ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.5.0 SR1

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[edit] Graph

JIRA Summary
ORG-1210 Add the Remove Link context menu for table objects and allow creating a new table on Recalculate/ Change Parameters when the table has no link.
ORG-1256 Provide "Layer Management" context menu when right click layer icon.
ORG-1261 Improve the column header in Colormap tab of Plot Details dialog, including adding … for hint, changing cursor to hand when mouse is over, simplifying the hint text.
ORG-1191 3D Surface Graph: Changed"Skipping Gridlines" checkbox on Surface tab of Plot Details dialog into "Draw Gridlines" dropdown list to provide more options, Draw All, Skip or Set Maximum Gridlines.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary
ORG-1252 Improve the initial layout of some dialogs, such as Set Column Values dialog, NLFit dialog, etc.
ORG-1257 Rename menu item "Extract Worksheet Data" and its dialog title to "Worksheet Query".
ORG-1258 Create a Select radio button in Worksheet Query dialog.
ORG-1311 Move Column(s) support moving column(s) to specific position.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary
ORG-1215 Add 5-parameter logistic fitting function. ID = ORG-1215

[edit] LabTalk

JIRA Summary
ORG-1044 When customize labels in Plot Details dialog, Origin allows to use a new added LabTalk variable n to refer to the current column like the variable i can refer to the current row.
ORG-1311 Support set column/sheet position in Labtalk.
ORG-1212 Support "+" to concatenate strings columns in set column values dialog.
ORG-1269 Improve range notation to get the worksheet column range on a worksheet.
ORG-1366 You can use the window (win) command to hide/show notes windows.

[edit] Origin C

JIRA Summary
ORG-1291 Add a function to support getting data from label region.

[edit] Others

JIRA Summary
ORG-1253 Pop up Transfer User Files reminder message when starting Origin if there is old version found.