ReleaseNotes:New Features and Changes in 8.6 SR0

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==Graphing== ==Graphing==
- +{| class="wikitable"
-===Spider Chart===+!width=70|JIRA
- +!width=190|Summary
-===Parametric Function Plot===+!width=340|Details
 +|- valign="top"
 +| Spider Chart
 +|- valign="top"
 +| [ Parametric Function Plot]
==Curve Fitting== ==Curve Fitting==

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64 Bit Support

JIRA Summary Details


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3106 Vertical Cursor This gadget is used to read the X and Y coordinate values for the the data points on the stacked panel plots crossed by the vertical cursor.
ORG-2462 [

Quick Sigmoidal Fit]

This gadget allows user to use nonlinear regression with a sigmoidal function to fit the selected dataset on graph. It is an adaptation of Fit Sigmoidal tool in Origin 7.5, but with more advanced controls.
ORG-1667 Curve Intersection Gadget This gadget is used to calculate the intersection points of the input curves in the ROI box.


JIRA Summary Details
Spider Chart
Parametric Function Plot

Curve Fitting

Fitting with Integral


  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Hierarchical, K-Means Cluster Analysis
  • Discriminant, Canonical Discriminant Analysis
  • Factorial ANOVA
  • More Normality Tests


  • Floating Graphs for Flexible Report Creation
  • Replicate Identifier
  • Split Worksheet
  • Named Range Support


  • NAG C Library, Mark 9