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[edit] Index

  1. Analysis
  2. Graph Export
  3. Graphing
  4. Import
  5. Programming
  6. Matrix
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Worksheet
  9. Com

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Mathematics


  • Integrate tool: Failed to output Integration values to Results Log (SR4)
  • Integrate tool: Checkbox next to Output is missing. It controls creation of output columns. (SR4)

[edit] Fitting


[edit] General

  • Analysis Marker size changes in different resolution. (SR4)
  • For G and J Origin, Failed to update user-defined function's file name. (SR4)

[edit] Nonlinear Curve Fit

  • Fixed bug concerning replica sharing failed after recalculate. ID = 12124. (SR4)

[edit] Signal Processing


  • Smoothing: Where smoothing on data with leading/trailing missing values and Output is set to <input>, <new>, leading missing values will be kept in output. ID = 12319 (SR4)

[edit] Spectroscopy


[edit] Peak Analyzer

  • Failed to create fitting report when input Y column contained sampling interval and had no Long Name (SR4)
  • Fitted curve plot was missing in report sheet in PA and Nanosizer (SR4)
  • Failed to use multiple user-defined functions for multiple peaks. (SR4)
  • Make theme conversion for PA for backward-compatibility. Themes created from previous SR versions, such as SR3, SR4 are usable in SR5. ID = 12352 (SR4)

[edit] Statistics


  • Changed text "Levene||" under "Tests for Equal Variance" tree node to "Levene ||". ID = 12295 (SR4)

[edit] Graph Export


  • Table on Graph failed to be exported.ID=12101 (SR4)

[edit] Graphing


[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Waterfall plot fails if Parametrers Row has text data. ID = 12174 (SR4)
  • Specify user-defined parameters as Parameter Index for waterfall plot (SR4)

[edit] Graph Customization

  • Deleting of a graph layer can undo. ID=12121. (SR4)
  • Cursor that added into point will make Origin infinite loop (SR4)
  • Use long text as axis tick label make Origin crash -Beta_forum. ID = 12212. (SR4)

[edit] Plot Setup

  • Add Plot to Layer menu failed to select the correct plot type in Plot Setup dialog (SR4)
  • New Plot Setup Column Selection Improvements (SR4)
  • No matched worksheet is highlighted in Available Data panel when select plots in Plot List panel in PLot Setup (SR4)

[edit] Import


[edit] Import Excel

  • Excel cells with space should be considered as empty when importing Excel (SR4)

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk


  • LT: derivative failed when there exists an X column with same values as Y column. ID=12166 (SR4)
  • limit command broken (SR4)

[edit] Matrix


[edit] XYZ Gridding

  • For large data, some dropdown list in XYZ Gridding dialog are too narrow. (SR4)

[edit] Image Processing


  • Add and improve zoom ability in preview panel for image. ID = 11804 (SR4)

[edit] Miscellaneous


[edit] Group Folder

  • Failure to disconnect from group in Set Group Folder location dialog. (SR4)
  • Group clients uses Origin 8C registry instead of Origin 8. (SR4)

[edit] Worksheet


  • Hugh slowness in wks redraw introduced in SR3. (SR4)

[edit] Com

  • Fixed a bug that Origin cannot be closed because it is connected to other applications ID = 12257 (SR4)
  • Matrix related support for LabVIEW is added, new sub-VI about matrix manipulation are put into a new palette called OriginMatrix_LV7.llb, Matrix is created too ID=12256 (SR4)

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