ReleaseNotes:Known Issues Introduced in SR3 Release

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The Version 8 Service Release 3 (SR3) patch was published the first week of September. We also made the SR3 installation files available as the Version 8 Evaluation, and also as the Online store download.

Subsequent testing revealed some issues listed below. We are currently fixing these issues in the upcoming SR4. We have therefore removed the SR3 patch from the OriginLab website and have replaced the SR3 installation files with the SR2 installation files.

If you have already applied the SR3 patch, or if you directly installed SR3, please wait for SR4.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Issues introduced by SR3:

  1. In the Peak Analyzer (Peaks and Baseline|Peak Analyzer), the fitted curve plot fails to show in the result sheet even though the "Plots in Report Table" under the Configure Graph node is checked.
  2. In the Analysis|Mathematics|Integrate dialog box, the integration result fails to show in the Results Log. Also, the check box for outputing the integration column is missing.
  3. With a graph window active, if you select the Cursor tool (this is a tool available from the fly-out of the Data Reader tool) and then double-click on a data point, Origin crashes.
  4. There are some problems with the limit and derivative Labtalk commands, and related problems with sampling intervals.
  5. You cannot undo the deletion of a graph layer.
  6. Add Plot to Layer menu will select incorrect plot type in the Plot Setup dialog box
  7. If you have set up your Origin as a member of a Group (Group Leader, Group Clients), you cannot then remove your Origin from the group.
  8. Hugh slowness in wks redraw on some machines. To see the problem, fill wks with enough values and maximize to fill screen with numbers and then try to scroll it.

If any of the issues listed above are critical and they prevent you from your day-to-day use of Origin, you could consider repairing your installation, assuming you installed from a pre-SR3 build. (If you installed SR3, and any issues above create a problem for you, please contact OriginLab.):

The Repair program will re-write the Origin installation files from the Setup to your Origin program folder. However, we recommend doing this only if absolutely necessary. We plan to release the SR4 patch by late September or early October.

To run Repair, click the Windows Start button and select Programs|OriginLab|Origin 8|Origin 8 Add or Remove Files. Then select the REPAIR option and click Finish when done.
After running Repair, re-start your Origin and check your Version 8 build number by selecting Help:About Origin. If the build is SR0 or SR1, please patch your Origin 8 to SR2. In this case your SR2 patch (891e-773d-725c-Sr0orSr1toSr2.exe) is likely still saved to your Origin \Updates\ folder, as you would have previously applied it. To apply the SR2 patch, close your Origin and then run the patch file. If the SR2 patch is not in your Origin 8 \Updates\ folder, you can obtain it by running Help:Check for Updates, or by browsing to the Support area of the OriginLab website.