ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.1 SR1

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[edit] Analysis

  1. Add Dialog Theme option and it's context menu in Change Parameter dialog to save, load themes, and etc. ID = 12798
  2. Output notes to script window when fit did not converge. ID = 14576
  3. Frequency Count function allows user to specify bin setting via worksheet column in GUI. ID = 14492
  4. Support more options when build data name in output. ID = 14603
  5. Improvemented the Risetime Tool. ID = 14598
  6. More methods for finding low/high state level are added. ID = 14719

[edit] Workbook

  1. Supports fitting functions in Set Col Values dialog. ID = 14584
  2. Disable Editing checkbox is added in Format Cells and Worksheet Properties dialogs. ID = 14620
  3. Tooltip of Column Formula shows in operation lock. ID = 14635
  4. ReportTable supports copying all format from a source column. ID = 14187

[edit] Import/Export

  1. Turn off Sigmaplot import by default during installation. ID = 14698

[edit] Graphing

  1. New context menu for single point selected in Graph. ID = 14616
  2. Plot Multi Y Axes and Stack dialog improvements, such as specify Number of Points in each layer, etc. ID = 14636
  3. Added Stack Direction control for XY Horizonal Stacking to Plot Stack dialog ID = 14619
  4. Added exact zoom control for Origin windows on Standard toolbar. ID = 14060.

[edit] Labtalk

  1. LT LabTalk GetN channelled to use OC GetNBox ID = 14534
  2. Generate Script is added to Dialog Theme context menu to dump LT code for calling XF with current settings into Scirpt Window. This is particularily useful for complicated dialog like those in file import with multip level branches. The generated LT code will only include those changets that are different from the default. ID = 14630
  3. Call fitting functions in LabTalk by nlf_name. ID = 14600, 7217
  4. Supports abbreviate column label name when assigning X-Function arguments. ID = 14609

[edit] Origin C

  1. Improved find_roots function to find zero crossing. ID = 13388
  2. Improved error handling when working on tree. ID =14610
  3. Added option to not close X-Function dialog when Enter key pressed while entering data. ID = 14623

[edit] Licensing

  1. Add License button to About Origin dialogue for Evaluation. ID = 14642