ReleaseNotes:Improvements in 8.6 SR1

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[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4693 Show Attached to info. on status bar for labels in Graph User can attach text label to Page, Layer, or Layer & Scale. Show such information on Status bar when the txt label is selected.

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3035 Autofill Level names in One-Way ANOVA and One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA. It's not convenient for user to manually enter Level names for each level.
  • an Auto checkbox is added. When it's checked, Level names will be filled with long names/short names of the specified data
  • It's checked by default.
ORG-3225 Improvements to show long range strings in GetN dialogs. it's hard for user to read many input boxes in Analysis/statistics dialogs since we use range notation there and range notation is long. Here are some improvements to help reading input info. in dialogs.
  • Expand such boxes to be 30% wider.
  • Right justify the text by default.
  • For single column type of ranges, when user clicks > next to the range, there should be checkbox to indicate which column is selected
ORG-4402 Bring back footnote in Normality Test The footnote in normality test's result sheet was removed in 8.6 sr0. It's back in sr1 since it's very clear and accentuate the test results
ORG-4669 Improvements of footnote in Normality Test
  • More clear description for grouped data in footnote
  • For D'Agostino-K squared test, only conclusion of D'Agostino omnibus test will be shown in footnote.
  • If the line of footnote is more than 10, tell user to refer to the Decision column. As too many footnote introduces problem in report sheet.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4476 Improve error message for opj larger than 2GB
  • 32bit version could only open project smaller than 2GB, but the error message given when openning such big opj isn't good. It said, "File ...XXXX.opj is damaged. Please contact OriginLab technical support for assistance."
  • We improved it to say "32bit only support project files smaller than 2 GB."
ORG-4417 Issues/Improvements in Samples.opj.
  • Add Notes of how to create the Radar chart in samples.opj.
  • Improved the legend of Sigmoidal fit
  • Wind Rose graph(Binned Data) does not match the tutorial
  • Polar graph doesn't match the tutorial