ReleaseNotes:Known Issues Introduced in 8.1 SR2 Release

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  1. Before SR2, in a graph with grouped plot, user can single click once to select the whole group. Single click again one of them to select that plot only. In sr2, we added a system variable @dd to add a delay in doing so. ID = 15181.
    • The default is @dd=200. So there is 200 mini seconds delay. So you need to hold the mouse over 200 msec to second single plot. If you set @dd=0, it will be back to pre-sr2 behavior.
    • This is because if you select a plot and double click - special point is added and set active in the plot details dialog, which is confusing. Delay allows distinguishing between user intentions - drilling down or double clicking. Drill down modifies selection while double click should not.
    • We wil change it back to be like sr1 in sr3.
  2. Easy to crash Origin when modifying special points on a SELECTED plot in Plot Details. ID=15181.
    • Plot any 2D graphs.
    • Single click on the plot to make it selected.
    • Press CTRL key and double click on one point to open Plot Details dialog.
    • Make any modification for that specail point and close dialog, then Origin will crash.
    • If no step2 (select the plot), crash can be avoided.
  3. Fail to use shift key to select multiple plots. ID=15200
  4. Parameter Initialization values for "ExpDec1" function became weird for many normal Exponential Decay 1 type data. ID=14828
  5. Project files saved with Rise-Time Gadget can not open in O80 versions. (O80 will crash.) Generally, any GROBJ_TN_MARKER type Graph Object can not use in O80 versions. ORG-3091