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[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Workbook

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4407 Set Column Value user string function failed from 3rd row on.
ORG-4433 User-defined function using StringArray argument failed in Set Column Values dialog. To recreate in SR0:
  • Create a new workbook, and fill the first two rows of col(A) with row numbers.
  • Highlight col(B) to open Set Column Values dialog.
  • Enter the following script in Before Formula Script dialog:
Function double MyFunc(StringArray sa, int i)
		return len(sa.getat(i)$);
StringArray sCity;
sCity.add("New York");

  • Enter "*MyFunc(sCity, col(1))*" in Formula box, click Apply.
  • Col(B) is empty, and error message dumps to Message Log: "Undefined variable: SCITY Failed to create operation for Book8_B due to error in Set Column Value scripts"

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4402 The last three columns were empty in PCA's Eigenvalues of the Covariance Matrix table. To recreate in SR0:

In Principal Component Analysis dialog, select Covariance Matrix as Analyze type. In the report, the last three columns in Eigenvalues of the Covariance Matrix (Chisq, Degrees of Freedom, Significance Level) are empty.

ORG-4377 Long Name did not change as settings changed in PCA's Score Data After changing Number of Components to Extract from 2 to 4, in the Scores Data sheet, Long name Principal Component 3 failed to correctly display.
ORG-4629 Improvements in Mean Comparison Plot in One-way ANOVA
  • Mean Comparison Plot was incorrect
  • Comparison method now added as long name in plot.
  • Mapping color improved (Green: <=1, Black: 0, Red: >=1)
ORG-4347 Hierarchical Cluster Analysis result had problems.
  • Updated Cluster1, Cluster2, and New Cluster in the report's Cluster Stages table when missing values exist for Observation cluster. Original row numbers now replace row numbers with missing values removed.
ORG-4328 Improvements in Principal Component Analysis.
  • Update the error message when number of effective observations is no more than number of variables for listwise mode.
ORG-4745 Failure to do PCA on data with missing values. Runtime error shows when doing PCA with missing value in input data.
ORG-4370 Improvement in Discriminant Analysis
  • The cross-validation result is not correct when Proportional to Group Size is chosen as Prior Probabilities.
  • Group distance matrix is not correct for Quadratic Discriminant Function.
  • When masking a cell in Group column, an error message displays.
  • Lock icon becomes yellow when changing columns in training data for auto recalculation mode.
  • Column labels in result sheet are not updated when changing columns in training data.
  • Plot data sheet should not be created when only one variable is chosen in training data.
  • Provide an error message when there is only one level for group of training data.

[edit] Gadgets

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4382 Intersect gadget does not correctly find spline intersections The interpolate/extrapolate in Intersect gadget is a little different from interpolate/extrapolate in mathematics, which caused some problems when finding intersection points.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4496 Failed to open Smith Chart tool controls when installing only 64-bit version of Origin
ORG-4372 OHLCVol graph issues in template library.
  • No preview in template library
  • Failure to plot from Template Library.
ORG-4569 Hit Test on plot failed to work for certain PCs. Only happened on some PCs. The symptoms included:
  • Failure to select a single plot or a single point in a grouped plot.
  • Failure to select single contour lines.

[edit] Import&Export

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4491 Graph export failed with name conflicts with worksheet long name Graph export fails when the graph window name has a conflict with a worksheet long name.
ORG-4193 Export Worksheet as Multipage PDF fails in 64-bit Origin. GIF image file is exported instead. No problem in 32-bit Origin.
ORG-4193 Failure to support AI export in 64-bit Origin. Still not supported. But in 64-bit Origin, changed to use 32 bit INSO library to export *AI file.
ORG-4633 Export Workbook as multipage PDF File dialog GUI issues.
  • no <Project Path> and <User Files Folder> options in Path dropdown list. So not convenient to specify export path.
  • Failure to specify "<longname>-multi" in FileName.

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4531 LT Menu command failed to work Custom menus created using the LabTalk menu command will now be visible from Origin's menus.
ORG-3560 Failure to define user-defined variable INF Error : Undefined variable: INF is dumped when using the following code.
double inf = -100;

  • It's because INF and -INF are reserved as infinity for integral. Fixed in sr1.
ORG-3560 type -a failed to follow type.redirection in 8.6 sr0 Open a Notes window in Origin. By default, the Notes window name is "notes"
type hi; //outputs to the Notes window
type -a cow; //outputs to Script window. Should output to the Notes window.

ORG-4563 File added by run.addoc() failed to link if in Command window It's because Command Window is an OC dialog. When running script there, no OC compiles can happen. Fixed in sr1.
ORG-4859 failed to open DialogBuilder dialog, which is programmed in LabTalk in multiple instances of Origin You can now open a DialogBuilder dialog and use it in more than one instance of Origin.

[edit] COM

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4632 In 8.6sr0, Connect/Launch Origin from COM client, it's always 32 bit Origin though user installs both 32 & 64 bit Origin. The Origin launched from COM Client should be controlled by which Origin was last run as administrator. The computer reads info. from registry to decide which Origin to run and only running Origin as administrator will write info. into registry.
  • If 64 bit Origin was run as admin last, then when launching Origin from COM Client, 64 bit Origin will launched.
  • If 32 bit Origin was run as admin last, then when launching Origin from COM Client, 32 bit Origin will be launched.

[edit] Toolbars

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4608 Failure to install Customized Toolbar Settings and problem after reinitializing Origin toolbars.
  • Arrange toolbars in Origin
  • Select View: Toolbars... menu.
  • Export it as OPX file on Toolbars tab.
  • Share it with other Origin users. User can drag and drop the opx file into Origin to install it.
  • ==> The toolbar settings failed to be applied.
ORG-4608 Reinitialize Origin toolbars and restart Origin, reinitialization is gone. User can click Reinitialize button on Toolbars tab of View: Toolbar... dialog. But after restarting Origin, the reinitialization is gone.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4477 Origin 8.6 Crash when using theme "Windows XP"