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  • Red items are bugs reported by customers. Black items are bugs found inhouse.
  • For red items, (workaround available) means it is possible to work around this issue without patching to this new build. (no workaround) means there is no workaround for this issue without patching to this new build.


[edit] Import and Export

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-1461 Time data failed to correctly import (workaround available) When users imported data with date columns, and the date did not include all the date and time fields, the missing fields were not being initialized with the current time and date.
ORG-1550 Import Wizard failed to import all columns when auto-repeating last number for column width (workaround available) Example: User has data with a fixed width. On the Data Columns page of the Import Wizard, user sets Number of columns to 0 (automatically determine the number of columns to import). User sets Fixed Width to 6, 5, 13.

Origin should import the first two columns with 6 and 5 as the widths, use 13 as the remaining column’s width, and repeat as often as necessary to import all data. In 7.5, all columns could be imported this way. This failed in 8.5.

Igor Pro import improvements ORG-2252
  • Data imported into a matrix differed from Igor’s result.
  • Waves viewed in Image Mode differed from Igor’s result.
  • Import text-type wave into worksheet instead of matrix.
  • Support importing Igor variables as notes in Origin.
  • Set wave name as column Short Name.
  • Set X, Y correctly for 2D waves.
  • Support simultaneously importing multiple files into parallel folders.
  • Support drag and drop of multiple files to import into parallel folders.
ORG-536 Failure to copy more than 256 columns from Excel (workaround available) When users copied more than 256 columns from Excel and pasted into Origin, only 256 columns were copied.

[edit] Workbook

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-326 Paste Link Transpose was limited to 20 values. (workaround available) Paste Link Transpose pasted no more than 20 values regardless of the existence of additional columns.
ORG-1050 Worksheet::SetSize() failed to remove embedded notes. If a user inserted a note in a worksheet cell, then used wks.SetSize(4, -1, WSS_CLEAR_DATA) to resize the worksheet, the note content was cleared but the embedded note remained.
ORG-1153 Users were unable to save themes for Worksheets. (no workaround) To reproduce in 8.5: Set @wef=1 in Script Window. Right-click in gray area of worksheet and select Edit Formatting... Click Save as... to save as a theme. Open Theme Organizer and see the new theme does not apear.

This has been fixed in 8.5.1.

ORG-1331 Literal % character in comments was incorrectly interpreted as linked variable in legend. (workaround available) Example: User enters %B in Comments row and wants "%B" to show in legend. Origin interprets %B as a file path so it shows the file path instead of %B.

Workaround (pre-8.5.1): Use "\v(%)B" instead.

In 8.5.1, Origin introduces a "Link to (%, $), Substitution Level" menu. With this menu, users can set the substitution level to 0 to disable linking to substitution notation.

ORG-1417 Worksheet Query extracted all data regardless of condition When a user selected a limited range of data from a worksheet (e.g., A>10), and then tried to extract it to an Excel worksheet, all data from the original worksheet was extracted. This has been corrected in 8.5.1 so that only the specified range of data is extracted to an Excel worksheet.
ORG-1429 Copy (full precision) menu item was disabled. (workaround available) In 8.5, the Copy (full precision) menu item (normally available by right-clicking in a table) was unavailable. The workaround for this issue was to select the same command from the Edit menu.
ORG-1606 Column short names got lost when extracting worksheet data (workaround available) When using Worksheet Query to extract a subset of data to a new worksheet, any column short names that had been modified in the source worksheet were replaced with template defaults (A, B, C, etc.) in the destination worksheet.
ORG-1707 Regular matrix conversion failed with Date/Time data in 8.5. (workaround available) In Origin 8.5, when converting XYZ data to a matrix using Regular gridding method and default (1E-8) tolerance, users received this error message and could not proceed: “Gridding method is not applicable to data points you selected, please try random conversion method.” With tolerance at 1E-9, the matrix conversion proceeded, but the resulting grid failed to construct the correct number of matrix columns for Date. This procedure did not fail in Origin 7.5.
ORG-1847 No Long Name, Units, or Comments after gridding. When a user specified Units, Long Name, or Comments in an XYZ worksheet, and then converted to a matrix, these labels did not appear in the matrix.
ORG-1971 Duplicate Workbook was not smart enough to create self-contained workbook (no workaround) When duplicating a workbook or worksheet with an embedded graph, Origin was not checking to see if the graph contained data from the same workbook or worksheet. When users changed data in the duplicate workbook or worksheet, the embedded graph was not updating.
ORG-2024 Column with Numeric Display set to 1,000 was converting to scientific notation If column Numeric Display was set to 1,000 (or 1000) and a user entered (for example) 1,234,567, this number would be converted to scientific notation unless the user changed the upper threshold in the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 so that Origin ignores upper threshold settings and correctly displays large numbers.
ORG-2179 Row formatting did not move with data after deleting rows above. (workaround available) If a user customized a row (e.g., changed text color, fill color, font), and then deleted a row above it, the formatting moved to the wrong row. If a user selected an entire row by clicking on a row header, and then deleted it, the formatting moved up two rows. If a user selected all cells in a row without using the row header, and then deleted the cells, the formatting remained at the same location while its data moved up.
ORG-2338 Column paste should be able to clear all data in destination column. (workaround available) If a user selected an entire column and copied its contents, then pasted the data into another, longer column, the destination column's entire previous contents were not deleted. Instead, any data in cells outside the range of the pasted data remained. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 so that when a user copies an entire column that happens to be shorter than the destination column, it clears and replaces all existing data in the destination column.
ORG-2435 Worksheet name did not display “&” character. If a user renamed a worksheet using the “&” character (e.g., “3D & Contour”), the “&” did not display, but was replaced by an underscore (“_”). This has been fixed in 8.5.1.

[edit] Graphing

[edit] 2D Plot Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-2047 Could not adjust amplitude of distribution curve in histogram if scale was greater than 100%

After adding a distribution curve to a histogram, the user can adjust the amplitude of the distribution curve using the Scale control on the Data tab of the Plot Details dialog. Before 851, this failed when the scale was greater than 100%.

Fill Area graph problems ORG-2034
  • Gradient fill and line drawing did not work for Fill Area plot
  • Top line disappeared with fill pattern.
ORG-2178 Fill area drawn incorrectly when data missing. (Workaround was to check Connect line across missing data checkbox in Plot Details, but this is no longer necessary.) (workaround available)
ORG-2414 Line color could not be changed when using Draw Line in Front in Line+Symbol Plot (no workaround) On the Line tab of the Plot Details dialog, there are controls for letting the line show in front of symbols. In 8.5, if a user unchecked the Gap to Symbol check box and selected Draw Line in Front, the line color could not be changed.

[edit] 3D and Contour Plot Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-787 Wrong color and wrong position for layer with raster display caching The layer color was incorrect when display caching was set to raster and page color was anything but none. Layer position was incorrect when display caching was set to raster and transparency was on.
ORG-1324 Dataplots with colormaps were not recognized by the style toolbar or by the palApply X-function. With a colormapped plot, style toolbar dropdown menus did not display expected options. Also, the Apply Palette to Colormap item in the Graph menu complained that the dataplot did not have a colormap.
ORG-1814 Additional line showed on some contour plots when missing values (no workaround) An extra line showed in certain contour plots when there were missing values.
ORG-1449 Plotting large XYZ dataset as contour or converting to matrix was too slow (no workaround) (no workaround) Speed when plotting large XYZ contour plots or converting large datasets to matrix has been greatly improved.
Speed Comparison of 1.5 million Rows of Data
Version Plot XYZ Contour(speed mode off) Open Convert to Matrix
8.5.1 25.906 sec 15 sec
8.5 426.813 sec 6 min 55 sec
ORG-1566 Could not plot 3D Scatter from worksheet with two Z datasets (workaround available) Origin could not generate a 3D Scatter plot from a worksheet with two Z columns (XYZYZ, for example). When creating a multi-plot 3D Scatter from XYZXYZ, XYZYZ, or XYZZ, all plots had the same symbol colors and were not grouped.
ORG-1663 3D Vector’s symbol used the value of the vector end point’s scale factor to draw Vector length was incorrect after setting the scale factor for a 3D vector using symbol preview.
ORG-2056 Values outside X/Y scale did not display for contour plot when Fill to Grid Lines was enabled (no workaround) When Fill to Grid Lines is enabled, values one grid space outside the X/Y scale should display. In 8.5, they did not.
ORG-1903 Data outside the axis range in a 3D Scatter plot could be seen by rotating the graph layer to an extreme angle. If a user rotated a 3D Scatter plot at an extreme angle, data outside the axis range was still visible. This problem could also occur when dragging the layer on the page.
ORG-2657 Clip Data to Frame did not work for 3D Ribbon plot. (no workaround) Clip Data to Frame was not working for the 3D Ribbon plot, so ribbons outside the XYZ axis frame were still displayed.
ORG-2578 Certain Colormap Surface graphs failed to display and print. (no workaround) This only happened to certain Colormap Surface graphs, and the workaround was to set a larger Grid Line Width on the Surface Tab of the Plot Details dialog.

[edit] Label in Graph Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1348 Column used for label in OGG file was lost. If a user generated a graph from data in column B (for example), using the data in Column C as Labels, and then saved the graph as an OGG and reopened it, the labels were gone from the graph. If the user then created a worksheet from the graph, it did not include the data from column C.
ORG-1458 Plot labels now display properly when they come from linked cells. (workaround available) In 8.5, if plot labels came from linked cells, they displayed literal links rather than the contents of the linked cells. This happened whether labels were defined through the Plot Details dialog, or by using a designated label column.

Before this fix, users could work around this problem by following these steps: Open the Plot Details dialog. Click on the Label tab. Select Custom from the Label From dropdown menu. In the Format String field, type: %(col(C)i$) (where C is the column containing linked cell data).

ORG-1607 Date labels of the format %([book1]Sheet1,1,1,D1) did not appear correctly on graph (no workaround) Date labels such as %([book1]Sheet1,1,1,D1) did not appear correctly formatted on graphs. Instead of showing 11/1/2010, for example, the graph would display 2455501.54166667.

[edit] 2D Waterfall Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2241 Z axis scale was incorrect when axis ticks were controlled by Long Name (no workaround) The Z axis scale was counting the column index, even when the scale was using the numbers in the long name row. In 8.5.1, more built-in labels, such as LongName, Unit, Comments, and Sampling Interval are supported as a Z value source, and these can display the correct scale.
ORG-2173 Layer.x.reverse did not work for 2D waterfall plot. (no workaround) When a user ran the script "Layer.x.reverse=1;" the X axis direction did not reverse. This has been fixed in 8.5.1.

[edit] Transparency Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1815 Problem with B-Spline and Transparency (no workaround) Plot disappeared if the line was transparent and connected by B-spline for more than 500 data points.

[edit] Graph Manipulation Bug Fixes

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1084 In the Layer Management tool, changing margin settings in a multi-layer graph caused layer reordering In the Layer Management tool, if a user changed a margin in the Arrange Tab of the Layer Management dialog, the layers were reset to sequential order.
ORG-1692 When data was pasted from Excel, graphs did not immediately update (workaround available) When users pasted data from MS Excel, the graph did not update automatically, but required a refresh. This did not occur in 7.5, and has been fixed for 8.5.1.
ORG-1854 Ticks and labels were wrongly positioned if Log scale and From > To (no workaround) If an axis was set to Log scale and the From value was greater than the To value, ticks and labels were wrongly positioned.
ORG-602 Origin froze when too many dataplots were added to a graph (no workaround) In cases where there were thousands of data columns and the user plotted all data in multiple graphs, Origin would freeze. In Origin 8.5.1, caching has been improved so this problem does not occur.
ORG-1950 Image objects shifted when using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+J. (workaround available) When users pressed Ctrl+C (copy) or Ctrl+J (copy page), image objects redrew in a slightly different position. When they did this repeatedly, the objects noticeably shifted.
ORG-1938 Symbol size in legend did not scale with layer frame (workaround available) When a user merged graphs, the size of a symbol in the legend was much larger than the symbol in the resulting graph.
ORG-2072 Insert object did not resize with layer If a user resized a layer with an object (e.g., equation) inserted on a graph, the object did not scale with the layer. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 so that all newly created OLE container equation/math-type objects have the behavior of Origin’s text objects; all other OLE container objects have the behavior of Origin’s rectangle objects.
ORG-2339 Labels in stack column did not paste into Word when copying page (workaround available) Labels in column/bar/stack columns/stack bars did not paste into Word (including 2003/2007/2010) when copying a page. Excel and PowerPoint did not have this problem.
ORG-2407 Text font size looked different when graph was copied(workaround available) When copying and pasting an Origin graph, the text object font size changed. Workaround was to select Fixed Factor in the Plot Details dialog, or to select Fit Page to Printer.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-354 Users could not rescale the source graph when plotting an integral graph to a source using the Integrate dialog. Users can now choose to plot an integral curve to a source graph in the Integrate tool. This allows the option to rescale the graph so that all data from the source curves are shown in the graph.
ORG-2402 X-function Levelcrossing gave wrong result for data with missing values (no workaround) When there were missing values in source data, the X-function Levelcrossing incorrectly output an extra point that was not a crossing point.
ORG-1347 Bugs using LabTalk NLFit with theme If a user saved a dialog theme in NLFit with Fit Function, Replica setting, or Script After Fitting, the following LabTalk script would not use the settings from the theme:
nlbegin iy:=(1,2) theme:=<ThemeName>;
nlend 1;

ORG-1416 Data did not correctly display in NLFit parameter initialization for multiple datasets When using NLFit to simultaneously fit multiple datasets, if a user set a break point in the fit function using Code Builder, and then clicked the Initialize Parameters button, values in vector x_data and y_data did not change after the second break.
ORG-1658 Parameters in fitting function were not independent of session variables Origin would not accept a fitting function parameter name that was previously defined as a session variable in the Script Window or Command Window.
ORG-2587 Uncorrected TSS in fitting report did not make use of weight data When using a fitting tool with weighting, the fitting report’s ANOVA table did not consider weight data for the uncorrected TSS value.
ORG-1812 Auto Preview check box in X-function dialogs did not control recalculation when a dialog stayed open and parameters were changed (no workaround) With Auto Preview deselected, calculations were still being performed when parameters were changed in an analysis tool dialog. This could be an inconvenience when working with large datasets. In 8.5.1, when Auto Preview is turned off, calculations are performed only when the user clicks OK or Preview.
ORG-2213 Pending Auto-Recalculate causes Origin to use full CPU (no workaround) Example: One operation is set to Auto Recalculate. This operation’s input intersects with the output of another operation that is set to Manual Recalculate. When the “Manual” operation’s input is changed, Origin’s CPU usage increases to 100%. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2123 Origin did not support double-clicking to Subtract Straight Line on Y value Origin returned an “Invalid argument” error when a user double-clicked a point in a graph while using the Subtract Straight Line tool. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 so that double-clicking a point will subtract a line on the Y value.
ORG-2233 Keep Tool After Translation was not selected by default (workaround available) By default, the Vertical and Horizontal Translate tools disappeared after one use. This has been changed in 8.5.1 so that the tool remains on the screen until the user removes it, unless Keep Tool After Translation is deselected.
ORG-2234 Vertical/Horizontal Tool line moved too quickly (no workaround) In previous versions, the Vertical and Horizontal Tool lines were difficult to accurately place using arrow keys. In 8.5.1, the lines move in smaller increments and immediately stop when the arrow key is released.
ORG-2235 Cursor flickered when using Translate tool (no workaround) In previous versions, the cursor flickered when dragging the Translate tool’s red guide line or its blue target line. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 so that it no longer flickers.

[edit] Gadgets

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1065 <last used> theme was not updated when settings were changed in Preferences dialog When a user opened a gadget in a graph, and then used the gadget’s Preferences dialog to customize it, this customization was not retained in the gadget’s <last used> theme.

[edit] License

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1546 Dongle drive did not install in 8.5 SR1 (workaround available) In 8.5 SR1, users received an error unless they manually downloaded the dongle driver from Origin’s website and installed it before inserting the dongle. This did not occur in 8.5 SR0. The driver installs automatically in 8.5.1.
ORG-982 Some About Origin information did not display When mousing over the lower half of the About Origin dialog, a blank box appeared over the OriginLab contact information. (workaround available)

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1118 DialogBuilder GraphControl does not flicker now when updating. (workaround available) A user used DB's GraphControls in his application in order to show an Origin graph (image graph based on a matrix) in a dialog window. Every time when he changed something in that diagram, the GraphControl flickered while updating. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1373 LT string token methods fail when token is comma and apostrophe characters exist in string. (no workaround) For a string contains backslash character, LT string function GetNumTokens fails to return the exact number of tokens in the string. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1406 PAGE.MAXPTS property disappeared. (workaround available) PAGE.MAXPTS is dropped since Origin 8.1 Sr0, since it's misleading for O80's multiple-sheets window. But due to compatibility we will redirect PAGE.MAXPTS to be layer.maxpts internally instead of dropping it entirely since 8.5.1. PAGE.MAXPTS is obsolete and we recommend to use layer.maxpts instead.
ORG-1409 Changing X, Y, DX and DY properties through script should always trigger Moved or Sized event. (no workaround) User may set object script to run on Moved or Sized event, then they trying to change the X, Y, DX or DY properties of the object. However, the change of these properties may not trigger Moved or Sized event, so the script will not be executed as expected. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1468 Passing reference in Labtalk function failed when there is a return value. In 8.5.0, passing arguments by reference in LabTalk function failed if assign the return value to a variable. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1674 LT function ploy(x, dataset) failed since O8.5.0 In 8.5.0, LT function ploy(x, dataset) failed to return correct value. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1713 Set command referring plot range should not work on worksheet data when graph is not active. Define a range variable refer to a graph, then active workbook, run set command using the range was wrongly refer to the worksheet data. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1716 Define GObject by Range notation failed in some cases. Define graph object failed on several case. For example, suppose the second layer of a graph is not active, then declared object like "GObject myobj=2!Rect;" or "GObject myobj=[%h]2!Rect;" would be failed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1771 Setting Y-Axis-Properties via Format-Tree makes X-Axis change, but not Y-Axis. (workaround available) In OriginC, if not getting the format of the Axis object, then setting Y-Axis properties via ApplyFormat method wrongly made X-Axis change. This h, but not Y-Axis. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1772 Local Loose Dataset support Range Declaration, include subrange indices now. From 8.5.1, range notation is supported for local Loose Dataset. For example,
dataset ds1,ds2; 
range rngld1=[??]!ds1;
range rngld2=[??]!ds2[10:15];
range aa=1!1, bb=2[10:15];

ORG-1773 Gobject.connect need to support object in different page. In previous versions, Gobject.connect only works for objects within the same page. Since 8.5.1, it will be supported in different page.
ORG-1774 Page.Active should work for inactive pages. User declared a range variable refer to a page, then used the range variable to call Page.Active with another page active, but failed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1807 Label -r failed to remove objects by local name defined by GObject. User declared GObject variable to represent graphic objects in a layer, then called label -r to delete the specified object, but failed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-1817 Speed improvement on LabTalk Function with short(2) data type. Speed Comparison When Call abs() Function on 1680109 Rows of Short(2) Data
  • 8.5.1: 2.032 sec
  • 8.5: 14.11 sec
ORG-2085 Tree.Load() method fails due to other tags in XML file. (no workaround) User has an XML file with additional tags, like <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "bar"> which should be ignored by Origin, but tree load simply failed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2111 range.getlayer() did not work for multiple columns range. (no workaround) User declared a range variable refer to multiple columns, then called getlayer() method or del command for the range, but failed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2247 X-Function variable failed to get full content of a string variable with long text. (workaround available) Used a string variable with long text for X-Function variable, Origin could not get the full content. For example, a User was trying to import 342 files, but File Name box on the GUI of import function could only list 97 files. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0
ORG-2250 Exist function fails when [book]sheet used. (workaround available) Suppose there has no Summary sheet in current book, exist([%($)]Summary) was suppose to return 0 but it wrongly returned 2 in 8.5.0. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2288 LT script (changing x1/x2/y1/y2) did not trigger graph object's moved event. (no workaround) User set object script to run on Moved event, then they trying to change the x1, x2, y1, y2 properties of the object. However, the change of these properties may not trigger Moved event, so the script will not be executed as expected. In general, the change of these properties means sizing, not moving. But when a object's alignment is NOT set to None, it should mean Moved as well. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0
ORG-2392 Want LT TreeNode support assignment with StringArray/Raw String. Since 8.5.1, following assignments are supported for StringArray.
Tree mytr;
mytr.a1.SetStrArray({"F", "M"});
StringArray sa = {"F", "M"};

ORG-2470 Dataset<complex>::Attach failed to compile. (no workaround) Dataset::Attach attached a Complex Dataset object to a worksheet column failed to compile. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2493 wks.paste() fails to work properly if string register does not contain tab delimeter. (workaround available) Assigned values to a string register, for example, "%K = AB CD". Then ran "wks.paste(k,1,1)" in Script Window, found that there was no data pasted into target worksheet, and value in %K was cut to be AB. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.
ORG-2519 Parsing error for ^ operator when number is negative (having +- sign). (workaround available) In OriginC, parsed sign number for ^ operator without parenthesis failed to compile. For example, 10^-21 or 10^+3 would fail to compile. This has been fixed in 8.5.1 SR0.

[edit] Matrix

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1478 Origin crashed when using Screen Reader on matrix image When a user imported an image and selected the Screen Reader tool, and then clicked on the image with the tool, Origin crashed. This has been fixed in 8.5.1.
ORG-1577 X and Y labels failed to switch places when transposing a matrix The Set Matrix Dimensions/Labels menu can be used to set Long Name, Units, and Comments for display as labels when plotting a matrix. If a user transposes columns in a matrix, the X and Y labels should switch places. This failed in 8.5 and has been fixed in 8.5.1.
ORG-2127 Large matrix coordinates all looked the same in scientific notation If coordinates displayed in scientific notation, the numbers near the end of the matrix all looked the same. To address this, Origin no longer displays matrix coordinates in scientific notation.

[edit] Project

JIRA Summary Description
ORG-1508 8.5 projects problems after resaving it in Origin 8.1 When an OPJ was saved with new features from Origin 8.5 (e.g., OLE object or gradient fill in graph), then opened and saved in 8.1, and then reopened in 8.5, the new features were gone from the project.
ORG-1644 Projects with text labels greater than ~8kb crashed in Origin 8.5 or earlier (no workaround) Projects containing text labels whose length was greater than ~8 kb crashed upon loading in Origin 8.5 or earlier. This typically happened with projects containing legends in layers with many dataplots.
ORG-1641 The result log of a 7.5 project appeared empty when opened in Origin 8. If a user performed a linear or polynomial fit in 7.5, then saved the project and opened it in 8.5, the result log was empty until the user right-clicked and set a View from the context menu.
Problems with large number of internal Excel files in a project ORG-2248 Origin flashed when opening or saving a project with many internal Excel files. (no workaround)
ORG-2258 Origin crashed or was very slow when opening or saving a project with many internal Excel files. (no workaround)
ORG-2219 Many operations lacked input and output information Origin now provides LabTalk commands for removing such operations:
  • Clean up dangling operations(with empty input or empty output)
    delete -op

  • Delete operation with UID 779 and its outputs
    delete -op 779

  • Set operation with UID 779 to None(delete it) but keep outputs
    run -au 0 779

ORG-1190 Debug_log command gave wrong path to debug log file in German and Japanese OS (no workaround) Messages and paths in debug log files were not localized. For example, in German Origin and German OS, the debug log file was generated under C:\Benutzer\..., while the debug_log command gave C:\Users\...

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-1400 Unnecessary Weight Method dropdown list in Statistics on Rows dialog The Weight Method dropdown list was an unnecessary option for the Statistics on Rows tool, since – unlike the Statistics on Columns tool - this tool had no Weighting Range option under Input Data.
ORG-1666 Statistics on Columns failed due to workbook long name (workaround available) In some projects, Statistics on Columns failed due to the “_” character in the Workbook Long Name.
ORG-1531 Failed to arrange layers for graphs in result sheet Example: User gets statistics on multiple data columns, and chooses to show all histogram plots as multiple layers in a graph cell in the result sheet. User double-clicks the graph cell to open the graph window and rearrange the layers.

In 8.5, after rearranging the layers, the graph was gone from the result sheet. Then, after changing parameters, the layer arrangement was gone. This has been fixed in 8.5.1.

ORG-1535 Empty Extreme Values treenode created when recalculating statistics on columns created in older Origin versions When a user created a Statistics on Columns project in an older version of Origin, then opened it in 8.5 and changed parameters, an empty Extreme Values treenode appeared in the result sheet.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-2568 Origin could not find LabView under Windows 7 64-bit(workaround available) In Windows 7 64-bit, Origin could not find the LabVIEW path when using the Copy Origin Sub-VI to LabVIEW User.lib tool. This did not occur in Windows 7 32-bit.
ORG-1285 Client workspace context menu caused Origin to hang. (no workaround) Origin stopped responding when a user right-clicked in the client workspace and hovered over the File menu item. This has been fixed in 8.5.1.