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NOTE: SR6 is a minor patch and there are no significant feature additions. If you are patching from an older SR such as SR2 or SR4, please refere to notes from SR4 patch and SR5 patch to see what features have been added.


[edit] Graphing

  1. Drag and drop graphic template files into Origin will save the files to Origin User Files folder.
  2. 2D B&W Pie Chart template supported ID=13719.

[edit] Analysis

  1. Correlation and 2D Correlation are under Signal Processing menu.
  2. New built-in fitting function for Sigmoidal: BoltzIV is added. ID=13291.

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Excel like auto fill when drag in worksheet.
  2. Add typical date format(yyyy'-'MM'-'dd hh':'mm':'ss'.'###) and support sharing customized date display which is added to Origin.ini under User File Folder. ID = 13649
  3. Add typical date format(yyyy'-'MM'-'dd hh':'mm':'ss tt). ID = 13951
  4. Numeric Sheet name is allowed. ID = 13230
  5. Set Column Value dialog shows both Long Name and Short Name with standard notation in Col(A) menu. ID = 13746

[edit] LabTalk

  1. XF "newlayer" is removed since it is duplicated with "layadd"
  2. Allows redirecting type command output to a file
  3. Add a option to suppress LT error for XF invocation
    1. -s : as before suppress results log dumping
    2. -sl: same as -s
    3. -se: suppress error, LT script that invoked this XF continues to execute even if XF failed
    4. -sb: suppress both - combination of -sl and -se
  4. Add a new option apply scope in XF palApply.
  5. new XF "wmergexy" to merge XY data into one sheet
  6. Add more methods to handle local variable deleted.
    1. del -rar name;// delete range variables only
    2. del -ras name;// delete local string variables
    3. del -rav name;// delete local numeric variables
    4. del -rac name;// delete local const
    5. del -rat name;// delete local tree
    6. del -raa name;// delete local StringArray
    7. del -rag name;// delete local GObject
  7. New method GetSize is added into StringArray
stringarray sa;

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. Tools menu is added in Package Manager. All Useful tools for view, install, uninstall opx are put there. OPX name, version, Description, Author show in the tools. ID=13540
  2. Dialogs now count the number of times a message appears and stop text blinking
  3. "Hide Toolbar Spacer Always" is added in Toolbar Spacer contex menu. If selected, when user toggles between Excel and origin workbook, the toolbar spacer will not show. ID = 13445
  4. Drag and drop template files (otw, otp, otm) should support Save and Open. When drag and drop a template file(not localted in User Files Folder) to Origin's workspace, it will save a copy to Origin's User Files Folder. ID=13612.

[edit] COM

  1. GetWorksheet method now support long name for book. ID=13844