ReleaseNotes:Improvements and Changes in 9.0 SR1

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Workbook/Matrix Book

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7103 By default when creating new Workbook/Matrix Book, no long name will be used. This will avoid the confusion when organizing multiple projects together and some workbook's long name happened to be another workbook's short name.

Data Filtering

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7427 Support Count() for Text Column Filter To setup a text filter where only those with count > 10% of the total remains:

Open Custom Filter dialog of Text column. In Advanced mode, set

  • Condition : x.count()/nSize >= 0.1
  • Before Condition Script : int nSize = x.GetSize();

Data Info. Tool

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7305 Support Copy one cell from Data Info. tool In the past, user could only copy the whole contents of Data Info. window. Now we support both Copy Cell Text and Copy All.
  • Copy Cell Text will copy the cell that's clicked.
  • Copy All will copy the whole table.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8 Change X/Y allows any X, Y, Z columns. In 9.0 sr0, user can only change X to other X column in worksheet. Change Y to other Y columns in worksheet. Now it allows user to change X/Y to any X, Y, Z columns in the worksheet.
ORG-6820 Add Horizontal/Vertical Straight Line should work for graphs where XY axes are exchanged. E.g. for Bar chart, where xy axes are exchanged, user can still specify horizontal and vertical line value and add straight lines correctly.
ORG-7308 Support inserting book and sheet info. in Insert Info. variable dialog. In Insert Variables dialog in 9.0 sr1, when selecting a book/sheet name on the right panel, user can choose short name, long name, comments to be inserted in the graph.
ORG-7411 Support ordering bars in Stacked Bar/Column graph Add Display Column/bar plot by sorted order checkbox on Stack tab on Layer level of Plot Details. When it's checked, the bars in every stack will sort from least to greatest.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6091 Customize file name string in Export Graph and other export dialogs. Enable Substitution checkbox is added next to File Name in export dialog. It allows user to specify file name with substitution, e.g. %G_%H to export file name as project name_window name.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7238 LT access to graphic object's type
#define TEXTOBJECT      0 /* total four bits so 16 possible obj type */
#define RECTOBJECT      1
#define ARROWOBJECT     2
#define HANDLEOBJECT    3
#define LEGENDOBJ       4/* no longer used, can be used for future obj */
#define GROUPOBJ        5
#define STRINGOBJ       6
#define DATAMOBJ        7
#define ENDOBJ          8

ORG-7309 Support % substitution for book sheet name
%(1@W,@PN) /// page short name
%(1@W,@PL) /// page long name
%(1@W,@PC) /// page comments
%(1@W,@SN) /// sheet name
%(1@W,@SC) /// sheet comments

ORG-7361 Support OC function using DataRange as argument to be Labtalk callable Before 9.0 sr1, an OC function is callable in Labtalk only when it contains simple types argument, like int, double, string.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7446 Shift+Alt+3 for toggle Script Window Alt+3 is for toggle Command Window.