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The following is a list of features that were changed or newly introduced in Origin 8 SR2 compared to SR1/SR0.


[edit] Curve Fitting

[edit] Nonlinear Curve Fitter (NLFit)

  1. Controls related to output have been separated out to a new page in the dialog
  2. Preview of fit curves supported in source graph
  3. Fit curves tab is hidden when fit preview is in source graph
  4. Option to arrange all plots of same type in one graph, has # # When working with graphs with multiple plots in active layer, only the active plot is picked up by the tool by default
  5. Option to not show plots in result sheet has been added
  6. Parameter sharing for replica fitting has been added
  7. A new set of script commands have been added to access NLFit functionality from LabTalk script
  8. Additional options have been added to theme saving, for finer control of what gets saved in theme and what does not
  9. User can now specify literal names for output books and sheets in many of the analysis tools
  10. Parameter table now has label for confidence level value
  11. Running LabTalk script at the end of the fitting process is now supported

[edit] Other/General

  1. Correlation Coefficient (Pearson's r) has been added to Linear Fit GUI
  2. Simulate Curves tool has been improved
  3. Surface/Matrix fit has been improved - User can preview fit and residues as contour plots
  4. Global string variables are now available, that hold the names of output sheets created by analysis operations
  5. More control on analysis marker display in graphs has been added
  6. Support for multiple analysis on same range has been added
  7. Disable output destination branches when Change Parameters. ID = 11605. (SR2)

[edit] Import

[edit] New file Formats Added

  1. Heka
  2. SIE Somat
  3. IgorPro

[edit] Import Wizard

  1. Template drop-down now supports OTW, OGW from UFF subfolder. This allows batch importing using Analysis Templates

[edit] ASCII Import

  1. Theme loading order now is: sheet > default > last used > blank
  2. Auto Rename has been turned off by default
  3. Improvements have been made to File Name control in the impASC dialog

[edit] Excel Import

  1. Main Header lines option added
  2. Support for selecting certain sheets has been added
  3. Importing Excel using COM interface has been added, which allows importing Excel 2007 files if 2007 installed on same machine

[edit] ADO

  1. Menu Improvements
  2. LabTalk script access to ADO has been added

[edit] Graph

  1. Check boxes added at Layer and Data Plot levels in Plot Details to easily hide/unhide layers and data plots
  2. XYZ Contour - Smooth option turned off by default, to speed up plot
  3. Improvements to Template Library
  4. Box Chart Whisker definition related to outliers, has been changed

[edit] Matrix

  1. Direct conversion from worksheet to matrix has been improved.

[edit] Spectroscopy

  1. A new Peak Analyzer wizard has been added, that combines all spectroscopy (baseline and peaks) tools. This wizard is accessible from the Analysis|Baseline and Peaks menu item. In OriginPro, this wizard has a Peak Fitting goal.

[edit] Worksheet

  1. A new method of merging cells has been added (last button on Standard toolbar) which allows placing of graphs, images, linked cells etc arranged arbitrarily over multiple groups of cells, to create a custom report.
  2. Page break indicators can be displayed on worksheet, for help with printing
  3. Column formula property has been removed from the Column Properties dialog. Need to use Set Values dialog to view/set formula.
  4. Undo support has been added for detaching embedded graphs
  5. Sampling Interval Column Index change and Impact on XY depenency in wks
  6. Export worksheet as Image. Add controls to limit for number of rows and columns to export via system variables.

[edit] General

  1. Theme saving from dialogs have been improved
    1. Dialog shipped with no theme - by default use internal settings
    2. User can change settings and save as default to create their own default behavior
    3. User can Reset default to internal default
    4. Group Leader in concurrent installation can publish defaults.xml to enforce same defaults for all users
  2. When multiple check boxes present in dialog, one can now quickly check/uncheck all

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. New User Files Folder (UFF) dialog
  2. UFF short cut in Program Group
  3. Check for Updates improved - enabled for group clients
  4. OTP, OTW, OTM file types added to File:Open dialog
  5. Report sheets can be created in English by turning @RLS system variable on(=1), when running Japanese/German Origin

[edit] LabVIEW Connectivity

  1. New LabVIEW VIs are available.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

  1. Access to Analysis Markers has been added
  2. fit() command supports replicas
  3. General speed improvements to LT expression

[edit] COM

  1. COM Client programming is now available in both Standard and Professional versions - no need for Developer Kit
  2. Some missing methods were added:
    1. "Add" method in "MatrixSheet"
    2. "PutData" method in "WorkSheet" Class