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Please see this updated page instead: Features changed/added in SR3 + SR4

[edit] Graph

  1. In Plot Setup dialog
    • In middle panel. Add a two-levels popup context menu to control which column items to show
    • Add more informative items of a column into the middle panel. Such as Sampling Interval\ Comments\ Units\ Parameter\

User Parameter

    • Change Row# to <autoX> and always shows <autoX> row
    • Content in "1st Value" for Row# should always show as <auto> and become not editable
    • It shows as [Book]Sheet!<autoX>(X), B(Y) when a plot is using the Y column's sampling interval as X

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Add 'Convert to XYZ' to Worksheet menu

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. "Percentile with Averaging" is checked by default in Graph tab of Options dialog

[edit] Import

  1. NetCDF library upgraded to 3.6.2, new 64-bit offset format is workable now, ID = 11386
  2. Numeric Separator settings in Import wizard in German Origin is 1.000,00 by default
  3. New hotkey ctrl+4 for re-import implement ID = 11908
  4. The Allow Import All Text Data check box in Import Single ASCII / Import Multiple ASCII is seelcted by default. So

all ASCII import routines can import text-only ASCII files by defaut.

  1. Import Single ASCII and Import Multiple ASCII support user-defined template, just like the SPC import feature.

[edit] Image

  1. Add zoom ability (context menu) in preview panel for images, ID=11804

[edit] Statistics

  1. Labels of Discrete Frequency have been changed as Count, Relative Frequency and Cumulative Frequency, which are

consistent with Frequency Count.

  1. Turn off missing and masking data table output by default for statistical tools, ID= 12000

[edit] Curve Fitting

  1. Add Confidence Level as label in the Parameters & Summary table. ID = 11303
  2. Three varibles are added into NLFit Labtalk Tree. They are Number of Function Parameters(NumFuncParams), Number of

Derived Paramters(NumDerivParams) and Number of Data Sets(NumDataSets). ID = 12017

  1. Multi-Data Fit Mode node in NLFit always visible in SR3. ID = 11839
  2. Provide more friendly way to edit user-defined fitting functions in Code Builder. ID = 11810
  3. General linear constraint for peak analyzer and replica case in NLFit implemented. ID = 11463

[edit] Installation

  1. Add Launch Now checkbox on last page of installation which allows you to run Origin with administrator privilege. ID = 11979

[edit] COM

  1. Origin COM support for PE ID = 12033
  2. Several new properties and methods have been added:
    • The Visible property was added to the Application class
    • The FindWorksheet, FindGraphLayer and Path methods were added to the Application class.
    • The Cols and Rows properties were added to worksheet.
    • The Rows property was added to column.
    • The Execute method was added to layer and page to allow easy executing of script commands.
    ID = 11636

[edit] Localization

  1. Change language add a checkbox for all user.ID = 12080

[edit] Check for Update

  1. If upate fail, we will provide a log file for this.

[edit] Group Shared

  1. Published files deleted from Group Folder Manager will be removde from client's folder.

[edit] Short Cut

  1. Add a short cut for labview vi when install done.

[edit] Help File

  1. xfname -h will dump contents with more friendly format.

[edit] Worksheet

  1. w2xyz x function