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[[Category:Origin 9.0 SR1 Release Notes]] [[Category:Origin 9.0 SR1 Release Notes]]
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JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7367 Slowness in redrawing graph windows Improved in 9.0 sr1.
  • Redraw graph window is slower than before. E.g. when activate a folder with many graphs in Project Explorer.
  • Open an opj with many windows in active folder is slow too.
ORG-7399 Change X or Change Y shortcut way to modify plot doesn't move label and error bars to new points. If there is error bars or labels associated with plot, when using Context menu to change X or Y data, the error bar and label failed move to new position.
ORG-7417 Polar graph: Default Angular range should consider angles of negative radius. When plot Polar therta (X) r(Y) graph, the deafault angular range will include the angle where negative radius will show.
ORG-7383 Set Time scale in Axis dialog failed to work. Setting From, To and Increment of Time Axis failed to work.
ORG-5779 Merge Graph Window dialog failed to exclude 3D OpenGL graphs. We don't support multiple layers in 3D openGL Graphs. So we don't support merging 3D Graphs.

But in 9.0 sr0, when calculating the arrangement of merged graphs, 3D OpenGL graphs were included. They are excluded in calculating now in 9.0 sr1.

ORG-7576 Origin crashed when enable axis break for plots without x column. E.g. Histogram. Data plotted against row number instead of X column.
ORG-7628 Changed Waterfall template default to Clip data to frame When plotting waterfall graphs with data from different worksheet and then chane Axis range to be smaller. The plot can go beyond axis frame. The default template is modified to have Clip data to Frame checked.
ORG-7541 Layer Contents dialog: Failed to add another data into Box chart. It was added as line plot in 9.0 sr1.
ORG-7530 Layer Contents dialog: Adding Data Plot second time changes plot type When using layer contents to remove and add data to graph using auto plot type (A), newly added data doesn't use the current plot type.
ORG-330 Linked layer with straight axis link should link increment as well Right now changing parent layer inc will be reflected into child layer, but the reverse is not working. In SR0 we fix the problem for linked layer
ORG-7501 Origin crashed when creating certain ternary contour plot Origin will crash when some row's sum of X+Y+Z equals 0.

3D Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6025 Clipped 3D Surface with Side Walls showed walls from unclipped surface
ORG-7258 Side Walls Draw wrongly when there is missing values on edge of matrix
ORG-7239 New 3D Axis dialog failed to show Double Log Reciprocal scale type
ORG-7156 Opposite axes failed to use same tick settings. Though Use Same Options (for oppostite Axes, e.g. Top and Bottom) checkbox is checked, ticks setting failed to be the same.

Categorical Data related

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7301 Some symbol runs into others in Enhanced Legend. Symbols in Enhanced legend may run into each other, e.g. Circle and Triangles.
ORG-7301 Enhanced legend failed to show if data is organized as X XErr Y user plotted scatter graph with X Error column selected.
ORG-7436 Enhanced legend failed update after changing data in Categorical Data column After plotting graph and set some properties, e.g. symbol color to index from categorical data. Add Enhanced Legend in the graph. If user then goes to worksheet to change some categorical data and then click Graph window to activated it. Enhanced legend doesn't have any change.
  • Now it updates with some changes. But user still needs to choose Enhanced Legend context menu again to update it.

Text Labels in Graph

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7304 Ctrl+H hot key not showing next to Insert Info Variable Context menu The hotkey works but not showing next to Insert Info. Variable context menu of text in in-place editmode.
  • E.g. Add a Text Label in Graph window, double click it to go into in-place edit mode. Right click in the edit box, there is no Ctrl+H hotkey showing next to Insert Info Variable context menu. Added back now.
ORG-7426 No vertical space between upper bar and text label in graph. User can use \ab(Hello, there will be bar above me) to add upper bar above the text label in Graph. Sometimes there is no space between the bar and text label.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7277 ImpExcel Script accessing hidden workbook fails in 8.6 and later Suppose there is such xls file under D:\. The following script worked till 8.5.1.
  • No such problem if Use Excel COM Component to import.
newbook name:="Distributor" hidden:=1 option:=lsname;
int nRows = 0;
win -o Distributor
	impExcel excel:=0 lname:=1 desig:=None options.names.FNameToBk:=0;

ORG-2378, ORG-4266 HDF5 import speed is much slower since Origin 8.6.



JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7256 Parameter Bounds Setting set in Function Organizer is not correctly applied to NLFit theme E.g. if user has NLFit theme saved in NLFit dialog. But later updated Parameter bounds of the function in Function Organizer. When load NLFit theme, the parameter bounds failed to be applied. Existed since 8.0 sr6.
ORG-6877 Correctly datasets support in Compare Datasets tool
  • Correct Compare Dataset result for Nonlinear Surface Fit.
  • Correct Compare Dataset result for special fit tool, like Exponential Fit, Single Peak Fit, Sigmoidal Fit.
  • Disable Compare Dataset for Independent Fit - Consolidated Report, Global Fit or Concatenate Fit for several datasets.
  • Disable Compare Dataset for Multiple Variables function.
  • Disable Compare Dataset for Nonlinear Matrix Fit.
ORG-7362 Compare Dataset: Replica setting in NLFit failed to be taken into account. We still don't support Compare Dataset for PA and Quick Peaks gadget fit.
ORG-7261 NLFit Parameter Initialization should not always needs to be Origin C In previous Origin versions, one can only initialize fitting parameters with Origin C code. Since Origin 9.0 SR1, it is also supported to use LabTalk script to initialize parameters.

Data Manipulation

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7324 Reduce Duplicate X Data: Categorical Data failed to show output Suppose X data is categorical and do Analysis: Data Manipulation: Reduce Duplicate X Data. 1, 2, etc. shows in output X column instead of real categorical data.
ORG-7357 Worksheet: Remove Duplicate Rows tool should trim the worksheet to remove all those empty rows at the end of data This only happens when the output worksheet is set to <input> to replace the source worksheet.
ORG-4009 Failed to convert locked column's format. If a column has a lock e.g. with Set Column value formula, user failed to change the column's format in the past. Changed in 9.0 sr1 so if the format change will not change data value, it will be allowed.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7434 Vertical curor gives wrong output with log10 Y scale If Y axis is in log10 scale, Vertical Cursor failed to give correct output.
ORG-7447 Quick Peaks gadget: Shade areas draw wrong when change data in stacked lines with Y offset graphs. Before the fix, the shade for integration always drew to baseline without stack offset.

Implicit Fit

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7264 Input data selection is wrong in Implicit fit when data has XErr and come from graph


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7591 Origin crashed when saving Workbook or project as analysis template If there are cell links in column label rows, when saving the worksheet or project as analysis template, Origin crashed.


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7311 LT Get Command fails to work for special point when executing from Script window in O90 sr0. Run the following Script in Script window, Error message "Undefined variable: AA" dumps to Message Log.
col(1) = data(1, 10);
col(2) = col(1);
plotxy iy:=(1,2) plot:=201;
set %C 3 -c 3;
get %C 3 -c aa;

Open LabTalk Variables and Functions dialog. The Data Type of aa is String.

ORG-7433 Save command within doc -e P loop repeated infinitely. Create two graph windows and then run the following code. Origin runs into infinite loop.
doc -e P {save -i %Y%($);}

ORG-7531 Define a range variables to a non-existing range is problematic and leaded to crash
//new a wks and run scripts below
range aa=4; // It refers to 4th column but there are only 2 columns in workbook
del aa; 
//==> Origin crashes


JIRA Summary Details
ORG-7302 Origin hangs/crashes after leaving Origin in background for more than 30 min. E.g. User does statistics on Columns in Origin. Then go to another application, and not using Origin for 30 minutes. When returning to Origin and then do statistics, no result sheet is created and Origin eventually crashes.
ORG-1279 Dialog Display Problems in Chinese OS. Some dialog does not display well in Chinese OS.