ReleaseNotes:Key Benefits of SR4 Patch

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In addition to bug fixes, SR4 also has the following useful changes:

  1. A completely new set of LabVIEW SubVIs (4 llbs). These new VIs take full advantage of the greatly expended COM support in Origin 8. Using Origin from LabVIEW is now much easier than before. All LabVIEW examples have also been rewritten using these new SubVIs.
  2. Improved support for waveform data with constant sampling interval.
  3. New Quick FFT tool to allow dragging a rectangle to immediately see FFT of selected data
  4. Improvements to LabTalk calculation speed, such as col(b )=col(a )*10
  5. Support for Real World Coordinates in XYAM Plots

Other things to consider?

  1. Improvements to Plot Details Dialog for working with Designated Columns
  2. Support for Worksheet Template in Theme for Single and Multiple ASCII Imports
  3. New tool to Convert Direct Matrix-like Data to XYZ
  4. Support for General Linear Constraints in Peak Analyzer and NLFit Replica Fitting
  5. Ability to Zoom in Preview Panel for dialogs such as Graph Export