ReleaseNotes:Bugs Newly Fixed in 8.6 SR0

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[edit] Top Bug Fixes

  1. ORG-2345 Origin Graph pasted to Word/PPT need to remember Copy Page settings
  2. ORG-4168 Excel XLSX Import sometimes losing some cell values
  3. ORG-3593 Convert column format can lead to bigger column size
  4. ORG-3006 Units row failed to merge dynamically

[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Import and Export

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3101 Column wasn't set to Date when importing Custom Date Format data Date column was not automatically set to Date after import - even though user specified Custom Date Format during import.
ORG-4168 Excel XLSX Import sometimes losing some cell values Values were missing from Excel files with text cells (e.g., 0006E16925, 0006E170E7, 0006E17876) after importing via COM method. (Note, COM method is only way to import XLSX files into Origin.)

[edit] Excel

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3513 Paste link from Excel inside Origin failed When user opened Excel file in origin, copied and paste-linked data into Origin Workbook, then saved and reopened, the "Start DDE Link" dialog appeared for each paste-link object.
ORG-1783 "Paste Link" from one Excel worksheet broke existing links to other Excel Worksheets When user opened Excel in Origin, copied data from different Excel worksheets, and paste-linked into Origin workbook, original links were broken by subsequently copied links.
ORG-1783 Drag and drop Excel file bug fixes.
  • Origin failed to import or open XLSX file by dragging and dropping into gray area or non-empty workbook. A dialog box appeared, saying "The xlsx file import failed for unknown reason. Error code = -2147286960.". This problem existed in versions 8.1 through 8.5.1, but has been fixed in 8.6.
  • When dragging and dropping Excel files, Origin now gives option to import or open the file.

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3339 Selected plot was not higher priority than active plot When there were multiple data plots in a graph, operations (e.g., Add Error Bars...) were performed on the active plot even when a non-active plot was selected.
ORG-3315 In German Origin, 3D/Contour plot disappeared when the numerical decimal separator was changed from Windows default( , ) to English separator ( . ). Problem specific to German Origin.
ORG-3160 Copy/Paste Format problems in graphs with multiple error bars. When user had multiple data with error bars and error bar's Connection Type was line, could not copy and paste to other graphs with multiple error bars.
ORG-3873 Function plot did not work if the function formula was very long If the function formula was very long (e.g., when adding 10+ Gaussian functions), the function could not be plotted.
ORG-4217 Layer Management dialog: Newly added Layer was not selected by default. When new layer added on Add tab of Layer Management dialog, it was not selected by default. Users had to manually select before editing.
ORG-4241 Bar and Column/Bar were not treated as same plot type When user plotted a bar graph and then dragged and dropped more data into the bar graph, the two sets of data were not grouped since one was treated as Bar, and the other was treated as Column/Bar. We now automatically group Bar and Column/Bar plots together.

[edit] Curve Fitting

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3406 Analysis template with user defined fitting function failed to recalculate if no parameter initialization code When defining fitting functions, users may put parameter values and settings in the Parameter Settings field instead of the Parameter Initialization and Constraints fields. If a user performed a nonlinear curve fit with a user-defined fitting function, then saved the analysis template and reloaded it to use with new data, the recalculation result was incorrect.
ORG-3442 Failed to trigger recalculation if source data was from bin worksheet of histogram. If user plotted a histogram and used the Bin worksheet to do curve fitting, and then changed the bin size of histogram, the Bin worksheet was updated but fitting result did not update.
ORG-3151 Wrong Linear Fit Confidence Band values
  • When Use Reduced Chi Square was not selected.
  • When Intercept was fixed.

[edit] Gadget

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3412 Digitizer failed to get correct image size info. Digitizer resampled image's pixels and broke the scaling.
ORG-2507 Quick Peak issues if X data was slightly non-monotonic or there were a few duplicates.
  • Peak Finding failed.
  • Integration failed.

[edit] Data Manipulation

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3074 Swap Mask of one column/plot should not affect other columns/plots. Since 8.0, whole masked range in worksheet (including X) was swapped.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3472 Bug fixes when using Worksheet Query on output created from Analysis, cell linking.
  • Linked data failed to show in Worksheet output of Worksheet Query.
  • 1st Value information failed to show in Worksheet Query dialog if the value was a cell linked to operation escape string.
ORG-3609 Recalculation could not trigger if input was changed by an operation with output=<input> Example:
  • User had column A, B, and C.
  • C was set to be Col(A)+col(B), and recalculation mode of col(C) was auto/manual.
  • User later normalized col(A), and set the Normalize output to replace the original col(A). Or, user later performed smoothing on col(B) and set smoothing output to put to col(B).
  • Col(C)'s result did not update accordingly.
ORG-3050 Font of text labels on 8.5 worksheets appeared larger than in earlier versions. In older versions, the font size of text was incorrect (e.g., text did not match text with same font size in Word). However, if customer wishes to keep the old text font size in worksheet, they can run "page.TEXTSIZECORR=1" in Script Window and then refresh worksheet.
ORG-3006 Units row failed to merge dynamically. If user set the Units row to dynamically merge horizontally if units were the same in the Worksheet properties dialog, they did not merge.
ORG-2917 Pivot Table could not show Month Date in output sheet in German and Japanese Version Date was missing in Output Sheet.

[edit] OLE

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2345 Origin Graph pasted to Word/PPT did not remember Copy Page settings When double-clicking an Origin graph in Word to open it in Origin, and then closing Origin, the graph size changed. This was because the Copy Page Setting Ratio number was not saved in the OLE object, and graph size changed according to Origin's Tools: Options: Page tab settings. Ratio is now saved in OLE object.

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3304 Set matrix object name from LT did not work Example: user had xyz data and ran

XYZ2Mat iz:=(1,2,3) settings.ConvertToMatrix.columns:=17 settings.ConvertToMatrix.rows:=45 settings.ConvertToMatrix:=2 om:=[Matrix]"test sheet"!"test name";
==> The output matrix object's long name was empty (should have been "test name"). Problem existed in 8.5.1.

ORG-3137 Colcopy X-Function was much slower than Copy command.
ORG-3593 Convert column format could lead to larger column size To recreate using LabTalk (in previous versions):
  • Open a new default worksheet and run following script:
  • col(a)=data(1,10);col(b)=data(1,1000);get col(a) -ex vv;vv=;
  • You should get vv=32
  • Convert col 1 to date by wks.col1.format=4;
  • Run get col(a) -ex vv;vv=;
  • It has become 1000.
ORG-3214 COM:DataRange from MatrixObject fail to set data
ORG-4095 Locally declared LabTalk function nested call failed To recreate in Origin 8.5.1:

Create a text object and set script to run as Button using this script:

function double func2(double dval2)
	dval2 *= dval2;
	ty In func2, $(dval2);
	return dval2;
function double func1(double dval1)
	dval1 *= 2;
	ty In func1, $(dval1);
	return func2(dval1);
result = func1(3);
ty $(result);

The call to func2 failed in 8.5.1.