ReleaseNotes:Features that were changed in 8.1 SR0

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Note: When 8.1 is released we should move this page to ReleaseNotes namespace



  1. Added two new variables for legendupdate: Page and Layer. And added two more options for the variable "dest": spepage and spelayer. ID = 13651.
  2. Support tilde above character when editing text label, new escape has been added: \at(v) will place tilde above v.
  3. Added system variable @TOS=1 (ON by default) to control Text stretch in Window View. ID = 14104.
  4. Add % natation to show page long name and comments. ID = 14074.
    • %(%H, @PL) Page long name
    • %(%H, @PC) Page comment
    • %(%H, @PC1) Pge comment 1st line
  5. Added more properties and methods for object layer.CMap to provide precise control. ID = 13920.
  6. Supports defining functions in LabTalk. ID = 13141.
  7. Included event handling OGS files inside Project folder, which will be executed when event happens. ID = 13538.


  1. The X-Function reduce was renamed to reducerows in 81
  2. Added new X-Function Plotbylabel to Plot Groups of Columns into Individual Layers. ID = 14182.
  3. Added new X-Function Plotmyaxes to Plot multi-axes plotting. ID = 13992.
  4. Added new X-Function envelope to get envelope of the data. ID = 12506.
  5. Added XF wdeldup to delete rows in a worksheet based on duplication in one column. ID = 12431.


  1. Object alignment tools in Object Edit toolbar applicable to:
    • Layer and Layer. ID =11263.
    • Layer and object. ID = 12967.
  2. Support to input a Unicode character via the Symbol Map. ID = 3231.


  1. Color Fill in Contour Plot supports loading a color palette. ID=13017.
  2. Set Levels dialog for colormap supports major and minor levels specification. ID=13017.
  3. Contour lines, Contour labels and Color Scale Control dialogs support "Show on Major Labels" option. ID=13017.
  4. Colomapping to Z values is supported in 3DBars.OTP (3D Bars plot). ID=13801.
  5. Number of 3D Surface grid lines can be controlled in Speed Mode. ID = 13822.
  6. Supports Mask in line plot. ID = 7713.
  7. Added Auto Apply Designation context menu in the middle panel of Plot Setup. ID = 13749
  8. Shows scale factor information when axis lables, etc. are selected in Graph. ID = 14083.
  9. Added Factor controls on Display tab of Layer Management. ID = 14084.
  10. Added new Plot type Double Log Reciprocal scale in percent. ID = 14159.
  11. Graph Scale Object dialog supports font style control. ID = 14152.
  12. Added new plot types:
    • Scatter Central
    • 2D B&W Pie Chart
    • Wind Rose-Raw Data.
    • Ternery contour. ID = 2935.
  13. Added multiple Y axes plot type: ID = 13289.
    • 3Ys Y-YY
    • 3Ys Y-Y-Y
    • 4Ys Y-YYY
    • 4Ys YY-YY
    • Multiple Y Axes..
  14. Improved Legend symbol size. New syntax can be used to specify the size. ID = 8343.
    • \L(1,s:10).
    • \L(1,15,s:10).
    • \l(1, s:p80). Where p means percentage.
  15. Added Most Recently Use in Plot menu. ID = 8999.
  16. Added a new tab Numeric Formats in Pie chart, Plot Details dialog, to control labels' digits display. ID = 14372.
  17. Reorganized the Plot menu. ID = 13610.


  1. Added new X-Function batchProcess to perform batch process base on analysis template. ID = 4588, 14018.
  2. Added the X-Function addtool_rise_time to calculate rise time within specified rectangle. ID = 12507.
  3. Supports linear fitting with X error bars. ID = 3224.

Import and Export

  1. Unicode CSV support. ID = 12534.
  2. Added export mode to append data to existing file. ID = 13891.
  3. Supports netCDF 4.0 and HSF5 format. ID = 13130.

Worksheet and Matrix

  1. Added option to output data to new column of specified sheet for Extract Worksheet Data. ID = 12755.
  2. Improved the Set Matrix Value dialog. When the calculation range is out of original matrix dimensions, rows or cols are added automatically. ID = 12554.
  3. The Condition box in Extract Worksheet Data dialog is always enable now. This is helpful when include i, the row index, in extract condition. ID = 11492.


  1. Improved the Origin Project File size. The file size needed to save Text&Numeric columns in files has been reduced for most cases, sometimes dramatically. ID = 13132, 13127.