ReleaseNotes:Bugs Newly Fixed in 8.6 SR3

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[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5008 Crash if Z axis tick label is ever selected -StachHash error In 3D graph, if user first chooses tick labels of Z axis, and then uses context menu or Format: Axis menu to open Axis dialog and do customizations, Origin will eventually crash.
ORG-5410 Crash when removing legend box by right-clicking on the legend box Select the legend box border. Right click it and choose Properties context menu. Change legend box border settings. Origin will cause crash.
ORG-3382 Graph: Merge Graph Windows... dialog failed to open in Win7 or Vista. Before 8.6 sr3, user has to run Origin as administrator and open Graph: Merge Graph Window... dialog once. Otherwise the dialog will not open when Origin isn't not running as admin.

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4423 ANSI C long integer (time) not working correctly in 32-bit Origin In 32-bit system, compile and run the following OC code.

It outputs Program takes 1333659584.0 seconds.//should be 2.0 seconds.

void ddd()
	time_t start, finish;	
	double elapsed_time;
	time( &start );
	LT_execute("sec -w 2");
	time( &finish );
	elapsed_time = difftime( finish, start );
	printf("finish = %I64d, start = %I64d\n", finish, start);
	printf( "Program takes %4.1f seconds.\n", elapsed_time );	

ORG-5440 OMAIL missing in 8.6 OMAIL dll was missing in 8.6 so user failed to use script made before. Fixed in sr3 now.