ReleaseNotes:Bugs Fixed in 9.0 SR2

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[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8009 Axis position saved in Origin 7.5/8/8.1/8.5 failed to be read since Origin 8.5.1 When openning such old files, axis position changes to 0.
ORG-8037 Slow to open Axis dialog when too many datasets in the Tick From Dataset dropdown list. E.g. for some big projects with many datasets to choose from the dropdown list.
ORG-8204 Fail to move the data marker if using data reader tool before select data range
ORG-8214 Label for floating column/bar was wrong E.g. the indexing number was wrong.
ORG-7768 UNICODE characters missing from data labels

[edit] Graph Export

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8349 Text object on the graph skewed in the exported EPS/PDF file when using Remote Desktop When using Origin on remote desktop and export graph, text objects are skewed. The gap between characters changed.
ORG-7302 Under certain circumstances, a Copy Page would cause Origin to hang. If you plotted a Box Chart or Histogram and rescaled either the X or Y axis and attempted a Copy Page, Origin would hang. If you had previously used Copy Page and pasted the Origin Graph Object into another application, that application would be hung as well until the Origin process was terminated.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8017 Between method fails when using decimal-comma notation German related
ORG-8076 Simple Numeric Filter dialog lost the decimal fraction part in German Origin. German related
ORG-7950 Failed to open Simple Numeric Filter dialog when numeric type is not Double. When numeric type of a column isn't double, failed to open numeric filter dialogs.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7355, ORG-7647 Average Multiple Curves bugs. Check Statistics checkboxes when doing Multiple Average Curves opertiona.
  • Bad assocation for Minimum and Maximum results.
  • The min and max were wrong.
  • Averagexf xfunction not working well either.

[edit] Statistics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8078 No initial Bin size, Number of Bins, Begin and End values for histogram plot in Normality test The problem started in 9.0 sr1.
ORG-7776 Scatter Matrix does not correctly handle missing values when there are grouping range. Check Exclude Missing Value Listwise, they still show in graph.
ORG-8265 Correlation Coefficient fails to filter out text colmuns

[edit] Interface

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8320 Save Project As should be enabled regardless of active window. From user forum -

Support saving empty projects only with folder structures and no windows.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3345 Data deleted upon saving OPJ file Related to Box chart.
ORG-8052 I/O reads of Origin kept on increasing Launched Origin and then opened Task Manager. I/O Read number kept on increasing. It actually doesn't do harm to hard-disk. But we fixed the numbers so it will be small and will not keep on increasing drastically.
ORG-8174 Make COM examples work on 64-bit systems Keys inside typelib entry may be incorrect if there's more than one Origin installed, which makes the examples broken.

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8286 GetN Multi Selection Box failed to unselect all from Code
ORG-8061 Origin crashes when using range:// links to navigate to books in other folders. E.g. in some worksheet cells enter range://[Book2] and support Book2 is in a different folder. Origin will crash eventually.
ORG-7914 Folder constructor fails due to umlaut characters in file name. German related
ORG-8169 GetNBox failed to list long string From forum post -
ORG-8170 AddSubfolder failed to add backslash E.g.
Folder fld = Project.RootFolder;
Folder fldsub1 = fld.AddSubfolder("Sub\\test");

ORG-7970 No way to execute next line automaticallys after closing dialog opened by nlpara. nlend 1 1 failed to run till 9.0 sr2.
fname$=system.path.program$ + "Samples\Curve Fitting\Exponential Growth.dat"; // prepare data
string strData$ = %(%H,$(wks.ncols)); // Remember the name of the added column
range fitx=1, fity=3;
plotxy (1,2);
nlbegin 1 ExpGrow1 tt;      // initialize fitting session for the first plot using ExpGrow1 function
tt.x0=0;tt.f_x0=1;          // first fix the x0 value at that initial date
tt.y0=0;tt.f_y0=1;          // also fix y0 
//We changed(added) the next line from your Original script.
nlpara;         //dialog open
//We want to execute next line automatically when we click “OK” on the dialog.
nlend 1 1;

ORG-4270 PE_ X-Functions should handle \ and / notation properly In Origin 8.6Sr0, we made a wrong change so that "\" and "/" were treated the same. But as "\" is a valid character for folder name, the behavior is rolled back in 9.0Sr2, so script like "pe_mkdir \test\this;" should create a single folder named with "\test\this".

[edit] Installation

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-8065 Origin installer should support greater than 2 terabyte disk space.