ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in SR4

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Please see this updated page instead: Features changed/added in SR3 + SR4

[edit] Plotting

  1. Button to toggle between Default Designation Mode and Custom Designation Mode in Plot Setup dialog
  2. Option to set Angular units of Vector XYAM plots as System, or specific units
  3. Option for Angle and Magnitude of Vector XYAM plots to be interpreted in real coordinates

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Support Sampling Interval for X column.

[edit] Data Exploration

  1. Quick FFT tool for exploratory FFT analysis on data plot in Graph. Menu item: Analysis|Data Exploration|Quick FFT Tool

[edit] General

  1. Support ODQ, ODS in Group Folder Manager dialog
  2. Add zoom ability in preview panel for image processing, Graph Browser, Export Graph and Export Workbook as image.

[edit] Import and Export

  1. File: Binary 2D Array is added to import consistent data type binary file to matrix. It calls impBin2d.oxf

[edit] LabVIEW Connectivity

  1. The Origin Sub-VIs for LabVIEW have been expanded
  2. New sample VIs have been added to the \Samples\Automation Server\LabVIEW folder in the Origin installation path