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[edit] Index

  1. Analysis
  2. Graphing
  3. Image Processing
  4. Import
  5. Programming
  6. Worksheet
  7. Com

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Data Selection


  • Regional Data Selector selects hidden data. ID = 11850. (SR3)

[edit] Fitting


[edit] General

  • Function type changes when duplicating a function in Fitting Function Organizer. ID = 11917.(SR3)
  • Theme Save menu fails to include theme settings' update . ID = 12056(SR3)

[edit] Nonlinear Curve Fit

  • Switching from a function where number of replicas is larger than 0 to multiple independent/independent fitting function works fine now.ID = 12047(SR3)
  • NLSF theme with replica and shared setting can be applied correctly now. ID = 12023.(SR3)
  • For fitting with shared replica, fixed status will be remembered when the dialog is reopened by change parameter.ID = 12034(SR3)
  • Lower and Upper Bounds are now shown correctly in report sheet when fitting with replica function. ID = 12036(SR3)
  • Parameters and Bounds grid can be updated properly for multiple indep/dep-variables function. ID = 12048(SR3)
  • Lower and Upper bounds can be shown correctly in report sheet for multiple datasets fitting with sharing. ID = 12040(SR3)
  • Parameters and bounds tab will not turn blank when user switches from multiple datasets to replica. ID = 12055(SR3)
  • If the NLFit dialog is opened when a graph is active, the fitted curves will be added to the active layer of this graph. ID = 12035.(SR3)
  • Linear Constraints in NLSFit works fine now. ID = 10939. (SR3)
  • User-defined derived parameters can be shown in reportsheet table correctly. ID = 11593. (SR3)
  • NLFit will not dump unwanted empty input error when change input data on fitting from loose data . ID = 11775.(SR3)
  • Parameter initialization now works fine for multiple-independent functions. ID = 11816.(SR3)
  • Fly-out menu works in linear constrain theme. ID = 12067.(SR3)

[edit] Fit Sigmoidal

  • Run time error caused by recalculate of Dose Resp(Analysis->Fitting->Fit Sigmoidal) fit is fixed.ID = 12025(SR3)

[edit] Signal Processing


  • Fixed FFT rescales badly when peak is very sharp and frequency. ID = 12088 (SR3)
  • Smoothing: Add options to provide same results as Origin 75 in fft-filter smoothing. ID = 11828 (SR3)

[edit] Spectroscopy


[edit] Peak Analyzer

  • Crash when Integrating peaks with descending X values(e.g. XPS files). ID = 12049. (SR3)
  • Bad parameter initial values for non-gauss function when the baseline is not subtracted. ID = 12065. (SR3)

[edit] Graphing


[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Auto Legend does not always work for multi-layer graph. ID = 11981. (SR3)

[edit] Statistics Graphs

  • Active sheet turns to last sheet after running Stacked Histogram. ID = 11758. (SR3)

[edit] Contour Graphs

  • XYZ/Polar contour failed to correctly recognize column with sampling interval. ID = 11755. (SR3)

[edit] Graph Customization

  • Copy/Paste graphic object must reset UID. ID=11763. (SR3)
  • Special data point in plot can be re-reintegrated/revert to the plot by selecting context menu Delete. ID=11968. (SR3)

[edit] Plot Setup

  • Plot Setup changing Yerr to Y+ Y- not refresh the plot shortly. ID = 11973. (SR3)
  • Apply button status should be clearly set in Plot Setup. ID = 11984. (SR3)

[edit] Plot Detail

  • Crash when press "ESC" in plot details dialog when "BinSize" edit control actived. ID = 11864. (SR3)
  • Graph can not rescale when changing its Offset in Stack tab of Plot Details. ID = 11700. (SR3)
  • Crash happened when Alt+W is used in the Plot Details dialog. ID = 11733.(SR3)

[edit] Theme Organizer

  • Incremental theme can be saved and shown in Sr3 . ID = 11912. (SR3)

[edit] Import


[edit] Import Wizard

  • Fixed a bug Text only ASCII file does not import using import wizard. Allow Import All Text Data option is checked by defaut now. ID = 11945. (SR3)

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk


  • Origin quits if ogs name conflicts with LT commands namewhen run an ogs file. ID = 11937. (SR3)
  • Fixed work -b winName and win -n plot [winName] commands.ID = 11827. (SR3)
  • Fixed derivative -p option commands. ID = 11970. (SR3)
  • If define tree before use Nlbegin, junk will not be dump to result log now. ID = 12024(SR3)
  • Asian characters used to make commands fail to work in Classic Script Window. This bug was fixed in SR3. ID = 11613 (SR3)

[edit] Origin C


  • Passing Col(1) as argument to OC function works in 80 now.ID=11976.(SR3)
  • Before SR3/4, there was a bug with the AddTextNode() method. When its string argument does not begin with a char, it is interpreted and set as a double value automatically when applying SetSection() method. This bug was fixed in SR3.(SR3)

[edit] Worksheet


  • Reserved labtalk variables are not allowed for alias in Extract Worksheet Data. ID = 11918. (SR3)
  • Fixed a bug that change column's short name to number only. ID = 11916. (SR3)
  • Ctrl+X for cut-and-paste can work in column headers(longname, comments). ID =12014. (SR3)

[edit] Com


  1. Fixed a bug that GetData will get some empty columns from origin when getting less than 32 data from a sheet with default 32 rows. ID = 11808 (SR3)
  2. Fixed a bug that Origin COM could not call XF on startup ID = 12053 (SR3)
  3. Fixed a bug that SetData from COM to Column not doing proper update ID = 12083 (SR3)
  4. Automation Server\Excel\ examples we ship with SR2 DO NOT work with Vista+Excel2003 (SR3)