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# Gibberish column header in Check for Updates dialog in JOS. <font color="chocolate">(SR2)</font> # Gibberish column header in Check for Updates dialog in JOS. <font color="chocolate">(SR2)</font>
# Failure to open xlsx file <font color="chocolate">(SR2)</font> # Failure to open xlsx file <font color="chocolate">(SR2)</font>
 +# "Singe Peak Fit.xls" and "Analysis Template.xls" in Samples\Automation Server folder do not work <font color="chocolate">(SR4)</font>
==Origin C == ==Origin C ==

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This page provides a list of known issues in the Current Service Release of version 8.

If you are running an older service release version, please also refer to Bugs Fixed to

check if the bug you encountered has already been fixed in a later service release.

  1. Curve Fitting
  2. Data Exploration
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Export
  5. General
  6. Graph
  7. Plotting
  8. Image Processing
  9. Import
  10. LabTalk
  11. License Management
  12. Mathematics
  13. Matrix
  14. Miscellaneous
  15. Origin C
  16. Signal Processing
  17. Spectroscopy
  18. Statistics
  19. Worksheet
  20. X-Function
  21. Com

Curve Fitting

  • For G and J Origin, User defined fdf file name doesn't update with the name user specified.
  • NLFit gives unwanted empty input error when change input data on fitting from loose data ID = 11775
  • Wrong plot was added to reportsheet when change replica number from 0 to >0 in Change Parameters dialog of NLFit ID=11765
  • Recalculate failed in Assays.ogw When changing number of column and function ID=11525
  • Missing "Copy Footnote" context menu item ID = 11769 (SR2)
  • Replica fit and PA fit failed with user-defined function of OriginC form (SR2)
  • Constraints is not available in PA tool or when using replicas in NLFit. ID = 11463
  • 4-th order Polynomial Regression not working well in Origin8 (SR2)
  • Script After Fitting does not work when part of theme, if theme invoked from menu, ID=11014 (SR3)
  • Script After Fitting and Linear Constraint do not work as part of template – change parameter shows those are missing(SR3)
  • Replica sharing failed after recalculate, ID= 12124 (SR3)
  • Fixed value from 2nd dataset failed to work for independent fit after recalculate, ID= 12125 (SR3)
  • NLFit Param Sharing and Fixed values theme saving shifted for 2rd set and on, ID = 12105 (SR3)
  • Fit twice for one graph, new pasted table was replaced by old one ID= 11726 (SR3)
  • Moving Category of Fitting Function will break Recalculate ID=11956 (SR3)
  • Parameter values and bounds are wrong in Change Parameters for independent fit ID=12042 (SR3)
  • Find XY cannot work for Multi-Independent variables User-defined Function ID=12058 (SR3)
  • Use Drag and Drop to install Fitting Function(fdf) will lost Some Setting ID=11954 (SR3)

Data Exploration

Data Manipulation

  • Set Column/Matrix Values dialog auto run when it has formula ID 11759


  • Graph and Layout Windows that have pasted EMF images on them may not show the entire image when exporting in a vector

format such as EPS or PDF. When an image gets pasted onto an Origin graph, the image will either come in as a EMF or a

BMP. This setting is controlled by a property that can be set from the Script Window: system.display.pastemeta = Set this property to 1 (system.display.pastemeta=1) to paste as an EMF and 0 (system.display.pastemeta=0) for a BMP.

If you set to 0 and then re-paste your image as a BMP, the image will then appear in its entirety in the exported


  • Export Area exchange can't take effect to Image Size immediately when export as Image File ID=11578


  • For 80sr1 users patched from sr0, they must download all help files to make F1 work. Otherwise, for some dialogs, no Help file shows when press F1. This is not a bug though because it's caused by some mismatch between sr0 and sr1.
  • Group clients uses Origin 8C registry instead of Origin 8. ID=12147 (SR3)
  • Failure to disconnect from group in Set Group Folder location dialog. (SR3)
  • Partial range failed to be auto selected (resolved) for Range type when no X column exists ID=12205 (SR3)


  • The All in Active Folder (Open) option in Graph:Merge Graph Windows will include minimized graph windows.
Any graph windows you do not wish to include need to be hidden (and visible in Project Explorer only).
  • Plot Details and Color dialog cause Origin crash (SR2)
  • Crash in plot details dialog (SR2)
  • Default fonts not used in some templates (SR2)
  • Failed to add cursor on plot, Origin turned infinite loop. ID = 12127 (SR3)
  • Rescale or Zoom will break Link Axes Scales ID=12169 (SR3)
  • Fail to undo the deletion of a graph layer. (SR3)
  • Problems with the Plot Setup dialog box, when adding plots (SR3)


  • Add Plot to Layer menu failed to select the correct plot type in Plot Setup dialog, ID=11584 (SR3)
  • Scatter is lost in YYEr plot ID=12287 (SR3)

Office 2007

  • Problems when opening documents saved office2007 format (e.g.docx, pptx)(SR2)
  1. Slowness
  2. Results Log opens
  3. Multiple instances of Origin session open in Task Manager
  • If you paste link a graph in Word 2007 and then save the Word document as a .docx file, then when you later make

changes to the graph in the Origin project file, the graph is not updated in the saved .docx file. This same problems

occurs in PowerPoint 2007. (SR2)

  • If you open an Excel 2007 file in Origin and select to keep the Excel file external to the Origin project, you will

then be unable to save the Origin project file. This problem does not occur if the Excel file is opened internal to

the Origin project file.(SR2)

  • If you copy a graph in which the Copy Page Settings (in Tools:Options) are set to Tight, and paste the graph in

PowerPoint/Word 2007, then if you save your PowerPoint as a PDF, the Origin graphs in the PDF are truncated at the

bottom and right sides.(SR2)

Image Processing


  • Failure to reimport Excel file ID=10632
  • When autofit.ogw under UFF in Import wizard, the one under samples is used ID=11651
  • G Version will fail to import data when open Matlab console ID=10851
  • LT ascimport does not work fine in GOS ID=11241
  • Need shortcut key for direct re-import ID = 11064-P5


  • LT fail correct analysis loop blocks without space spearate option and bracket ID=11584
  • LT command "derivative" failed when there exists an X column with same values as Y column ID=12166 (SR3)
  • XF does not accept LT numeric expression for double variable type ID=11603 (SR3)
  • limit command broken (SR3)

License Management

  • Open Windows crash when remove dongle on vista ID = 10539
  • Can't run Origin8 and Origin 7.5 dongle version at the same time.
  • When Origin 8 with dongle management is installed on J OS, the following message appears, "The current language is

not supported by the Device Driver Installation Wizard." Installation is fine though.


  • Integrate failed to output Integration values to Results Log ID=12167 SR3
  • Checkbox to control outputing integration column or not is missing SR3
  • Simple Math on partial range cut all the data outside (after) the range ID=12206 SR3
  • Undo Simple Math of partial range did not work ID=12207 SR3


Some tools like 2D Volume Integrate working on matrix failed to work on graph created from matrix ID=12233 (SR2)


  1. Transfer User File failed to find multiple 7.5 clients --11227 (SR1)
  2. Gibberish column header in Check for Updates dialog in JOS. (SR2)
  3. Failure to open xlsx file (SR2)
  4. "Singe Peak Fit.xls" and "Analysis Template.xls" in Samples\Automation Server folder do not work (SR4)

Origin C

Signal Processing

  • Amplitude gets incorrectly scaled when Spectrum Type drop-down is changed, and it is supposed to only affect power (SR4)


  • The peaks moments do not work well for some functions in SR2:(SR2)
  • Fitting process and report generation for user-defined peak function is too slow (SR2)
  • Fitted curve plot was missing in report sheet in PA and Nanosizer (SR3)
  • PA failed to fit with more than one user-defined function, ID =12134 (SR3)
  • In PA Moments calcultion for Peak are wrong from 2nd dataset whe running multiple fitting function ID=12288 (SR3)



  • Patch processs couldn't update toolbars info. in registry. So new Merge button on Style toolbar will not show. User has to drag it to existing Style toolbar. (SR2)
  • Slowness in worksheet display with large data (SR3)
  • XYZ gridding of regular data with different number of X and Y broken in sr4 (SR4)


Com and Automation Server

  1. Automation Server\Excel\ examples we ship with SR2 DO NOT work with Vista+Excel2003 (SR2)

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