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| ORG-3422 | ORG-3422
-| Named Range Support+| Named Range Support <font color:red>Not ready yet</font>
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* Plotting a named range via virtual dataset * Plotting a named range via virtual dataset

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Coming soon. Not released yet.


64 Bit Support

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3185 Support importing ASCII files bigger than 4GB


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3106 Vertical Cursor This gadget is used to read the X and Y coordinate values for the the data points on the stacked panel plots crossed by the vertical cursor.
ORG-2462 Quick Sigmoidal Fit This gadget allows user to use nonlinear regression with a sigmoidal function to fit the selected dataset on graph. It is an adaptation of Fit Sigmoidal tool in Origin 7.5, but with more advanced controls.
ORG-1667 Curve Intersection Gadget This gadget is used to calculate the intersection points of the input curves in the ROI box.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1540 Spider Chart
ORG-1947 Parametric Function Plot Origin can plot 2D Function plot, 2D Parametric Function Plot and 3D Function Plot.
  • Use a set of parametric equations to express the relation of X and Y.
  • Specify the number of data points and the range of parameter.
  • Built-in functions can be quoted in the parameter equations.
  • Use LabTalk script to define the constants before run the formula script.
  • Output the data of 2D Parametric and 3D function plots to worksheet and matrix respectively.
  • Save function plot settings as a theme and use it in the future.
  • Modify function plot in Plot Details dialog and copy such settings. Then use it when creating a new function plot.
ORG-3338 Improvements in Add Error Bars dialog
  • Adding Standard Deviation Data with different scaling factors.
  • Add Square root of Data as error bars.
  • Auto updates of error bars if source data change.
  • Edit error bars in Set Column Values dialog.

Curve Fitting

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3327 Fitting with Integral
  • User friendly GUI to define Integral Fitting Function step by step in Fitting Function Builder.
  • Fitting with integral function in NLFit
ORG-2740 Multiple Data: Independent Fit Improvements
  • When doing Independent fit on multiple datasets, there was no way to for user to flip through and pick one of the datasets to fit by 1 Iteration or Iteration till Converged, and see result just for that data.
  • It's useful especially for user-defined function without parameter initialization code. User may want to fit one dataset first and then make sure the parameters are good, or adjust parameters. Then use them for all other datasets.
ORG-3140 Bring back Linear Fit with X Error It's hidden in 8.5.1 since the result isn't accurate for some datasets.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2697 Principal Component Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-2699, ORG-2700 Hierarchical, K-Means Cluster Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-2698 Discriminant, Canonical Discriminant Analysis OriginPro only feature
ORG-1557 Factorial ANOVA OriginPro only feature
ORG-3228 More Normality Tests OriginPro only feature
ORG-2427 Output Statistics on Columns results to flat worksheet
  • Results for stat on cols used to be put into a "report sheet". It's not convenient to use such report to do further analysis.
  • A checkbox "Report to Flat Sheet" is added to Output Settings node of Statistics on Columns dialog.
ORG-3133 Further Improvement of ROC Curve
  • Test Direction radio buttons are added for ROC curve, which has two options
    • Positive v.s. High: Larger test measurement values indicates more positive test
    • Positive v.s. Low: Smaller test measurement values indicates more positive test
  • Cut off value is added for ROC Values

Import and Export


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1220 Floating Graphs for Flexible Report Creation Attached graphs to worksheet like what Excel does.
ORG-3005 Prism-like Worksheet with Replicate sets
  • File: New: Worksheet to create worksheet of Replicate Sets. Set Number of Sets and Replicates per Set.
  • A new label row "Replicate Name" for each set name.
  • Using A, A1, A2, A3... B, B1, B2, B3, ... as short name to better distinguish each set.
  • Border lines is used to seperate each sets.
ORG-2574 Worksheet: Split Worksheet... menu Split a worksheet into multiple worksheets by
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Rows
  • Column Label information. When using this method, the new worksheet will be named after the label information.
ORG-3422 Named Range Support Not ready yet
  • Plotting a named range via virtual dataset
  • Layer Contents and Plot Setup to properly support named range
  • GUI to manage Named Range is needed
ORG-3180 Support Hide/Unhide context menu for label rows in worksheet
  • Right click a label row to hide it. A dark gridline will show in label rows around it.
  • Double click the dark gridline to unhide label row.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-431 64 bit NAG C Library, Mark 9 support Update NAG library to 64-bit and Mark 9
ORG-3337 Make XF TwoDBinning be script accessible It's only accessible from GUI before 9.0.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2858 Batch Analysis on all plots in graph After user does an analysis on one plot in graph. A lock is created in the graph. User can click the lock icon and choose "Repeat this analysis to All Plots context menu" to do batch analysis.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3387 Redesign of File: New: submenus and dialogs
  • File: New: Worksheet... menu to create new worksheet. There are two ways to create worksheet. One is by specifing column designation. The other is by setting replicate sets.
  • File: New: Matrix... menu to create new matrix sheet.
  • File: New: From Template to open new worksheet, matrix or graph from existing templates (OTW, OTM, OTP), including analysis template (OGW).