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[edit] Index

  1. Analysis
  2. Graph Export
  3. Graph
  4. Import
  5. Programming
  6. Matrix
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Worksheet
  9. Excel
  10. Com

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Fitting


[edit] General

  • Fixed bad naming for output columns from operations. ID=11867 (SR5)
  • X's values are altered when there are missing values. ID=12356 (SR5)
  • Wrong column is used when selecting existing column from flyout menu if same Long Name and Short Name exist. ID=12642 (SR5)
  • Failure to establish autoupdate when output X shares the same as input X without keyword <input> ID = 12630. (SR5)
  • Fixed header assignments after statistics on rows -Beta_forum. ID = 12480. (SR5)
  • Reportsheet in OPJ created in SR0/1 lose some branches or shows incorrectly when opened in SR4. ID = 12560. (SR5)
  • Delete Recalculate does not clean up result sheet (for multiple tables case). ID = 12839. (SR5)
  • Recalculate did not work when input is range while output is worksheet. ID = 12501. (SR5)
  • Replica branch's position in NLFit changed in SR2 and made SR1/SR0 project recalculate broken. ID = 12538. (SR5)
  • Failure to simulate curves evenly spaced on log scale -beta_forum. ID = 12564. (SR5)

[edit] Nonlinear Curve Fit

  • NLSF automatically add legend after fit even though there is no legend in souce graph. ID = 12539. (SR5)
  • Fixed X axis of fitted curve plot does not rescale in result sheet. ID = 11986. (SR5)

[edit] Polynomial Fit/Linear Fit/ Multiple Regression Fit

  • Polynomial Fit: Polynomial Fit generated improper results of Confidence and Prediction Bands for large magnitude data. ID = 13173.(SR5)

[edit] Signal Processing


  • Smoothing: Output wrong when there is missing value in data. ID = 12319. (SR5)
  • FFT_Filter: X axis tick labels in preview are wrong for some data. ID = 12373. (SR5)
  • FFT Filter: Doing FFT Filter in a zoomed graph, the graph always rescales. (SR5)
  • FFT Filter: Failure to support not strictly even data. ID = 13429 (SR5)
  • FFT Filter: Improved speed when input is large data. ID=12246 (SR5)

[edit] Fit Multiple Peaks

  • Fit Multi-Peaks Multipeak fit should not care about monotonicity. ID = 11302. (SR5)

[edit] Statistics


  • Fixed Tick labels of Y axis in Means comparison plots problem. ID = 10736 (SR5)
  • Frequency Counts supports user supplied bin vector. ID = 12735 (SR5)

[edit] Graph Export


  • Focus of cell shows in worksheet's exported pdf file. ID = 12656. (SR5)

[edit] Graph


[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Wrong tick label type when certain plots made-beta_forum. ID = 12461. (SR5)
  • Cannot plot multiple curves from Excel where XY order is reversed. ID = 6733. (SR5)
  • Labels from Excel do not update when project is opened. ID = 10125. (SR5)
  • Show all Data Plot does not show data points if there is error bar. ID = 12102. (SR5)
  • Drag & drop to add a scatter plot, with Yerr data, Y data is missing ID = 12739 (SR5)
  • Failed to drag XError, Y Error column into a graph ID=4486 (SR5)
  • Tick label type problems making data disappear. ID = #12474 (SR5)
  • Missing values are treated as 0 in stack lines by Y offsets if column format is numeric.ID = 13430 (SR5)

[edit] Statistics Graphs

  • Box Chart fails when Refreshed (Rescaled or Print Previewed). ID = 12428. (SR5)

[edit] Contour Graphs

  • Need refresh polar contour drawn from excel in old OPJ. ID = 12424. (SR5)
  • Wrong Z Value in contour profiles plot. ID = 12620. (SR5)

[edit] Graph Customization

  • Setting cell value in column formatted as Text & NumerFic lose leading zeros (SR5)
  • Origin was locked when pops up Reminder Message about Speed Mode. ID = 11919. (SR5)
  • OEM Customer Issues in trying to move to Origin 8. ID = 12381. (SR5)
  • Preview in Layer Management should set the same page orientation as source graph. ID = 12464. (SR5)
  • Number of Major Ticks is incorrect when the # of Major Ticks is specified. ID = 7535. (SR5)
  • Plot failed to correctly rescale when editting Time type of tick labels. ID = 12211. (SR5)
  • Support more format for custom legend in Origin.ini. ID = 12269. (SR5)
  • Data markers position changes when move the range in zoomed mode. ID = 12586. (SR5)
  • Not easy to select a text label. ID = 12936. (SR5)
  • Solid interior showing is correct now which is set by advanced legend.ID = 13235.(SR5)

[edit] Plot Setup

  • Designation selection can not be kept when switch diff modes in Plot Setup -Beta_forum. ID = 12369. (SR5)
  • Plot Setup forgets the X Error Bar checkboxes although is was used last time ID = 12437 (SR5)
  • Plot type such as Stack Area can't be kept when using replace button in Plot Setup. ID = 12738 (SR5)

[edit] Plot Detail

  • Improvements needed for Log Scale in Setting Levels for a Contour plot. ID = 12837. (SR5)
  • Floating Column plot color map bug. ID = 7480. (SR5)
  • Plot Details Group Tab Increment Column need indication to click. ID = 13226. (SR5)

[edit] Graph Template

  • Custom plot templates could not appear by name in Recent Plot menu, but Template Library. ID = 12749. (SR5)

[edit] Import


  • Can't type numbers to count column in Data Patten page of Import Wizard. ID = 12260. (SR5)

[edit] Import Excel

  • Fixed redundat box when loading theme in import Excel dialog. ID = 12435. (SR5)

[edit] Import Third Party Files

  • Failed to show info icon on header in SPC import if there is no sampling interval. ID = 12811. (SR5)
  • Failed to get negative start time value in pClamp Import. ID = 12413. (SR5)

[edit] Import ASCII

  • Fixed the bug about Append Rows option of impasc XF destroys Date information. ID = 12315. (SR5)
  • One column ascii data with comma numeric separator failed to be imported -Beta_forum . ID = 13008. (SR5)

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk


  • LT. destination col should auto create for all cases - beta_forum. ID = 12529. (SR5)
  • Copy -b not creating destination if not existed- beta_forum. ID-12514 (SR5)
  • XYRange should resolve LT col range variables. ID = 12457. (SR5)
  • Need show error when pass wrong value to XF. ID = 12712. (SR5)
  • doc -e s {} will updating %C properly for range variable. ID = 12872.(SR5)
  • Fixed bug Legend with lots of text crashes Origin. ID = 11472. (SR5)
  • Worksheet cell edit mode arrow keys no longer works-beta_forum. ID = 13089. (SR5)
  • New graph name should not enum from plotxy-beta_forum. ID = 13238. (SR5)
  • Plotxy p:=206 failed, box chart plotting from LT - beta_forum. ID = 13244. (SR5)
  • LT: exist() failed to correctly check existing sheet/dataset - beta_forum ID = 12913. (SR5)
  • New column that is created by colcopy xfunction will not be set name to Destination Column. ID = 13340 (SR5)
  • %C return empty when no dataset is active.ID = 12911 (SR5)

[edit] Origin C


  • Fixed bug about Setting cell value in column formatted as Text & Numeric lose leading zeros. ID = 12404. (SR5)

[edit] XFunction


  • Fixed XF command line arg failed if "has : inside" -Beta_forum. ID = 12340. (SR5)

[edit] Matrix


  • Fixed Image info like bits and color in matrix window were changed after saving project -Beta_forum . ID = 12478. (SR5)

[edit] XYZ Gridding

  • XYZ gridding of regular data with different number of X and Y broken in sr4 ID=12341 (SR5)
  • XYZ gridding theme not working correctly ID=13035 (SR5)

[edit] Image Processing


  • Crash when openning imgReplaceBg DB with converted gray image activated. ID = 12387 (SR5)
  • Converting image matrix to data should set coordinates to pixel size ID = 13032 (SR5)

[edit] Miscellaneous


  • "Singe Peak Fit.xls" and "Analysis Template.xls" in Samples\Automation Server\Excel folder do not work (SR5)
  • Page orientation can be remebered in workbook.ID = 13294 (SR5)

[edit] File Saving/Loading

  • File export/saving sucess message will force script window open (SR5)

[edit] Documentation

  • Text in XF Help dialog cannot be selected/copied (SR5)

[edit] Localization

  • Most Recent Used menu (MRU) shows special characters such as Umlauts -Beta_forum. ID = 12390. (SR5)
  • Fixed the bug about default font in Option causes gibberish in GUI interface. ID = 11960. (SR5)

[edit] Worksheet


  • Fixed the bug about Copy error in cell edit mode-Beta_Forum. ID = 12364. (SR5)
  • Embedded graph are kept in memory until restarting Origin. ID = 12920. (SR5)
  • Can't export a sheet who was imported a file with long name as image. ID = 12867. (SR5)
  • Merged long name should not affect column selection - Beta_forum. ID = 12684. (SR5)
  • Page Size indicators (page break preview lines) in worksheet fail to refresh. ID = 12520. (SR5)
  • Crash on undoing multiple columns modification. ID = 13286. (SR5)
  • Alt shortcut keys did not work when focus is inside Workbook Organizer - Beta_forum. ID = 13329. (SR5)

[edit] Excel


  • Labels from Excel do not update when project is opened. ID = 10125. (SR5)

[edit] Com


  • Fixed a bug that two samples: Single Peak Fit.xls and Analysis Template.xls from \Samples\Automation Server\Excel can not work ID=12346 (SR5)
  • Fixed a bug that COM FindMatrixSheet exception when passed in bad name ID=12363 (SR5)
  • Fixed a bug that Histogram plot beyond X, Y axis range can not refresh immediately when using LabVIEW example ID=12555 (SR5)
  • Fixed a bug that COM Worksheet SetData append broken when using XY. Now plot the data and set axis to allow bigger X range and then Append data from COM and should see graph update nicely without flashing. ID=12860 (SR5)

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