ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.5.1 SR1

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[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2786 Fitted Curve Points default is 1000 The default number of points in Fitted Curve Points is now 1000.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2745 Support for customized axis titles and legends SR1 adds support for customized axis titles and legends, such as LN{unit} and LN/unit, by means of the @LUQ system variable.
-1 = auto (2 for German, 1 for else)
1 = Long Name(unit)
2 = Long Name[unit]
3 = Long Name{Unit}
4 = Long Name / Unit
5 = Long Name - Unit
ORG-2185 Spatial linking in multi-curve panel graph templates Built-in Multi-curve panel graph templates now have spatial linking, so when a parent layer (usually Layer1) is moved or resized, the child layer(s) will move or resize as well, such as Vertical/Horizontal 2 Panel, 4 Panel, 9 Panel graph templates.

[edit] Import and Export

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2672 16-bit grayscale TIFF export Origin now supports 16-bit grayscale export from a matrix for the TIFF file format.

[edit] Workbook

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2804 Programming control for hiding/unhiding sheets and layers Origin now includes a programming control to hide and unhide sheets and graph layers. Example:
void wks_show(int nIndex, bool bShow)
	WorksheetPage wksPage = Project.Pages();
	Worksheet wks = wksPage.Layers(nIndex);
	wks.Show = bShow;

ORG-2934 Ctrl-A for select all in worksheet script dialog Origin now supports using the Ctrl-A key combination to select all text in a worksheet script dialog.

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2755 Carry over meta data in 2D binning. If worksheet columns have long name, units, etc., when 2D binning is performed and output is matrix, SR1 will carry over the long name, units, etc. properly to name matrix's X and Y Mapping's long name, units, etc.

[edit] LabTalk

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2846 = 0; // Hide layer 1 = 1; // Show layer 2 property to set and read layer display information. 0 = hide, 1 = show. This works for workbooks, matrixbooks and graphs.
layer -h 1 // hide active layer
layer -h 2 // toggle display state of active layer

layer -h to hide layer or toggle hide/show layer.
ORG-2805 = 2; // Make layer 2 active
layer -h 0; // Show the layer

For workbooks and matrixbooks, it may be necessary to make a hidden layer active before it can be shown with this command.
layer -hp 1 2; // Hide 2nd plot
layer -hp 0 2; // Show 2nd plot
layer -hp 1; // Hide all plots
layer -hp 0; //show all plots.

Add LT method to hide or show data plots.