ReleaseNotes:Known Issues existing in 9.0 SR0

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[edit] Mac Issues

See Mac Issues with 9.0 SR0 for Details.

[edit] Import&Export in 64-bit

pClamp Import is supported in 64-bit Origin 9.0 now. But the following are still not supported in 64-bit Origin9.0 as in 64-bit Origin 8.6.

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3865 Some Import/Export Formats are not supported in 64-bit Origin due to non-availability of third-party plug-ins/DLLs: We recommend using 32-bit Origin for the following imports and exports:
  • Thermo (SPC, CGM) Import
  • *.dbf, *.WK *, *.DIF Import
  • Database Import: Query Builder tool not available. SQL Editor tool works fine.
  • Export Graph as Image: *.cgm, *.dxf.
  • In 64 bit Origin, export image as *AI actually uses 32 bit code.

[edit] Export in JOS

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7862 J Windows 7 and later OS, Export Graph as Image: *.cgm, *.dxf and *AI fails if there is Japanese characters in User Files Folder. Error code is 500 (for 32 bit Origin) or 501 (for 64 bit Origin). No such problem in 8.6 These export used INSO library and we can't fix it for now. The workaround for now is
  • Make sure no Japanese characters in User Files Folder path
  • Right click and run Origin as Admin.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6195 Results of Homogeneity of Variance Test in Origin is different with that in SAS when analyzing with NIST data Results of Levene's Test(Absolute Deviations and Squared Deviations) are different with SAS9.2. Note: Results of BF test is the same.
ORG-6877 Fit Compare Dataset tool only supports XY data. Results in Fit Compare Dataset tool is not correct when comparing non-XY datasets, like XYZ data.
ORG-6060 No locks and Results Table in OpenGL Graphs after fitting. After doing analysis on 3D graph, or after doing analysis and then plot the result as 3D graph,
  • no green lock shows below Layer icon in 3D graph.
  • If fitting is done on graph, no result table shows in 3D graph.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7576 Origin crashed when enable axis break for plots without x column. E.g. Histogram.

[edit] 3D OpenGL Graphs

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5247 Exported OpenGL graphs lose transparent background ability Copy OpenGL graphs and paste to Excel(paste special:picture enhanced metafile)or paste to changed background color MS-word DOC and PPT, the pasted OpenGL graphs lose transparent background ability.
ORG-1433 OpenGL versions above 3.0 support transparency for desirable optimal performance OpenGL versions below 3.0(except 2.1) fail to work with transparency on and get warning message on message log.

[edit] Installation and Licensing

JIRA Summary Details
SUP-1915 Failed to install Dongle drivers on Windows 8 32bit. The current dongle installer doesn't support Windows 8 32 bit. After Origin 9.0 SR0 Release, Keylok released a new install.exe on 10/27/2012 which supports it. The new dongle drive will be installed in our Origin 9.0 SR1.

For 9.0 SR0 dongle customers with Windows 8 32 bit PC, you can download the latest dongle drive from

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7302 Origin hangs/crashes after leaving Origin in background for more than 30 min. E.g. User does statistics on Columns in Origin. Then go to another application, and not using Origin for 30 minutes. When returning to Origin and then do statistics, no result sheet is created and Origin eventually crashes.