ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.1 SR0

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  1. Added two new variables for legendupdate: Page and Layer. And added two more options for the variable "dest": spepage and spelayer. ID = 13651.
  2. Support tilde above character when editing text label, new escape has been added: \at(v) will place tilde above v.
  3. Added system variable @TOS=1 (ON by default) to control Text stretch in Window View. ID = 14104.
  4. Add % natation to show page long name and comments. ID = 14074.
    • %(%H, @PL) Page long name
    • %(%H, @PC) Page comment
    • %(%H, @PC1) Pge comment 1st line
  5. Added more properties and methods for object layer.CMap to provide precise control. ID = 13920.
  6. Supports defining functions in LabTalk. ID = 13141.
  7. Included event handling OGS files inside Project folder, which will be executed when event happens. ID = 13538.
  8. Improvements to Ed Dialog. ID = 14106.
  9. Added a LabTalk switch, -se, to suppress X-Function information message. ID = 14154.
  10. Cell link notation allows LabTalk string expression. ID = 14185.
  11. Improved the formatting for LabTalk tree output. ID = 14168.
  12. Introduce option for interpolation type when using (). E.g. range aa=(2,1);aa(3.5, spline). ID = 7354.


  1. The X-Function reduce was renamed to reducerows in 81
  2. Added new X-Function Plotbylabel to Plot Groups of Columns into Individual Layers. ID = 14182.
  3. Added new X-Function Plotmyaxes to Plot multi-axes plotting. ID = 13992.
  4. Added new X-Function envelope to get envelope of the data.(Pro) ID = 12506.
  5. Added XF wdeldup to delete rows in a worksheet based on duplication in one column. ID = 12431.
  6. Added XF wdelrows to delete rows by skipping, or rows with missing values, masked values. ID =14475.


  1. Object alignment tools in Object Edit toolbar applicable to:
    • Layer and Layer. ID =11263.
    • Layer and object. ID = 12967.
  2. Support to input a Unicode character via the Symbol Map. ID = 3231.


  1. Color Fill in Contour Plot supports loading a color palette. ID=13017.
  2. Set Levels dialog for colormap supports major and minor levels specification. ID=13017.
  3. Contour lines, Contour labels and Color Scale Control dialogs support "Show on Major Labels" option. ID=13017.
  4. Colomapping to Z values is supported in 3DBars.OTP (3D Bars plot). ID=13801.
  5. Number of 3D Surface grid lines can be controlled in Speed Mode. ID = 13822.
  6. 3D graph support resizing layer in just one direction. ID = 13559.
  7. Supports Mask in line plot. ID = 7713.
  8. Added Auto Apply Designation context menu in the middle panel of Plot Setup. ID = 13749
  9. Shows scale factor information when axis lables, etc. are selected in Graph. ID = 14083.
  10. Added Factor controls on Display tab of Layer Management. ID = 14084.
  11. Added new Plot type Double Log Reciprocal scale in percent. ID = 14159.
  12. Graph Scale Object dialog supports font style control. ID = 14152.
  13. Added new plot types:
    • Scatter Central
    • 2D B&W Pie Chart
    • Wind Rose-Raw Data.
    • Ternery contour. ID = 2935.
  14. Added multiple Y axes plot type: ID = 13289.
    • 3Ys Y-YY
    • 3Ys Y-Y-Y
    • 4Ys Y-YYY
    • 4Ys YY-YY
    • Multiple Y Axes..
  15. Improved Legend symbol size. New syntax can be used to specify the size. ID = 8343.
    • \L(1,s:10).
    • \L(1,15,s:10).
    • \l(1, s:p80). Where p means percentage.
  16. Added Most Recently Use in Plot menu. ID = 8999.
  17. Added a new tab Numeric Formats in Pie chart, Plot Details dialog, to control labels' digits display. ID = 14372.
  18. Reorganized the Plot menu. ID = 13610.
  19. Add Add/Modify Layer Title context menu when clicking graph layer. ID = 14192.
  20. For contour plot from worksheet data, we added context menu to extract contour data from contour lines. ID = 1863, 13595.


  1. Added new X-Function batchProcess to perform batch process base on analysis template. ID = 4588, 14018.
  2. Added the X-Function addtool_rise_time to calculate rise time within specified rectangle.(Pro) ID = 12507.
  3. Supports linear fitting with X error bars.(Pro) ID = 3224.
  4. Added rotated 2D Gaussian function for surface fitting, so that the peak's x,y axes are not perfectly horizontal/vertical.(Pro) ID = 13109.
  5. Improved Normalize Tool to support normalizing multiple columns simultaneously. ID = 13673.
  6. Supports multiple Y datasets for Peak Analysis. ID = 13998.
  7. Added control for Auto Preview in Simulate Curve tool. ID = 13978.
  8. Multiple Peak Fit now reports derived parameters in output sheet. ID=14360.
  9. Go to Results context menu was added to lock icon in graphs. ID=14211.
  10. Unit for (derived) parameters now displays in non-linear curve fitting report and Fitting Function Organizer dialog. ID=14077.

Import and Export

  1. Unicode CSV support. ID = 12534.
  2. Added export mode to append data to existing file. ID = 13891.
  3. Supports netCDF 4.0 and HSF5 format. ID = 13130.
  4. Provide an option in Query Builder dialog to allow importing data using ODBC. ID = 14057.

Worksheet and Matrix

  1. Added option to output data to new column of specified sheet for Extract Worksheet Data. ID = 12755.
  2. Improved the Set Matrix Value dialog. When the calculation range is out of original matrix dimensions, rows or cols are added automatically. ID = 12554.
  3. The Condition box in Extract Worksheet Data dialog is always enable now. This is helpful when include i, the row index, in extract condition. ID = 11492.
  4. Improved the Find and Replace dialog, which can be accessed from Edit: Replace menu item. ID = 13631.
  5. Slide Show of Dependent Graphs was added to column context menu to show all dependent graphs in Origin 8.1. ID=14280.
  6. Variables menu was added to Set Column Values dialog for defining variables simpler. ID=14241, 14190.
  7. Save context menu was added in Excel window in Origin 8.1. ID=14238.


  1. Improved the Origin Project File size. The file size needed to save Text&Numeric columns in files has been reduced for most cases, sometimes dramatically. When opened in versions older than 8.1 the text may be truncated. If you must support users with older versions, then turn off this feature by setting @lssp=100 before saving and restore by setting @lssp=60 after saving. ID = 13132, 13127.
  2. Added shortcuts to Pages in Project Explorer. ID = 13551.
  3. If runs Origin in command line, a new option, -b, was added to force running the script before the OPJ is open. ID = 13874.
  4. lic X-Function and Update Module License menu were added in Origin 8.1. ID=14275.
  5. Transfer User Files now supports transfering version 8.0 files to 8.1. ID=14216.