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NOTE: This page summarizes changes and additions to Origin 8 introduced in (SR3) and (SR4).

If you patched from SR2 to SR4, you will see ALL of these changes and additions in your patched version.


[edit] Sampling Inteval

  1. Columns with Sampling Interval information will be set with # as Index, which helps not to disturb index for other normal columns. (SR3)
  2. Added Sampling Interval support for X column type (SR4)
  3. Show X Column menu command used to remove Sampling Interval settings from all columns on the right of the newly inserted X, and this has been changed from SR3. Show X Column now creates a column of type Disregard filled with the X values. The Y column is now left unchanged. Plotting and analysis of the Y column will still be against sampling interval stored in the column. (SR3)
  4. Plot Setup improvement to plot against sampling interval easily. (SR3)

[edit] Graphing

  1. Plot Setup Dialog:
    • Added two-level pop-up context menu to middle panel, to control which column items to show (SR3)
    • Added more columns to middle panel such as as Sampling Interval, Comments, Units, Parameter (SR3)
    • Content in "1st Value" for Row# should always shows as <auto> and becomes not editable (SR3)
    • Layer content bottom panel shows ...<autoX>(X), B(Y) for example, when a column B holds sampling interval information (SR3)
    • Added new button (image: double-arrow) to toggle between Default Designation Mode and Custom Designation Mode (SR4)
  2. Vector XYAM plot:
    • Added option for Angular Unit to be System, or user-specified unit such as Deg, Rad, Gradient (SR4)
    • Added option for Angle and Magnitude to be interpreted in real world coordinates (SR4)

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Added new Convert to XYZ to Worksheet menu. This tool can be used to convert data in worksheet that is arranged like a matrix (a group of cells that correspond to rows and columns, but the X and Y spacing are irregular ) to a new sheet with XYZ format (SR3)

[edit] Data Exploration

  1. Added new Quick FFT tool for exploratory FFT analysis on data plot in Graph. Menu item: Analysis|Data Exploration|Quick FFT Tool (SR4)

[edit] Import

  1. NetCDF library has been upgraded to 3.6.2, new 64-bit offset format is workable now, ID = 11386 (SR3)
  2. Numeric Separator settings in Import wizard in German Origin is now 1.000,00 by default (SR3)
  3. New hotkey CTRL+4 for Re-import implemented: This will reload the original from the import and discard any changes that have been made before saving. ID = 11908 (SR3)
  4. The Allow Import All Text Data check box in Import Single ASCII / Import Multiple ASCII is now selected by default. Thus all ASCII import routines can import text-only ASCII files by defaut. (SR3)
  5. Import Single ASCII and Import Multiple ASCII support user-defined template in the Options dialog. The original control in the FDLOG for multiple ASCII has been removed (SR3)
  6. A new import menu item File: Binary 2D Array has been added to import consistent data type binary file to matrix. It calls the impBin2d.oxf X-Function (SR4)

[edit] LabVIEW Connectivity

  1. A completely new set of Sub-VIs libraries (4 llb files) has been introduced for LabVIEW connectivity to Origin). These new VIs take full advantage of the greatly expanded COM support in Origin 8. Using Origin from LabVIEW is now much easier than before. All LabVIEW examples have also been rewritten using these new SubVIs. (SR4)

[edit] Statistics

  1. Discrete Frequency tool: The Labels have been changed to Count, Relative Frequency and Cumulative Frequency, to be consistent with Frequency Count tool (SR3)
  2. The Missing and Masked data tables in report sheet output has been turned off by default for statistical tools, ID= 12000 (SR3)

[edit] Curve Fitting

  1. Added Confidence Level as label in the Parameters & Summary table. ID = 11303 (SR3)
  2. Multi-Data Fit Mode node in NLFit dialog is now always visible ID = 11839 (SR3)
  3. Improved editing of user-defined fitting functions in Code Builder. ID = 11810 (SR3)
  4. General linear constraint are now supported for Peak Analyzer and Replica fitting in NLFit (SR3)
  5. nlfit script command: Three new variables have been added to the NLFit Labtalk Tree. They are: NumFuncParams, NumDerivParams, and NumDataSets . ID = 12017 (SR3)

[edit] Miscellaneous/General

  1. The "Percentile with Averaging" check box is now checked by default in Graph tab of Options dialog. This provides consistency with graphs such as Box chart and tools such as Statistics on Column. ID=11978 (SR3)
  2. Added zoom ability (context menu) in preview panel for Image Processing tools, Graph Browser, Export Graph and Export Workbook as Image. This is helpful when user has large-size images and may just want to display a smaller, zoomed out preview. ID=11804 (SR4)
  3. Origin window title showing * for OPJ modified (SR4)

[edit] LabTalk

  1. Improvements to LabTalk calculation speed: The calculation speed of LabTalk expressions has been improved. For example, with 4 million points and the expression col(b)=col(a)*10 the execution time has improved from around 310 seconds down to just 23 seconds on the same PC, which is a more than 10 fold improvement in speed. (SR4)

[edit] COM/Automation Server

  1. Origin COM support for Project Explorer: The examples in the following page demonstrate how to access Project Explorer(PE) folders in Origin project (e.g., adding new folders starting from root, getting a folder by full path, and getting parent folder given current folder object) via COM like via LabVIEW: ID = 12033
  2. Several new properties and methods have been added: (SR3)
    • The Visible property was added to the Application class
    • The FindWorksheet, FindGraphLayer and Path methods were added to the Application class.
    • The Cols and Rows properties were added to worksheet.
    • The Rows property was added to column.
    • The Execute method was added to layer and page to allow easy executing of script commands.
    ID = 11636

[edit] Localization

  1. Change language for for all logon users: User can now change the language of the Origin user interface for all users who logon to the computer. When you choose "Help:Change language" menu, the "language" dialog appears. This dialog contains a check box, "Apply to All Users" to turn this option on. This avoids each user from having to change it manually and rebooting to load the new language. (user.ID = 12080)

[edit] Check for Update

  1. If upate fails, a log file will be generated (SR3)

[edit] Group Shared Folder

  1. Published files that are deleted from Group Folder Manager will be removed from client's folder (SR3)
  2. File extenstions of ODQ, ODS now supported in Group Folder Manager dialog (SR4)

[edit] Short Cut

  1. Added a short cut to program group for LabVIEW VIs (SR3)

[edit] Help File

  1. xfname -h will dump contents with a more friendly format (SR3)