for large data sets.
  • Supports importing ASCII files bigger than 4GB
  • Some Import/Export Formats are not supported in 64 bit Origin due to non-availability of third-party plug-ins/DLLs:
    • Thermo (SPC, CGM) Import
    • *.dbf, *.WK *, *.DIF Import
    • Database Import: Query Builder tool not available. SQL Editor tool works fine.
    • Export Graph as Image: *.ai, *.cgm, *.dxf
  • pclamp Import not fully supported in 64bit.
  • Export worksheet to multiple PDF files not working in 64 bit


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3106 Vertical Cursor This gadget is used to read the X and Y coordinate values for the data points on the stacked panel plots crossed by the vertical cursor.
ORG-2462 Quick Sigmoidal Fit This gadget allows use of nonlinear regression with a sigmoidal function to fit the selected dataset on graph. It is an adaptation of the Fit Sigmoidal tool in Origin 7.5, but with more advanced controls.
ORG-1667 Curve Intersection Gadget This gadget is used to calculate the intersection points of the input curves in the ROI box.
ORG-2298 Improvements in Integration Gadget
  • Simplify the tabs in the Integration gadget dialog.
  • Ouput Integrated Curve and Baseline curve data.
  • Create baseline based on Full Plot Range/Curve Within ROI rectangle.
ORG-3896 Calculate Standard Error for Derived Parameters in Quick Fit and Quick Sigmoidal Fit Standard Error for Derived Parameters calculated and shown in report.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-382 Radar Chart Radar Chart is also known as Spider Chart, Star Chart.
ORG-1947 Parametric Function Plot Origin can plot 2D Function plot, 2D Parametric Function Plot and 3D Function Plot.
  • Use a set of parametric equations to express the relation of X and Y.
  • Specify number of data points and range of parameter.
  • Built-in functions can be quoted in the parameter equations.
  • Use LabTalk script to define the constants before running formula script.
  • Output the data of 2D Parametric and 3D function plots to worksheet and matrix.
  • Save function plot settings as a theme for future use.
  • Modify function plot in Plot Details dialog, then copy settings and use when creating new function plot.
ORG-3338 Improvements in Add Error Bars dialog
  • Add Standard Deviation Data with different scaling factors.
  • Add Square root of Data as error bars.
  • Auto updates of error bars if source data changes.
  • Edit error bars in Set Column Values dialog.
ORG-3134 New rescale tool to drag plot and update axis range. New Recale button on Tools toolbar.
  • Select rescale tool and cursor becomes hand. Use hand to drag the plot, and X, Y axis ranges change. Use mouse wheel for horizontal scaling, or hold Shift while using mouse wheel for scaling along on Y axis.
  • Z (Zoom) and X(Pan) are the hotkeys for this tool, will work with drag, mouse wheel, arrow keys.
  • Press Shift and hotkey to switch movement to Y axis.
ORG-2576 System variable @LCA added to control shape of tick marks The major and minor tick marks were rounded at their ends and had no sharp edges. Users may want the tick marks as squared-off rectangular bars. @LCA is added. 0 - Round (default), 1 - Square, 2 - Flat.
ORG-3734 Show Fill Area information in legend for Line plot Legend of line plot did not show fill area information in older versions.
ORG-1830 Arbitrary Line Profile Support Arbitrary line profile in Image Profile

Curve Fitting

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3327 Fitting with Integral
  • User friendly GUI to define Integral Fitting Function step by step in Fitting Function Builder.
  • Simulate Curve supports integral function
  • Fitting with integral function in NLFit
ORG-2740 NLFit: Independent Fit Improvements
  • When doing independent fit on multiple datasets, there was no way to select a single dataset to fit by 1 Iteration or Iteration till Converged, and see the result for just that data.
  • This is especially useful for user-defined functions without parameter initialization code. Users may want to fit one dataset first, and then make sure parameters are good, or adjust parameters, then use them for all other datasets.
ORG-2473 NLFit: Columns on Parameters/Bounds tab can be dragged to change order Origin now supports dragging columns to change order.
ORG-2097 NLFit: Calculate Standard Error for Derived Parameters Standard Error for Derived Parameters is now calculated and shows in result sheet.
ORG-3140 Bring back Linear Fit with X Error This was hidden in 8.5.1 as the result was not accurate for some datasets.
  • Ripley Method still hidden in GUI.
  • Update York with 2003 algorithm. (Previously used York 1966 algorithm.)
  • Hide the Errors as Weight node for all 3 methods.
  • Add an editbox node, labeled with "Correlation Between X and Y Errors" with values fall in [0,1].
ORG-738, ORG-2156, ORG-3499, ORG-1750 Specify X Data range's From and To by X values User could only specify X range by row numbers in the past.
  • Syntax for Row Range Specified by X Values is [BookName]SheetName!ColName[x4.5:17.89]
  • In NLFit, PA, etc., dialog that supports XYRange input, user can specify X range by number number and by X values.
  • User can apply such row range/X range to other data during the analysis.
  • Save X/Row Range in dialog theme.
ORG-126 Speed improvements on LabTalk Script-Based Fitting Function In 8.5.1, using LT-based fitting function was slow. Improved in 8.6.

Peak Analyzer

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2550 Create report sheet with NA in summary table even if no peak is found. Peak Analyzer(PA) did not generate report if no peak was found. Then, when doing batch procesing with PA on multiple datasets, no report was given if no peaks were found in some datasets. Report now says "NA" when peaks not found.
ORG-3052 Add more baseline and peak finding methods to match those in Quick Peaks gadget We have added new capabilities (e.g., "min and max" baseline) to Quick Peaks Gadget. Also added to Peak Analyzer.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2697 Principal Component Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-2699, ORG-2700 Hierarchical, K-Means Cluster Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-2698 Discriminant, Canonical Discriminant Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-3228 Improvements in Normality Tests OriginPro only feature
  • Support Group in Normality Test.
  • Improved format in output.
  • Support more methods.
ORG-2427 Output Statistics on Columns quantities to a flat worksheet
  • Results for stat on columns were previously put into a "report sheet". This type of report was not convenient to use for further analysis.
  • "Quantities" node has been added to Output Settings node. User may now output quantities to a flat worksheet.
ORG-3133 Further Improvement of ROC Curve
  • Test Direction radio buttons added for ROC curve, which has two options
    • Positive vs. High: Larger test measurement values indicate more positive test
    • Positive vs. Low: Smaller test measurement values indicate more positive test
  • Cut off value added for ROC Values
ORG-1556 Support Raw and Indexed data form in Frequency Counts and Discrete Frequency
  • Support frequency count on multiple data. User can choose Input Data form as Raw and select multiple columns as input data.
  • For customer with grouping information in one column and data in another column, user can set Input Data Form as Indexed, and specify grouping and data range.
ORG-3103 Support Raw and Indexed data form in all Nonparametric Tests
ORG-3688 Distribution Curve Improvements for Histogram and Frequency Counts.
  • Histogram: Weibull Distribution Curve is supported.
  • Add Checkbox to Scale to % of Tallest bar.
  • Output Distribution Curve data to Bin worksheet.

Import and Export

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1344 Auto adjust column width after importing This control is hidden in GUI. After importing data, Origin will auto adjust column width so that user can see the data contents.
ORG-1739 Use negative value to Trim from end of file name
  • Previously, in Import ASCII (and other imports), under the (Re)Naming Worksheets and Workbook branch, users could enter a positive value or 0 in Trim Filename To edit box. Origin did not have a mechanism for trimming from the end of the file name (e.g., to trim extension when renaming worksheet). Origin now supports negative values for trimming filenames from the right.
For example, for filename abcd.txt, specify the following:
Trim Filename From: 1
Trim Filename To: -4
Filename is trimmed to abcd.
ORG-2642 Import File Structure Framework
  • Users can now import meta-data and file information before file data. This control allows better performance when importing large data files.
  • Available for the following data formats:
    • NI TDM (TDM, TDMS)
    • HDF5 (H5, HE5, HDF5)
  • This control can be accessed under the Import Options branch on the GUI. After importing file with structure only, user can highlight columns or active workbook, and then run "reimport sel := 1;" in the Command Window for partial import. In File menu, user can also click Re-Import Directly to import all data.

Import Wizard Improvements

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3571 Save <last used> filter when import wizard is used
  • When using Import Wizard to import data, we should save a <last used> filter even user doesn't check Save filter checkbox on the past page.
  • And when next time user opens Import wizard, user can pick <last used> filter from Applicable filter dropdown list
ORG-3181 Filter dropdown list to exclude unnecessary variables Variables are extracted by Specify delimiter and wizard scans for variable names and values option in Import wizard, there are many unnecessary L1V1, L1V2, etc. variables extracted by delimitor of each line. Filter dropdown list is added on Header Variables page so user can exclude such variables.
ORG-2376 New option Start new hidden workbook in Non-numeric data in a numeric field dropdown list On Data Columns, add Start new hidden workbook option for Non-numeric data in a numeric field dropdown list. This also applies to Import ASCII dialog.
ORG-2990 Improvements on Space Delimitor This also applies to Import ASCII dialog.
  • On Data Selection page, the meaning of "Space" delimiter is ambiguous, which contains single space, multiple spaces and TAB for various cases. Renamed it as Space/TAB checkbox now.
  • Added another checkbox Space for single Space delimitor.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3008 Import and open XLSM file (Excel with Macro) Excel 2010 now has different .xlsm extension to identify macro-enabled files.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3616 Navigate worksheets dialog Navigate... context menu is added when right clicking on sheet tab. A dialog opens for user to.
  • find and activate a sheet
  • Sort sheets by name, size, column size, type, etc.
  • move, copy, drag, clear data and delete selected sheets.
ORG-3794 Add comments to a sheet
  • Comment... context menu when right clicking Sheet tab to edit comment.
  • Show worksheet comment as Tooltip when mousing over sheet name.
  • Some analysis info. is put as output Worksheet's comment.
ORG-2574 Worksheet: Split Worksheet... menu Split a worksheet into multiple worksheets by
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Rows
  • Column Label information. When using this method, the new worksheet will be named after the label information.
ORG-3180 Support Hide/Unhide context menu for label rows in worksheet
  • Right click a label row to hide it. A dark gridline will show in label rows around it.
  • Double click the dark gridline to unhide label row.
ORG-4312 Add "Prefer Long Name" checkbox in Set Column Values dialog The checkbox shows under Col(A) menu in Set Column Values dialog. If it's checked, when inserting columns in formula, long name will be used. Otherwise, it will use short name in formula.
ORG-260 Add more functions in F(X) of Set Column/Matrix Values dialog.
  • Complex
    • Real2Complex(dReal, dImag) to convert into a complex number. e.g. Real2Complex(1, 2)=1+2i
    • Imabs(cX) to get the modulus of a complex. e.g. imabs(3+4i)=5
    • Imaginary(cX), ImReal(cX) to get the imaginary and real part of a complex. e.g. Imaginary(3+4i)=4
    • Imargument(cX) to get the argument (theta) of a complex. e.g. Imargument(1+i)=pi/4
    • Imconjugate(cX) to get the conjugate of a complex. e.g. Imconjugate(3+4i)=3-4i
    • Imcos(cX), Imexp(cX), Imln(cX), Imlog10(cX), Imlog2(cX), Imsqrt(cX), Imsin(cX), to get the cos, exp, ln, log10, log2, sqrt, sin of a complex.
    • Imdiv(cY1, cY2), Improduct(cY1, cY2), ImSub(cY1, cY2), ImSum(cY1, cY2), ImPower(cX, n) to calculate the operation on complex.
  • Engineering
    • Convert between binary number and decimal. Excel has many these functions, for example, Dec2hex(i)$, Dec2hex(100)$=64. These functions may be very useful for some fields.
    • Convert units. Excel provides a function to convert units. This simple function may be very useful. It has the form: Convert(x, strUnit1, strUnit2). For example Convert(25, "C", "F")=77 to convert Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit.
  • Statistics
    • Confidence(alpha, std, size) Return the confidence interval for a population mean.
    • Skew(vX), Kurt(vX) Return the skewness and kurtosis of data. Origin supports it in Stats on Columns
  • Math
    • Combine(n1, n2) Return the number of combinations for a given number of items. e.g. combine(4, 2)=6.
    • fact(n) Return the factorial of a number. e.g. fact(3)=3*2*1=6
    • factdouble(n) Return the double factorial of a number. e.g. factdouble(5)=5*3*1=15
ORG-4029 Open Set Column/Matrix Values dialog from Column/Matrix Properties dialog and vice versa.
  • Open Set Column Value button is added in Column Properties dialog.
  • Open Column Properties button is added in Set Column Values dialog.
  • Open Set Matrix Values button is added in Matrix Properties dialog.
  • Open Matrix Properties button is added in Set Matrix Values dialog.
ORG-2531 Support modify properties of multiple embedded graphs together wcellgraph x-function is added.
  • Run "wcellgraph -d" in Script window to modify properties together.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3296 Matrix: Set Values dialog: List independent variable names in Function: Variables and Constants: submenu User can find what are the independent variables to use to Set Matrix values.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-431 64 bit NAG C Library, Mark 9 support Update NAG library to 64-bit and Mark 9
ORG-3337 Make X-Function TwoDBinning be script accessible It's only accessible from GUI before 8.6.
ORG-2877 Improve Plotxy for creating graph from custom templates The following works:
 plotxy (?,1:end) o:=[<new template:=myTest>] p:=230

but the symbol size argument's default of 9 will override what is saved in the template. So size:=-1 is added to support using template's symbol size to plot graph.

ORG-3579 Integral function is renamed to Integrate Under F(X):Math: menu in Set Column Values dialog, Integral function is renamed to Integrate.
ORG-3558 Add more PDF functions to LabTalk to match those in Histogram Distribution Curves. They also accessible from Set Column Values dialog. Functions added are:
  • cauchpdf
  • exppdf
  • gampdf
  • lappdf
  • lognpdf
  • normpdf
  • poisspdf
ORG-3572 Labtalk function should support default argument type to be double So following two syntaxes are equal.
  • Function double MyInte(t, Arg 1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4, Arg 5, ..., ArgN)
  • Function double MyInte(double t, double Arg 1, double Arg2, double Arg3, double Arg4, double Arg 5, ..., double ArgN)
ORG-3065 LT access to Short Name for row index Letter "G" is reserved to denote Short Name when accessing row index. E.g. the following code can set/get first column's short name.


ORG-2915 Wildcard is supported in LT command delete -vs Delete -vs deletes the specified global/project string variable. Now suorts wildcard.
ORG-741 Using X to define range in XYRange
	XYRange		dr;
	dr.Add("X", "[book1]sheet1!A[x1.5:2.5]");
	dr.Add("Y", "[book1]sheet1!B[x1.5:2.5]");

ORG-3724 The default value of type.redirection is changed to 32768 from 5.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2858 Batch Analysis on all plots in graph After user does an analysis on one plot in graph, a lock is created in the graph. User can click the lock icon and choose Repeat this analysis to All Plots context menu to do batch analysis.
ORG-2741 Batch Process on columns in worksheet After user does an analysis on column in worksheet, a lock is created in result column or results sheet. User can click the lock icon and choose Repeat this analysis to All Y Columns context menu to do batch analysis.
ORG-2768 Tools: System Variables... menu. Customize system variables and save them as default settings.

Origin GUI

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3387 Redesign of File: New: submenus and dialogs
  • File: New: Worksheet... menu to create new worksheet. There are two ways to create worksheet. One is by specifing column designation. The other is by setting replicate sets.
  • File: New: Matrix... menu to create new matrix sheet.
  • File: New: From Template to open new worksheet, matrix or graph from existing templates (OTW, OTM, OTP), including analysis template (OGW).
ORG-3395 Customize File: Import: menu User can specify what import types and import themes to show in File: Import: Customize menu.
ORG-3691 Auto-hide dockable windows
  • Project Explorer, Quick Help, Results Log, etc. are all dockable.
  • By default Project Explorer and Quick Help windows are docked on the left panel and set Auto-hide on.
ORG-3724 A new message window to place analysis output info.
  • Most types of messages, Info/Result/Error etc. which was sent to Script Window/Command Window will be switched to the new window.
  • It's docked on left panel of Origin workspace, similar to Project Explorer and Quick Help.
ORG-3512 System Path tab in Tools: Options dialog
  • Displays all important system paths.
    • User Files Folder (changable)
    • AutoSave path (changable)
    • Application Data folder (read-only)
    • Program Folder (read-only)
    • Group Folder (changable)
    • License (read-only)
  • Change/Reset User Files Folder, AutoSave path, or Group Folder.
ORG-4135 Set Origin startup window size ShowState in [Config] section of Origin.ini file
  • ShowState=0 -- Start Origin with hidden window
  • ShowState=1 -- Start Origin with normal window
  • ShowState=2 -- Start Origin with minimized window
  • ShowState=3 -- Start Origin with maximized window