ReleaseNotes:Known Issues Introduced in SR5 Release

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The Origin SR5 patch was released on 4/23/09.

Issues introduced by SR5:


[edit] Licensing

  • Some notebook users running node-locked Origin (license based on Origin Computer ID) may see the licensing dialog box after applying the SR5 patch and restarting Origin. This will only happen if the network card used in obtainning the license was disabled or removed and Origin was running on cached licensing info mode. The problem can be solved with an updated license file, provided by OriginLab technical support (contact

[edit] LabTalk

The following bugs will only affect LabTalk script code:

  • string.Remove('[') will lead to Command Error.
  • min(), max() functions with 3 or more variables will generate Command Error.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Saving a Workbook as OGW file will alter OPJ save path

[edit] Graphing

  • Axes titles keep on shifting when using Ctrl+J/Copy Page.

[edit] Japanese Specific

  • [J translation error]: In J, open Peak Analyzer, and click triangle button for theme. The top selection should be "Save As <Default>" instead of "Load <Default>" in Japanese.

[edit] German Specific

  • Graph layer adding command "Add Bottom-X" and "Left-Y" failed to work in German Origin8sr5
  • Origin crashs or closes without warning when change data range in plotted data during Fitting in German Origin8sr5.