ReleaseNotes:Mac Issues with 9.0 SR0

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[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Parallel 8 Issues

Summary Details
Sometimes fails to press ESC to go back to Origin workspace after view Graph in Full View. With Graph window active
  • Choose View: Full View
  • Start Slide Show

So far, it only happens with Mac Mini.

After activate Mac from computer sleep mode, 3D openGL Graphs show as black. Redraw or restart project doesn't solve the problem. User has to restart Origin to see OpenGL Graphs again.

No problem with Display sleep mode.

3D OpenGL graphs with transparency on flipped. This only happens when using NVADIA video card instead of integrated Intel video card on Mac. If changing to Intel card, no problem.

[edit] VMWare Fusion 5.0 Issues

Summary Details
3D OpenGL graph Transparency problems The problem happens on screen, slide show and exported graphs.
  • Fails to show transparent in some graphs
  • Surface is only partly displayed

[edit] OpenGL Testing Result on differnent Virtual Machines

Y = Supported. N = Not Supported. P = Problematic

Virtual Machine OpenGL Version Transparency Anti-aliasing Lighting Clipping Exporting Printing
Paralell 8.0 2.1 ATI-7.18.11 Y N Y Y Y Y
Paralell 4.0 1.1 N N Y Y Y Y
Paralell 3.0 2.0 ATI-1.5.48 N N
VM fusion 5.0.1 2.1_mesa 7.12 P N Y Y Y Y
VM fusion 5.0 2.1_mesa7.12 P N Y Y Y Y
VM fusion 1.0 1.1 N N Y Y Y Y
Virtual Box 4.1.22 1.1 N N Y Y Y Y
Virtual Box 2.0 1.1 N N Y Y Y Y
Bootcamp 2.1.7273 Release N N