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!width=340|Details !width=340|Details
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-| <span style="color:red">'''ORG-5536'''</span>+| <span style="color:red">'''ORG-536'''</span>
| Failed to paste large data from Excel2007 (or on) to Origin. | Failed to paste large data from Excel2007 (or on) to Origin.
| |

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[edit] Top Bug Fixes

  1. ORG-3345 Plot Box chart would delete some source data.
  2. ORG-536 Failed to paste large data from Excel2007 (or on) to Origin.
  3. ORG-4042 Flickering issues in Origin

[edit] Useful Links

[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3345 Plot Box chart would delete some source data Plot Box chart after some complex manipulation would delete some source data
ORG-4893 Wrong template for PP plot in template library Select PPExp, PPLog or PPWeibull would just open dialog iwth distribution as Normal, but not the corresponding type
ORG-5673 Add long label with substitution from Labtalk make Origin crash Run LabTALK Command label -s -n LTLongname longtext make Origin crash
ORG-5864 CTRL+Scale(Zoom)-In Enlarged graph failed to retain the original legend CTRL+Scale-In to pop up an enlarged graph window. Only first dataset shows in legend. Fixed now so it shows the same legend as original graph.
ORG-6710 Too many special points can lead to wrong setting. E.g. some wrong color is used in plot. We had an internal limit of 40 special points. We have increased the upper limit to 99 in Origin 9.0.
ORG-1040 Plot with transparency effect disappears if source dataset is large Now set the default value of @lps to a smaller one like 16000 to show the transparency effect for large data.

[edit] Plot Setup Dialog

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5498 X column check status not kept after choosing other layer After assigning columns to a layer, then when you choose other empty layers, X column is not checked automatically in 8.6.
ORG-3182 Failure to plot Color Mapped Scatter graph, Replacing in Plot Setup dialog work either.
ORG-5153 Failed to keep data range selection when replacing plot with other data. E.g. Plot column B and set range to be e.g. 10:20. When replacing plot with column C, the range isn't kept. Broken since Origin 7.5.

[edit] Axis Relate Issues

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5093 Box Chart: Distribution line problem when Y axis is log scale. In Box chart, if Y axis is log scale, some weird lines show at the end of distribution line.
ORG-5838 Tick from Dataset is broken for certain data with Log Scale
ORG-7132 Update Scale in Axis dialog in time when Divide by Factor is set From and To values on Scale tab not showing correctly after set Divide by Factor.

[edit] Column/Bar plots

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6574 Error bar is not correctly handled in for grouped columned graph Suppose user has X Y YError columns in worksheet. Ctrl select several ranges of XYYError columns and plot Column graph. Error bars are not located in coresponding columns.
ORG-4883 Error Bars on a Column Plot are set to Auto Color but they are always black
ORG-4655 Eror bars on a grouped column plot with log scale X axis are not plotted correctly
ORG-4625 Faile to show zero for 2D columns/bars whose value is 0 If user had 0 in Y data, and plotted 2d column/bar graph. Then add label to the plot. No labels show for those 0 values. Fixed in 9.0.
ORG-5429 Graph Refresh Issues for column plot with Indpendent Edit Mode When Edit Mode is Independent for a group of column/bar plots, changing spacing failed to be applied to data other than first data.
ORG-5859 Offset column/bars across layers should ignore non-column/bar type plots Several column plots did not placed evenly on the ticks when plot the cluster of bars with offset across layers.

[edit] Data Manipulation

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6806 Unstack column recalculation fails if the unstacked output is in different folder from source data If the result worksheet of Unstack Column operation is moved to another folder. When changing parameters, the operation would be broken. Fixed in 9.0.
ORG-4593 The annotation auto change when customize the line/scatter in Plot Details
ORG-4868 Hide "Delete Empty Columns after Worksheet Transpose" in Tools:Options dialog This option is added in the Worksheet Transpose dialog. So no need to show in Tools: Options dialog.
ORG-5067 Get "Device Context Error" when Zoon In graph with Data Reader tool active Try to Zoom in with Data Reader on a graph, an error message would pops up saying "Device Context Error. May be out of system resource."
ORG-5478 Moving data points of partial range will reset range to full if terminate with Esc or clicking Pointer Tool

[edit] Set Column/Matrix Values

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3253 Set Column Values failed to consider subrange notation in before formula script Suppose Before Formula Script is range r1=[book1]"Sheet1"!Col(A)[4:8]; and user enter r1 as Formula, whol col A was put in column.
ORG-4829 Mask notation <> using index i failed to work in Set Column Values.
  • New a workbook, and fill row number in col(A).
  • Highlight col(B) to open Set Column Values dialog.
  • Enter "col(A)" in formula box. Click OK.
  • All filled with missing value except the first cell.
ORG-4843 Range variable with [i, j] index in Set Values tool for matrix failed to compute cell values
  • In Set Matrix value dialog, set Before Formula Script: range m=[ MBook1 ]Msheet1!1;
  • Set Cell(I,j) formula to be m[ i, j ]

( Only the cell(1,1) was filled.

ORG-5198 Can't get the right result with math funciton in matrix book This problem also exists in all OC-based functions (usually in internal.c), like acot( x ), csc( x ), secant( x ), asec( x ), acsch( x ), degrees( x ) etc. E.g.
  • New a matrix book.
  • Open set matrix value dialog box.Enter cell(i,j)=cot( x )
  • All the cells was filled in 0.64209.
ORG-5566 Failed to define partial range in SCV if Insert Mode is Sheet/Column Index
  • Select menu Variables: Insert Range Variable to open Range Browser.
  • Choose Sheet/Column Index as Insert Mode.
  • Add col(A) to bottom panel, click the ... button to open Range dialog, specify From 4 To 12.
  • Click OK to return Set Values dialog.
  • "range r1 = Col(1);" was filled to Before Formula Scripts box, but it should be "range r1 = Col(1)[4:12];"
ORG-6739 Range did not update when calling function with scalar output in Set Column Values.
  • E.g. Set col(B)'s value as mean(col(A)). Then enter values in new rows in col(A). Col(B) doesn't update.
mean(col(A)) produce a scalar value. Assigning scalar value to column will not change its upper bound. Only assigning by vector will do. Workaround is provided.
  • Workaround 1: Add wcol(_ThisColNum)=col(A) in Before Formula Scripts.
  • Workaround 2: Set formula as ds. Add the following in Before Formula Scripts.
range rr = col(A);
dataset ds;
ds = mean(rr);

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Non Linear Curve Fit

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4568 Derived Parameter made by using Change Parameters are not updated in parameter table in Graph Plot a graph and then do an NLFit on graph. Then use Change Parameter... to enter a Derived Parameter. After fit, param table is not nicely updated, even after manual refresh.
ORG-5829 NLFit: Data plot and Fit Curve disappear when fit multiple curves in different panel. If plot multi-panel graph and then do curve fit, not all data plot and fitted curve disappears on some panel.
ORG-5473 "Same as Input Data" option is missing in Matrix Fit if there is missing value in the matrix Note: If there is no missing value in matrix, no such problem.
ORG-5141 Origin crashes when change parameters if fit with LabTalk Based Y-Script function If using a fitting function which is defined by LabTalk baselined Y-Script function. Then trying to Change Parameter, Origin crashes.
ORG-4719 Input Data in NLFit dialog is empty when Short Name of column is numeric If shortname of column is numeric, e.g. 1, 2 and try to do NLFit, the input data is empty.
ORG-4735 Fit button failed to be activated after some settings are changed in NLFit dialog. E.g.
  • Confidence Level for Parameters
  • Use Reduced Chi-Sqr
  • Parameter's CI Computation Method
ORG-4357 ExpDec1 function's parameters are different from the formula tab In NLFit's dialog, ExpDec1's parameters are y0, A1 and t1, while in Formula tab, they are y0, A, t. Now, A1 and t1 are used in all places.
ORG-5341 Run-time error for nlfit multi-peaks using window search method Do concatenate fit of multiple data, number of replica is not 0, and peak finding method is Window Search, result sheet was blank and general operation failure showed in Messages log. Runtime error may happen too.
ORG-3911 "Concatenate Fit" fails to Use Source Graph Scale Type to generate X Data for Fitted Curve If X axis is log scale and user does concatenate fit, the fitted curve was in linear scale instead of log scale.
ORG-6790 Matching Result sheet failed to be found in Fitl Comparison tool. Compare Models does not detect fit result sheets since Input Data expressions were not the same.
ORG-242 When source grouped plots have offset, the output curves of fitting tools can now follow the proper offset.

[edit] Signal Processing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6167 Output size is not correct for Wavelet's Reconstruction Output size should follow wavelet formula

[edit] Mathematics

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5135 The Regular version of Origin failed to compute pseudoinverse matrix for a non-full rank matrix.

[edit] ImageProcessing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6654 Crash when convert image to data with output matrix to be new matrix object in same sheet. E.g. run the following code led to crash in the past.
impImage fname:=system.path.program$+"Samples\Image Processing and Analysis\car.bmp";
imgC2gray -r 0;
img2m -r 2 om:=[<input>]<input>!<new>;

[edit] Gadgets

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4487 Intersect Gadget Finds wrong intersection when X Axis in Log scale When X is in log scale, the initial position of gadget was not be good and found intersections were wrong.
ORG-4958, ORG-5054, ORG-6183, ORG-6519, ORG-7008 Integrate Gadget issues "Fix x to Scale" option in Straight Line baseline mode is not working correctly
  • Baseline was wrong when using masked data or non-monotonic data
  • Faied to handle Baseline other than straight line properly.
  • Failed to use existing data as baseline if baseline data has different X values.
  • Baseline connection was wrong if Baseline Mode is 2nd Derivative and x is descending.
  • Runtime error with large magnitude X Values
ORG-6662, ORG-6223 Quick Peak Issues
  • Integration area still draws to baseline even after subtracting baseline.
  • Crash problem in 6.4 bit Origin.

[edit] Importing

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-5545 First column is set to Y if importing ascii data to new workbook instead of active worksheet In ASCII import dialog, select <new> as Output. The first column's type was set to Y. Fixed in 9.0
ORG-4943 Ascii import failed to import csv file less than 5 rows If data rows of a CSV file less than 5, Import Wizard and Import Single ASCII fail to import it.

[edit] Exporting

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-3288 Extra White Frame when Export EPS Files if Windows Display Settings has been changed In Windows Control Panel, change Display Setting for font size from Smaller - 100% into Larger - 150%. Then export a graph as EPS file with Margin Control as Tight, will see that there has wide white frame in the exported file.

[edit] Working with Excel

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-536 Failed to paste large data from Excel2007 (or on) to Origin.
  • Failed to paste more than 256 data columns from Excel to Origin.
  • Failed to paste values in the 257th column or greater from Excel to Origin.
  • Failed to paste more than 65536 rows From Excel to Origin.
  • Failed to paste values in the 65536th row or greater from Excel to Origin

[edit] Programming

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-6446 col(2)=col(1) very slow if source is T&N and Destination is Numeric but not double(8) preset col(2) to be Numeric Long. It's slow.

ORG-5707 Import X-Functions with empty description cannot be added to menu
ORG-5551 Spelling mistake in tail value of kstest2 xfunction: lowel should be lower. Command error when running the following code in build before 9.0.
win -z;
impasc fname:=system.path.program$+"samples\statistics\colorectalcarcinoma.dat";
kstest2 irng:=(2,1) tail:=lower;

ORG-5496 out_complex will be crash in 64 bits version
ORG-5477 StringArray Append method without specifying delimiter produces Run Time Error

Origin 8.6 maybe crash when run script like

sa.Append("New York");

After fixed in 9.0, white space will be used if no delimter is specified.

ORG-5471 Run script which ends with "\" in Command Window cause Runtime error. Run following script in Command Window will give "general operation failure" dumps to Message Log.
string fpath$ = system.path.program$+"Samples\Curve Fitting\";

ORG-5328 LT Token function problems.
  • Failed to return correct result. "Token("a,b,c",1,44)$=;" returned "a,b,c", but it should be "a".
  • Failed to use character as Delimiter. E.g. "Token("a#b#c",1,'#')$=; " returned"a#b#c", but it should be "a".
ORG-5306 Dataset::Create failed for all data type except double
ORG-5242 Page.orientation= failed for Workbook/Matrixbook/Graph. Page.orientation will apply to active sheet if workbook or matrix book is active. It will apply page directly if graph window active.
  • 0 for auto (only for workbook and matrix book)
  • 1 for portrait
  • 2 for landscape
ORG-5200 LT GetN dialog failed to show more than 10 entries using string variable Following script shows the problem
int nload = 7; 
string sdesign$ = ""; 
loop (ii, 1, nload) 
sdesign$+="(Load $(ii) (kg)) extload$(ii) "; 
loop (ii, 1, nload) 
sdesign$+="(Jump Height $(ii) (cm)) height$(ii) "; 
getn %(sdesign$) Parameters;

ORG-5140 Incorrect result for comparison between numeric and string in LabTalk script Script like "type $("S"<0.5?1:0);" will return 1, which looks not reasonable. But in order to keep the old behavior, Origin 9.0 add a new new System Variable @RTM(default is 0) to control it. When @RTM = 1, the script will return 0.
ORG-4998 Code builder focus lost when autosave. Each time Origin performs autosave while user working in code builder, focus is lost and Origin workspace shows.
ORG-4867 Property of graph object failed to be set while looping over all graphs. When user execute script like following for all graphs in probject, object property of of invisible graphs failed to be set.
doc -e P {
	if (page.isembedded==0) {
		GObject YAxisTitle = yl;

ORG-3491 layer -y produce a waterfall effect failed to work One plot disappear when execute layer -y command
col(1) = data(1, 32);
col(2) = col(1); col(3) = col(1); col(4) = col(1);
plotxy (1,2:4);
layer -y 0,40;

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4042, ORG-4177, ORG-4443, ORG-4173 Flickering issues in Origin
  • Window flickers frequently when resizing
  • Thumbnail of matrix flickers frequently when resizing
  • Layout Window flickers frequently when resizing
  • Some dialogs flicker when resizing, especially diaglos with splitter.
  • PA Wizard dialog flickers too much when resizing
  • Preview graph window keeps flickering during resizing
  • Flicking/Flashing when zoom/rescale in layer
ORG-4657, ORG-2303 Better resize behavior for muti panel dialogs
  • Set Values dialog
  • Plot Setup dialog
  • Layer Contents dialog
  • Find and Replace dialog
ORG-4508 Plot Setup opens too slowly if worksheet has many columns
ORG-4892 Failed to see fdf files shared by Group folder sharing. After publishing fdf file, it fails to show in group member's Function organizer.

[edit] Japanese Version Issues

JIRA Summary Details
ORG-4434 failed to edit range in Plot Setup dialog.
ORG-5251 keyword <long name> of graph can not be recognised for exported graph with command in J Origin. long name.eps was exported to the user file folder. (It should be graph1.eps). Fixed in 9.0.
  • New create a graph
  • Export the graph with command "expGraph filename:=<long name>"