ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in SR6

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[edit] Licensing

  • Concurrent license triggers anticrack effects on Solaris. ID=13548
  • Computer ID changing when Patching to SR5. ID=13575

[edit] Analysis

[edit] General

  • Regional Data Selector shouldn't produce single-point range. ID=13585
  • External linked Excel Data Changed does not trigger Recalculate. ID = 13647
  • For all recalculate operations which have column output with comments, the graph needs a window refresh to update the legend text . ID=13591
  • Wrong error checking for Sparse conversion in XYZ Gridding is fixed. ID = 12990

[edit] Data Exploration

  • If one zooms in a raw data range after using Quick FFT, then the result Quick FFT window becomes out of sync with the yellow ROI. ID = 13975

[edit] Fitting

  • Fit twice for one graph, new pasted table should not replace old one. ID=11726
  • When Fit From Matrix, Should forbid Set output fitted curves to existing sheet. ID=13480
  • Fit Comparison dialog fails after a comparison result is done. ID=13638
  • Fit Comparison's Models flipped, incorrect information inside report. ID=13639
  • Global fit with weight data give wrong results. ID = 13870

[edit] Signal Processing

  • FFT dialog does not pickup interval in situations where X is to the right. ID=13728
  • 2DFFT should set output matrix coordinates to frequency values. ID=14034

[edit] Peaks and Baseline

  • The symbol for Peak Center in Legend is missing after Recalculate.
  • When Fit Multiple Peaks is performed, the type of peak function (Gauss or Lorentz) is not shown in the fit result sheet. ID = 13805

[edit] Statistics

  • Two way ANOVA should not require input data to be balanced designed ID = 12682
  • Origin freezes up for a minute after performing statistics on rows on large data. ID = 13835

[edit] Graphing

[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Error bars don't get offset correctly with a Stack Lines by Y Offsets plot. ID=13484
  • Creating a new empty workbook messes up an existing graph. ID=13764
  • Extract to Layers as 2x2 results in odd plot arrangement. ID=13820
  • Template Library Delete context menu does not delete file. ID= 11779
  • Default new plot axis increment lead to too few major ticks since SR5. ID=13925
  • Template Library Delete context menu does not delete file. ID = 11779
  • HH:mm time tick labels screwed up. ID = 13621

[edit] OLE

  • PPT linking of graphs fails when all files copied to new folder and link updated. ID=13707
  • Axes titles keep on shifting when using Ctrl+J/Copy Page. ID=14016

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

  • XF LT new book from output range should allow long name ID = 13504
  • LT string comparison should not care if quoted when wildcard is used ID = 13502
  • (?,1:end)[5:10] notation does not work. ID=13564
  • LT: min(), max() functions broken. ID=13578
  • Line breaks gets lost in labtalk command. ID=13729
  • '[' can not be remove from string with remove command. ID=13572
  • LT file dialog needs to allow start path. ID=13629
  • Left and Right string functions should conform to standard. ID=13501
  • col(1)={1:0.1:2} lost the last point in 8.0. ID=13643
  • exist function return 1 if range is not exist. ID = 13523
  • Use string registers %Y as an X-function argument will command error if path in %y contain space. ID = 13625
  • Dataset declaration with multiple will added to local scope.ID = 13628
  • nlayers access on range variable always return value from active window. ID = 13616
  • range -w from a graph when the dataplot does not exist causes origin crash. ID = 13963
  • nLayers access on range varible return value from active window. ID = 13616
  • LT draw -l command adding temp datasets that are not released. ID=13695

[edit] Origin C

  • All strings became uppercase in some OC and LT functions, such as addcol() . ID=13592
  • Import code in SR4 does not work in SR5. ID=13594
  • AddSubFolder cause Origin crash if folder name include irregular character. ID=13929

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] File Loading/Saving

  • Open OGW saving will alter OPJ save path. ID = 13517

[edit] Developer Kit

  • Failure to open PA dialog when Origin 8 Regular install Dev Kit. ID = 13510

[edit] Group Folder Sharing

  • Client cannot change server address with server changing automatically. ID=13509

[edit] Worksheet

  • Sparkline turned to line+symbol after reopen opj - beta_forum. ID = 13555
  • Set a column format to Time and undo causes crash. ID = 13731
  • Plot from Excel, fails to assign the names to axes titles if there are label rows for X, Y names. ID = 13788
  • Cannot eneter data in the custom parameter column headers in some opjs. ID=13689.

[edit] Excel

  • Data plot range does not update when more data added to Excel. ID = 13688
  • External linked Excel Data Changed does not trigger Recalculate. ID = 13647

[edit] Import

  • Open -w filename have diff behaviour of rename for 8.0 and 7.5. ID=13376

[edit] German Specific

  • Add Bottom-X Left-Y Layer failed to work in German Origin8sr5. ID=13564
  • Crash when change data range in Change Parameters dialog in GOrigin. ID=13597

[edit] Japanese Specific

  • In J, open Peak Analyzer, and click triangle button for theme. The top selection Save As <Default> is translated as Load <Default> by mistake.