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The following is a list of features that were added/changed:


[edit] Project

JIRA/TRACKER Summary Description
ORG-856 Improve loading and saving time for large OPJ file. Improve loading and saving time for large OPJ file.
Add options to allow users to control the behaviors that used to deal with the autosaving problem with large OPJ file.

group description

ORG-566 Options to turn off auto save when saving large OPJ
ORG-860 Turn off auto save when auto saving OPJ
ORG-1140 When specify same start menu as 8.1, 8.1 shortcuts are gone Origin no longer deletes the previous Origin shortcuts when specify a same "start menu" folder for different version of Origin.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA/TRACKER Summary Description
Support to map the color of 3D Fill Surface from another matrix. 3856
ORG-39 Color Map from Another Matrix
Allow adding 3D Error Bar for both 3D Scatter plot and 3D Surface plot. 3994
Allow drawing axis titles and ticking labels in 3D graphs with the oblique feature 4448
ORG-81 In-3D-plane axis titles and tick labels
2D Waterfall graphs now support using Parameter values as Z axis values and color mapping using Y or Z values. 5494
ORG-257 2D waterfall from Wks without Parameter row should set Z to col heading
ORG-605 Waterfall Z axis title should be auto linked to user param
Support to plot 3D Surface and Contour from Virtual Matrix in Worksheet. 6363
ORG-426 Virtual Matrix in Plot Details dialog
ORG-425 Virtual Matrix in Worksheet
ORG-427 Set Virtual Matrix name in Plot_vm dialog
ORG-519 MatrixObject OC methods that need to work with virtual matrix
ORG-520 OC: assignment matrixbase = MatrixObject
ORG-531 Surface and Contour plots created from virtual matrix should support changing X, Y axes scale type
ORG-593 Plot: 3D Surface menu change wanted
Support the intersection of multiple surfaces in the same layer. 8331
ORG-637 Virtual Matrices with identical XY mapping should support surface intersection
11596 You can use drag-n-drop to add error bars and labels to graphs.
13159 Support 2 types of 3D Vector: 3D Vector XYZ XYZ and 3D Vector XYZ dXdYdZ.
Origin now supports more flexible Ternary scale. 13167
ORG-182 Ternary Scale Improvement
Zoom Combo and Hand tool are added in default GUI; Zoom In/Out have been improved; Zoom and Panning are supported on worksheets/matrices and graphs. 13727
ORG-176 Zoom and Panning on worksheets and graphs
ORG-172 Zoom In/Out improvement
ORG-590 Panning mode should change to Pointer when cursor move out of window
ORG-121 Panning mode should be able to be in use togher with other tools
Support transparency for most of the graph types in Origin, such as 2D Scatter, 2D Line and 2D Line&Symbol, 2D Column/Bar/Area, 3D Surface, Contour plot, Polar plot, Box chart, Smith Chart etc. 14450
ORG-62 2D-Symbol/Line Transparency support
ORG-63 2D Column/Bar/Area Transparency Support
ORG-64 3D Surface and 2D Contour Transparency support
ORG-393 Hit test (click and select) for transparent plot
14523 3D scatter plot with surface plot with drop lines to surface is well supported.
Adding labels to a plot is supported for several kinds of 2D plots. 14570
ORG-127 General Support for Adding Labels to a Plot
ORG-604 Improve hint text on Label tab of Plot Details for Custom Format
ORG-410 Adding Labels to a Plot - More Work
Gradient fill now supports for various graph types such as bars/column and fill areas, and it also supports in background color. 14594
ORG-43 Gradient Fill control for layer/page background
Added the capability to skip error bars. 14836
ORG-307 Skip points for Error bars
Support to create 3D Scatter plot from matrix data. 14789
ORG-41 3D scatter from Matrix
Color scale object has been improved to support object Title. 15190
15216 The dialog controls for settings the functions used in function plots have been improved.
Buttons were added to the Tools toolbar to allow easy inserting Word, Excel or other OLE objects, as well as equations. 15257
ORG-361 Insert Equation in Graph
ORG-194 Insert OLE object toolbar and menus
ORG-526 Make OLE toolbar button available on Layout pages
15270 Two new alignment options are available for Circle and rectangle objects: no corder and corners only.
ORG-52 Better handling of multi Y bar and column charts An option controlling the Bar/Column gap/offset across layers has been added.
ORG-119 egorical Support in 2D and 3D scatter plot Improve Origin to set multiple columns as categorical data at the same time, and also support categorical data to 2D and 3D Scatter plot.
ORG-241 3D Bars that show bars going up or down for plus+minus values Improved 3D Bars so that bars can go up or down for plus and minus values.
ORG-399 2D Waterfall should support non-linear axis scale type, like log 10 Waterfall graphs now support non-linear axis scale type.
Support customizable Data Info window for 2D, 3D plots and plots based on Virtual Matrix. ORG-357 Data info for virtual matrix based plot
ORG-365 Data Info Window More Work
ORG-372 Data Info. Window More Work 2
ORG-436 Data Info Window More Issues after b48
ORG-502 Data Info. Window More Work 4
ORG-538 Failed to use data reader to read plot without X/Y data
ORG-364 Fill Area Under Curve Support for Waterfall Plot Fill Area Under Curve is supported for Waterfall plot.
Two new Stock Charts, Open-High-Low-Close and Janpanese Candlestick are supported. ORG-375 Stock charts need their own toolbar buttons flyout
ORG-282 Candlestick/OHLC + Volume Chart
ORG-484 Stock charts more work
ORG-135 Graph Export should have theme fly out menu Add theme fly out menu for the Export Graphs feature.
ORG-139 Color scale object should be available for matrix 3D bar plot The New Color Scale menu option has also available for Matrix 3D bar plot.
ORG-142 Improvement on Preview Region in Plot Details Improve the preview in Plot Details dialog to show exactly what the plot displays on the graph window.
ORG-147 Improvement on Preview Region in Plot Details The Plot Details dialog now has a good initial position even opened in a computer with lower resolution.
ORG-264 Keep Data Reader Status When Switch Windows The Data Reader's status is kept when you switch to different windows.
ORG-438 remove 3D Waterfall from menu Remove 3D Waterfall from menu.
Improve the feature to create table objects into a graph. ORG-475 Table Title should be merged
ORG-700 Table Location control
ORG-479 Cannot place cursor onto data points in a 3D XYZ scatter plot Allow to place cursors onto data points in a 3D XYZ scatter plot.
ORG-537 Support Individual offset for line+symbol graph Support individual offset for Line+Symbol graph.
ORG-705 Add Colormap Context menu The Contour B/W+Label and Grayscale Map buttons are now enabled when a worksheet is active. ID = ORG-617.
Add a context menu option called Colormap to let the users quickly copy the colormap settings.
ORG-618 Support Up and Down arrow key to switch to other plots in the graph You can use up and down arrow keys to switch to other plots when using Data Reader.
Use the EMF format instead of the WMF format when using the Copy Page and paste in Origin. ORG-712 In plane Axis title messed up in Copy page and Paste
ORG-720 Suggest using EMF instead of WMF to Copy Page
ORG-565 Drag of axis Need to be Improved Improve the Axis Position way when dragging axis.
ORG-676 Need hit test support on surface When you click on one of the surfaces in a graph, dots will appears to tell you the current active surface. The system variable @DTW can be used to control the number of dots shown.
ORG-677 Want context menu on surface plot New context menu is available for surface plots.
ORG-932 Ingore the SN checking and always open PS Double clicking on layer icon will always open Plot Setup dialog for both upgrade users and new users.
ORG-678 Palette browse control for palApply should support recent files dropdown list The Palette File edit box in the Apply Palette to Current Graph (palaplly) dialog now supports a recent files list.
ORG-679 Color map tab in PD needs new groups to allow user to copy-paste or save-load colormap settings New controls in the Plot Details dialog allows you to copy and paste color map settings.
ORG-852 3D graph's Top/Bottom, Left/Right, Front/Back Axis titles should be linked Add the ability that if the user modified the settings of a axis, then the same settings would be applied in the opposite axis.
Improveed hit test for 3D plots so that it is easier to select data point in 3D graphs. ORG-391 Need to improve hit test for 3D scatter and XYY plot types
ORG-971 Want system variable to turn on/off the improved hit testing for 3d plots

[edit] Matrix

JIRA Summary Description
Support setting Matrix Labels and using them as axis title ORG-131 Need option to set Matrix Axis names and headers
ORG-550 Problems in Matrix Properties dialogue
ORG-552 Want better indication for active object in Matrix Headers dialog
Support image thumbnails make it easy to view the data in matrices and activate different matrix objects. ORG-226 Matrix Book Add Image Thumbnails -- More Work
ORG-138 Matrix Book Add Image Thumbnails -- Sparkimages
ORG-505 Matrix Book Add Image Thumbnails -- More Work 3
ORG-234 Palette support for Matrix Image view Palette can be applied onto matrix's image mode
ORG-570 Better shortname handling in matrix objects Better shortname handling in matrix objects
ORG-901 Context menu in the top left corner of matrix Improve right-click menu in the top-left corner of matrix.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-608 Need a way of merging books so that the dependent graphs associated with these books is not lost An X-Function, wmove_sheet, has been added to facilitate moving sheets between workbooks.

[edit] XF Programming

JIRA Summary Description
The option G:*Label can be used to generate a group box in place of the pseudo branch.
ORG-50 Add option to include ALL label rows in wtranspose X-Function An option to include All label rows in transposing is added to wtranspose X-Function.
ORG-345 X-Function should support Layer data type X-Function now supports Layer data type.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Description
15043 A button is shown on each table in the analysis report to make it easier to find available operations.
Remove the fake separator/divider in NLFit category drop-down list.
ORG-88 Data Identifier in Bacth Processing Add an option "Data Identifier" (variable name: id) to the Batch Processing tool to add a column at the beginning of the final summary sheet output, which shows the input data range info.
Image Profile has been improved. ORG-98 Image Profile in Origin8.5.0
ORG-97 Profile Line Width for XYZ Contour
ORG-547 Error messages show when opening a project with image&contour profile
ORG-571 Color for profile line should keep no change on selection
ORG-572 The result graph should allow click after Image profile dialog closes
ORG-584 Image Profile in Origin8.5.0 -- More Work2
ORG-208 Pearson IV peak function should be added to built-in PA functions The Pearson IV peak function has been added as a built-in Peak Analyzer functions.
ORG-356 STFT Preview should allow no speed mode Preview in STFT dialog turns off Speed Mode.
ORG-388 low level function for 2D fft filter Support 2D FFT Filter tool for matrix data.
New Fitting Function Wizard is now supported in Origin to allow the user easily create/ edit fitting function. ORG-390 New Fit Function Wizard - more work
ORG-432 New Fit Function Wizard - more work2
ORG-518 New Fit Function Wizard - more work4
ORG-545 Support Create new/Edit existing function on First page if the wizard is opened from Tools menu
ORG-576 Support Enter key to navigate to next row of same column in Parameter/Constant table
ORG-589 New Fit Function Wizard - more work5
ORG-591 New Fit Function Wizard - more work 6
ORG-975 Need Significant Digits control for Parameters in Fitting Function wizard
ORG-496 Normality Test cannot specify different signifivant level (alpha) from 0.05 Add the ability to let user set the significant level to 0.01 or 0.1 rather than the default 0.05 in Normality Test.
ORG-512 Improve fit output message when fit did not converge and weight was used Improved fitting output message when fit did not converge and weight was used.

[edit] Gadgets

JIRA Summary Description
13103 Added Region Stats Gadget to quickly get statistic results of the data points that in the Region of interest.
15233 The Interpolate Gadget has been added to perform interpolation on a region on graph.
15290 nSD values will be output to the report, if the Standard Deviation Lines have been turned on.
ORG-48 Differentiate Gadget Added Differentiate Gadget to quickly display derivative curves.
ORG-1082 Peak Center, Peak Area don't make sense in integration gadgets if there is no peak Rename some labels of the Integration Gadget.
ORG-1083 No Area Type control option in integration gadgets Add Area Type drop down list for the Integration gadget.
ORG-1095 Fitted Curve uses same as source for pure scatter plot - beta_forum Origin will use the same color for the fitted curves as the source data used only when the Quick Fit gadget has been perform on the pure scatter plot.

[edit] LabTalk

JIRA Summary Description
15211 A new method. range.Reverse(), is available to invert the range.
ORG-167 Access to PA operation from script to change parameters Support to change the settings of the Peak Analyzer tool from LabTalk scripts.
ORG-262 Data Matrix should allow missing values shown as different color Added a system variable, @MBC, to control the color used to represent missing values in matrix.
Added run -au command change the recalculate mode for the entire project.
Added doc -ca, doc -cas to bring back the auto save reminder dialog.
ORG-291 better LT support for matrix object manipulations Added a NMATS property to the wks object for setting and reading number of matrix objects.
ORG-462 numbers for dotool become disordered and incompatible with 81 Add new options for the dotool command to realize some new features, such as panning, inserting OLE object etc.
ORG-468 Re-use csetvalue and msetvalue to get/set/evaluate formulas rather than just opening the dialogs Support to use the csetvalue and msetvalue functions in LabTalk scripts to set values for a column or a matrix object.
ORG-744 LabTalk Error Message for Syntax Error The LabTalk error messages have been improved when syntax errors found.
ORG-802 Implement LT script to set matrix properties Add the "lname" properties to access a worksheet column's long name or a matrix object's long name.
ORG-845 layer.cmap.updatescale() wrongly changed the colormap for multiple surface plots Change the search method of the layer.cmap. object to first find the active plot and fix a bug in the Layer.cmap.undatescale() method.
ORG-854 Turn all recalculate on or off in LabTalk Add the ability to let user set the status of the auto-update to Auto, Manual or None.
ORG-861 Survival Plot Styles Added set -lm command to extend plot line to full X range when there are missing Y values at the end of the curve.
ORG-892 Want LT command to get the GDI Objects used by Origin Add system variable o get the processing information used by Origin, such as the GDI object etc
ORG-1041 LT Range notation should allow variables for row subrange The range notation of LabTalk can allow variables for row subrange.

[edit] Importing

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-29 impbin2d impbin2d now supports storing file info into workbook
ORG-140 Change the "Apply Header and Designation to" drop-down list option to a checkbox option In ImpExcel (Import Excel) dialog, the "Apply Header and Designation to" drop-down list has been changed to a check box. The original short-cut keys for the allsheets variable do not apply any more.
ORG-150 Replace the LeadTools-based image browser with common File Open browser The Import Image dialog has been changed to make it consistent with other dialogs in Origin. And new image type, EMF, also supported with this tool.
ORG-152 EDF(European Data Format) and relative file support Support to import EDF (European Data Format) file.
ORG-220 Add option to impImage XF to allow importing mulitple images as objects in same sheet More importing modes are supported in impImage (Import Image). So you can import mulitple images as objects in the same sheet.
ORG-220 Add option to impImage XF to allow importing mulitple images as objects in same sheet File names are properly set to target objects when images are imported into matrix.
ORG-292 Add Show Thumbnail checkbox in ImpImage dialog An options is provided to allow showing image thumbnail in importing image.
ORG-440 Origin will be very slow when import a dataset with 10000 columns Improve the importing speed when the file contains thousand columns.
ORG-782 Imrove error message for import HEKA Improve the error messages for the tool that imports the HEKA data.
ORG-924 Support SigmaPlot 9.0 and upper version files Support importing SigmaPlot files up to 11 version.

[edit] Origin C

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-154 OC needs a function to find vector values based on another index vector Add a function to find vector values based on another index vector.

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-209 Expand 2D Binning to support additional Y column You can now choose a second Y column for quantity to compute in 2D binning.

[edit] Others

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-79 File versions should be like 8.5.0.n for 8.5 where n is the build number File versions are now in the form of 8.5.0.n where n is the build number.
ORG-525 Improve layout of Check for Updates dialog Improve layout of Check for Updates dialog.
ORG-530 System buid failure issue should be improved in 8.5 Output compile-failed file list when "System Folder build failed" happens.
ORG-615 Need 8.5 dongles New dongle license is available for Origin 8.5.0.
ORG-533 Improve browser for sheet, book, matrix Improve Browser dialog for sheet, book and matrix.
ORG-556 Displaying node-locked computer name in Origin Display node-locked computer name in Origin.
ORG-557 Restore use of backup file for node-locked Restore use of backup file for node-locked license.
ORG-757 Group folder sharing for all license types from 8.5 on It was only available for concurrent users before 8.5.