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| ORG-3572 | ORG-3572
|Passing argument by reference does not work |Passing argument by reference does not work
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newbook; newbook;

Revision as of 10:16, 13 September 2011

Please click here to read bug fixes in 8.5.1 SR1.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3022 Some cell values went missing when copying and pasting parameters from the summary table after fitting Origin generates a hierarchy result sheet after performing a Nonlinear Curve Fit. This sheet includes a Summary table. In SR0, when a user copied values from this Summary table and pasted into another worksheet, some cell values would be missing. This behavior did not occur when Paste Link was used.
ORG-2988 Paste-link values from fit results tables were turning to missing values when performing change parameter operations. After an analysis or fitting, a report table is created in a graph. This table has an intermediate table associated with it. A user may copy data from the intermediate table and Paste Link it to another worksheet for further analysis. In SR0, if a user then used the Change Parameters dialog to modify the analysis, the paste-linked data became a missing value.
ORG-3040 Incorrect LabTalk script in Script After Fitting section of FDF caused Origin to freeze A Fitting Function (FDF) file is a kind of .ini file, which detects sections by [section name]. If a user writes code for Script After Fitting with [Table1] or [Book1] at the beginning of a line, it is treated as a section. In SR0, this caused Origin to freeze. SR1 includes code that prevents Origin from freezing, but it is still recommended that users avoid such cases by defining a range variable in the script.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3043 Variable N could not be used as a row index Example:
// start with some wks with some text in column A
loop(n, 1, wks.nrows)

This occurred because the variable N had been reserved for Short Name. In SR0, users could could work around this problem by changing N to NN in a script. Beginning in SR1, G has been reserved for Short Name instead of N in 8.5.1 SR2 but is not accessible until 9.0. Please refer to this wiki page for a complete list of currently reserved variable names: LabTalk:Column_Label_Row_Characters

ORG-3572 Passing argument by reference does not work Example:
string fname$=system.path.program$+"\Samples\Curve Fitting\Gaussian.dat";
Function int GetMinMax(range rr, ref double min, ref double max) {
  stats rr;
  min = stats.min;
  max = stats.max;
  return stats.N;
double y1,y2;
int nn = getminmax(1:end,y1, y2);
type "Worksheet has $(nn) points, min=$(y1), max=$(y2)";


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3039 License files with expiration dates were not working in German and Japanese Origin.
  • For German Origin, if the expiration date in the license file was mar, may, oct, or dec, it was not accepted.
  • For Japanese Origin, no license files with expiration dates were accepted.
  • This included renewable nodelocked Origin, student Origin, concurrent Origin, license keys, evaluation licenses, and temporary licenses.
ORG-3014 FLEXnet servers with 8-digit Solaris host ID’s did not work for Origin 8.5 and Origin 8.5.1. (12-digit host ID’s did work.) Since 8.5, concurrent FLEXlm licenses made from 8-digit host IDs did not work. This has been fixed in Origin 8.5.1 SR2.