ReleaseNotes:Known Issues in 8.6 SR0

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JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3881, SUP-948 pClamp import in 64 bit Origin not correct for some pclamp data. We recommend using 32 bit Origin when importing pClamp data.
ORG-4193 Export Worksheet as Multipage PDF failed in 64 bit Origin. GIF image file is exported instead. No problem in 32 bit Origin.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4370 Some results of Discriminant Analysis are different from SAS *Some observations will be misclassified in cross-validation when prior probabilities is proportional to group size
  • Upper triangular elements in the group distance matrix are not correct for quadratic discriminant analysis(QDA)
  • Discriminant analysis does not support masked data in the group column
ORG-4377 Long name of some Principal Components is wrong in PCA. After doing Principal Component Analysis, if user clicks the lock to change parameters in the analysis dialog, the long name of some Principal Components are wrong in Score Data sheet.
ORG-4376 Labels of means comparison plots in ANOVA report sheet are wrong or gibberish. The means comparison plots show as Data(1), Data(2), etc. instead of the method name.

File Access

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-449 Double click opj failed to open it in Origin in Windows 7/Vista on some PCs. We don't have workaround before Origin 8.6. Workaround in 8.6.
  • Run Origin and choose Window: Script window menu.
  • Run the code in quotes: "doc -ddde 1".
  • --> ddde stand for disable DDE
  • Following the hint to close origin and right click Origin icon to run as administrator once. Close Origin.
  • Double click opj file should open Origin fine.

Code Builder

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4352 The Button Groups tab is missing in the Code Builder This tab is needed if user wants to customize Toolbars in Code Builder, such as combine some toolbar buttons together, etc.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4353 Origin 32bit and 64bit don't share "borrowed license" If user borrows 32 bit Origin, he/she will not be able to use the 64 bit Origin. Vice versa.
On Windows Vista/7, must run as admin to return a borrowed license which hasn't expired yet. When borrowing license, there is a checkbox to return it when reconnected to network. If user doesn't check it, and then reconnecting to the network, borrowed Origin will not return automatically. User must run as administrator to return it manually.