ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.1 SR2

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[edit] Graphing

  1. Update Legend Context menus on graph and legend object to open updatelegend XF. ID = 14945.
  2. MATLAB color palette file is can be opened in Origin new. ID = 14906.
  3. Graph object handles is dark green diamond shape. ID = 15015.

[edit] 2D Graphs

  1. The selection of single point/bar/pie-piece has been improvement. ID = 14911.
  2. Axis scrollbar now provides delete item in the right-click menu. ID = 14788.
  3. Pareto chart is supported.

[edit] 3D Graphs

  1. Default Fill color setting of 3D Wires and Bars has been changed to use Colormap, instead of increment.
  2. Change the contour plot line hitting order. ID = 15009.

[edit] Analysis

  1. A new menu Gadgets between Analysis and Tools is available when graph window is active. ID = 14903.
    • Quick Fit
    • Other Data Exploration ROI tools which used to be under Analysis: Data Exploration menu.
  2. A new X-Function, op_change, has been introduced to allow changing parameters of an existing operation.

[edit] Mathematics

  1. Improve Simple Math menu. ID = 14877.
    • Add Set Column Values menu under Analysis: Mathematics.
    • Add a new X-Function "vmathtool" accessing by Analysis: Mathematics.
    • Add a new X-Function "csetvalue" to make Set Values dialog available for both worksheet (column(s), the whole worksheet or part of column(s)) and matrix.

[edit] Data Manipulation

  1. X-Function levelcrossing now provides option to get cross direction and x index. ID = 14661.
  2. X-Function wxt now supports masking rows. ID = 14731.
  3. Add an option to "wrcopy" X-Function to allow the user transposes the data while copying. ID = 14800.

[edit] Fitting

  1. The report sheet of the Compare Models tool has been improved to make the conclusion much clearer. ID = 14890.
  2. NLFit
    • Done button is added to the NLFit dialog to create report directly without any iteration. ID = 14948.
    • Message tab is active when an error occurs. ID = 13590.
    • Hint text added to Parameters and Bounds tab to help users to know they can right click for more options. ID = 14920.
  3. Apparent Fit check box in Linear Fit and Polynorial Fit dialog is now checked by default. ID = 14853.
  4. Add Pearson's r in Linear Fit output report. ID = 10948.
  5. Add Quick Fitting features under Gadgets menu. ID = 14832.

[edit] Peaks and Baseline

  1. Batch Peak Analysis tool now provides an option to add fit statistics in report. ID = 14733.
  2. Add right-click context menu in Peak Analyzer block rectangle to specify exact x scale when doing integration peaks. ID = 14737.
  3. In Peak Analyzer dialog, fixed status and fixed value can be saved in theme separately. ID = 14859.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

  1. Add a new method for graphical object to get all graphic objects connected. ID = 14916.
  2. Add an option for "run –e" to wait its command finished. ID = 14891.
  3. Date and Time Picker control is now available in GetN dialog. ID = 14641.
  4. Add LabTalk function, movslope, to calculate the moving slope at each point with a window width of nPt and (nPt-1)/2 points on either side of the point. ID = 14596.
  5. Add LabTalk function, rms, to calculate the root mean square of a vector. ID = 14596.
  6. Add option in method to save both color and z values as a *.cmap file. ID = 14833.
  7. Reset the option, oblect.revvideo to make object's color doesn't change when it is selected. ID = 14925.
  8. @V will show the build number. ID = 14933.
  9. Old LabTalk functions like max(), etc, can handle masked data. ID = 14962.
  10. The "layer -o" can be used to execute (operate) the specified script for the specified layer. ID = 15020.
  11. sourceObject.Connect() method will not redraw unselectable graph object when it connects to another one. ID = 15025.
  12. New notation, %(1@W,@WF1, , to access imported file info on graph legend. ID = 14745.
  13. LabTalk can now access the covariance and correlation matrices for NLFit object. ID = 14738.
  14. Add a new X-Function mks to access data indeces of Data Markers. ID = 11561.

[edit] Origin C

  1. X-Function now provides option string to set output Range to the same worksheet/workbook as specified input. ID = 14938.
  2. Ability to lock book, sheet name from editing in OC. ID = 15068.
  3. New syntax to access fitting functions directly. Such as:
    1. nlfxName, or nlf_Name(x, p1, p2,;
    2. nlfName(x, vecPs, n);
    ID = 14978.
  4. Surface Grid Lines Skipping X/Y now can be accessible using theme tree. ID = 15155.
  5. ADODB on MySQL and using PutPrecordset() now allow setting code page. ID = 15083.

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Origin now provides the Remove Link menu item when right clicking on a range of cells to remove cell link relationship while retain the literal data values. ID = 14840.
  2. Column Info. tab replaces User Tree tab in Column Properties dialog. File info specific to column level is placed in Imported Files node there. ID = 15063.
  3. Add DataPlot::SetColormap method to setup label color and font. ID = 14810.
  4. Theme Editor should not be visible to user. ID = 15124
  5. 0 as row/column in Go To dialog will go to last data in worksheet. ID = 14736.

[edit] Import

  1. Support file generated date/time in Famos Import. ID = 14858.
  2. Improve custom properties for TDM files. ID = 15050.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. Two Buttons: Slideshow and PowerPoint are created to Right of Print on Standard Toolbar. ID = 15039
  2. Results Log docks on right side by default if turning it on.
  3. Add Position dropdown list in Custom Menu Organizer dialog for user to specify where to add the custom menu.
  4. Drag and drop Custom menu file into origin, it will be used immediately. ID = 15113.