ReleaseNotes:Known Issues in 8.5.1

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[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2723 Script After Fitting was not working. Script After Fitting allows the user to define a script to run after a fit is completed. This feature fails for built-in and user-defined functions when defined on either the Code tab of the Nonlinear Curve Fit (NLFit) dialog, or in a Fitting Function (FDF) file.
ORG-2853 Multiple Peaks Fit not working in Origin (standard). When Origin (standard) users try to use the Multiple Peak Fit tool, this error appears in the script window: "failed to find object during method call. Origin C error(24) in X-Function code." This does not occur in OriginPro.
ORG-2751 Absolute area calculated from Integrate gadget is incorrect. When Absolute Area is calculated with the Integrate gadget, the result is identical to the Mathematical Area (and is therefore incorrect).
ORG-2761 Chained Set Column Value calculations fail to be triggered. Example: User wants to set up a worksheet template with columns A, B, C, and D.
  • Columns A and B are for new data imported.
  • Column C's Set Column Values formula is a fixed value, and there is a Before Formula Script so Recalculation Mode can be set to Auto.
  • Column D is dependent on Column B and C and Recalculation Mode is set to Auto.

In 8.5.1 SR0, if the user imports data into columns A and B, column D's Set Column Value fails to automatically execute.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2093 Version compatibility issues with some 3D Vector graphs Some 3D Vector graphs do not display correctly if created in 8.5 and opened in 8.5.1. This can often be fixed by manually resetting the scaling factor of an end point's symbol size, or by rescaling the graph.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2734 Worksheet selection has very uncomfortable flashing in column header. When a user selects a row or column, then drags to expand the selection, the screen seems to flash.
ORG-3050 Size of text label font saved in 8.1 appears larger in 8.5.1 This is actually a fix. In 8.1 and earlier, text label font size was incorrect. If a user entered text in a worksheet cell, for example, and in the gray area of a workbook window, and set both font sizes to 22, the text in the gray area looked smaller. This has been fixed in 8.5.1.

Note, for built-in templates, the font size of a text object is now auto-corrected. For user-defined templates, users must run the following script, and then refresh the worksheet:


[edit] Connectivity

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2650 Workaround required for linking to upgraded Mathematica 8 In order to use the Mathematica Link… dialog in the Tools menu after upgrading to Mathematica 8, users must delete ORIGINML.ini in the user files folder.

[edit] Importing

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2733 When users choose to import from Excel, Excel is launched before Origin's Excel import dialog appears. In cases where the file is very large, a "Server Busy" dialog appears, confusing users and complicating the import. Even with small files, this behavior is often problematic, especially if Excel has been installed on the system but not yet used.

[edit] Export

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2660 Origin crashes when exporting to EPS or PDF with master page on This does not occur when exporting graphs to other formats.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2848 Origin crashes when using the Copy Page or Send Graph to PowerPoint command when graph data originated in Excel. When users open data in Origin that originated in Excel, then generate a graph and select Copy Page or Send Graph to Powerpoint, Origin crashes.
ORG-3091 Backwards-compatiblity Issues Origin 8.0 crashes when trying to open project files saved with the Quick Peaks Gadget. Generally, GROBJ_TN_MARKER-type graph objects can not be used in Origin 8.0.

[edit] Licensing

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-3014 FLEXnet servers with 8-digit Solaris host ID’s do not work for Origin 8.5 and Origin 8.5.1. Concurrent FLEXlm licenses made from 8-digit host IDs do not work. (Workaround is to generate a FLEXnet server license with a 12-digit host ID.)