ReleaseNotes:Improvements and Changes in 9.0 SR1

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Workbook/Matrix Book

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7415 Improvements to Column label row's context menu
  • Easily when to Set Label Styles to Rich text, Wrap Text, Floating. More... context menu will only Worksheet Properties dialog for more options.
  • Rename Edit... to Edit Column Label Rows.
ORG-7437 Add back Analysis related context menus when right clicking on Column. The Column context menu was too long so we removed some analysis related context menus. Added back now in sr1.
ORG-7103 By default when creating new Workbook/Matrix Book, no long name will be used. This will avoid the confusion when organizing multiple projects together and some workbook's long name happened to be another workbook's short name.

Data Filtering

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7427 Support Count() for Text Column Filter To setup a text filter where only those with count > 10% of the total remains:

Open Custom Filter dialog of Text column. In Advanced mode, set

  • Condition : x.count()/nSize >= 0.1
  • Before Condition Script : int nSize = x.GetSize();


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8 Change X/Y allows any X, Y, Z columns. In 9.0 sr0, user can only change X to other X column in worksheet. Change Y to other Y columns in worksheet. Now it allows user to change X/Y to any X, Y, Z columns in the worksheet.
ORG-6820 Add Horizontal/Vertical Straight Line should work for graphs where XY axes are exchanged. E.g. for Bar chart, where xy axes are exchanged, user can still specify horizontal and vertical line value and add straight lines correctly.
ORG-7308 Support inserting book and sheet info. in Insert Info. variable dialog. In Insert Variables dialog in 9.0 sr1, when selecting a book/sheet name on the right panel, user can choose short name, long name, comments to be inserted in the graph.
ORG-7411 Support ordering bars in Stacked Bar/Column graph Add Display Column/bar plot by sorted order checkbox on Stack tab on Layer level of Plot Details. When it's checked, the bars in every stack will sort from least to greatest.
ORG-7606 XFunction: g2layout to place multiple graphs in layout page In Script window, user can run g2layout -d and add multiple graphs to layout window together. Not available from menu yet.
ORG-7337 Update Legend: Allow sort layer and plot order separately Add a control to sort layer order and plot order separately. Also fix a bug that fails to sort legend descending after using old theme for update legend dialog.
ORG-6450 More legend subsitutions for special plots E.g.
  • S - Bubble plot;
  • C - Colormap Bubble plot;
  • A/M - Vector XYAM plot;
  • Zh - Ternary Contour plot.
  • etc.

Example: Add a text in the graph and set it link to (%,$), Substitution Level 1:

%(1C,@LL) //For Bubble plot scale column's long name
%(1M,@LS) //For 2D Vector plot Magnitude column's short name

Data Info. Tool

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7305 Support Copy one cell from Data Info. tool In the past, user could only copy the whole contents of Data Info. window. Now we support both Copy Cell Text and Copy All.
  • Copy Cell Text will copy the cell that's clicked.
  • Copy All will copy the whole table.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7331 Output flyout menu improvements in tools which support XY data as output. Giving full syntax and descriptive text for each output option. E.g. New Columns, New Sheet, etc.
ORG-5055 Better error message when user tried to do NLFit with more than 100 datasets. Origin only supports simultaneous fitting of up to 100 datasets. User can use batch processing instead for such case.
ORG-6348 Provide a footnote in ANOVA table or Parameters table of Linear Fit. If intercept is not fixed, provide a footnote in ANOVA table of Linear Fit. Show it under Parameters table instead when intercept is fixed.

At the 0.05 level, the slope is (NOT) significantly different from zero.

ORG-6365 Provide a footnote for R-square when intercept is fixed in Linear Fit. It's under Statistics table.

The intercept is fixed, and R-square is defined in a different way.

ORG-7294 LT access on input data in NLFit Parameter Initialization. Inside Parameter Initialization code, range variables to access input data are reserved. The syntax for such range variable is r+parameter name. For example, if the parameter name is Temp, then the range variable should be rTemp.
ORG-7637 New Built-in analysis template Interpolate X or Y.ogw Choose File: New: From Template: Interpolate X or Y.ogw. In the worksheet, can put input X and Y data for linear interpolation. Then enter x values and find corresponding Y. Or Enter Y values and find Corresponding X.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7393 Support encryption for password on logging in database. In SQL Editor dialog, a new menu "Encrypt Database Logging Info" is added under Setting menu. When it's selected, User ID and Password will be encoded in the connection file. Default is unchecked.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6091 Customize file name string in Export Graph dialogs. Enable Substitution checkbox is added next to File Name in Export Graph dialog. It allows user to specify file name with substitution, e.g. %G_%H to export file name as "project name_window name".


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3233 A switch to run Origin from Windows Console without opening Script Window. When Origin is started from the command-line of an external console(such as Windows cmd window), added switch -hs to hide Script Window, added switch -slog filename to send script window output to a log file.
ORG-7238 LT access to graphic object's type
#define TEXTOBJECT      0 /* total four bits so 16 possible obj type */
#define RECTOBJECT      1
#define ARROWOBJECT     2
#define HANDLEOBJECT    3
#define LEGENDOBJ       4/* no longer used, can be used for future obj */
#define GROUPOBJ        5
#define STRINGOBJ       6
#define DATAMOBJ        7
#define ENDOBJ          8

ORG-7309 Support % substitution for book sheet name
%(1@W,@PN) /// page short name
%(1@W,@PL) /// page long name
%(1@W,@PC) /// page comments
%(1@W,@SN) /// sheet name
%(1@W,@SC) /// sheet comments

ORG-7361 Support OC function using DataRange as argument to be Labtalk callable Before 9.0 sr1, an OC function is callable in Labtalk only when it contains simple types argument, like int, double, string.
ORG-7521 LT command to delete autofill DataRange del -r 32; /// deleta all "AutoFill" ranges

Code Builder

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7379 Add toolbar to Find Results and Book Marks window


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7446 Shift+Alt+3 for toggle Script Window Alt+3 is for toggle Command Window.
ORG-7442 Support Left/Right split of PE when it's docked on the left/right of Origin Right click the Project Explorer window title, there are Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment context menus.
ORG-7637 Add popup menus including built-in analysis templates under Fle: New: From Template: The submenus are:
  • Assay.ogw
  • Interpolate X or Y.ogw
  • More ...