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[edit] Index

  1. Analysis
  2. Graph Export
  3. Graphing
  4. Import
  5. Programming
  6. License Management
  7. Matrix
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Worksheet
  10. Com

[edit] Analysis

[edit] General

  • Crash when copying long Notes from tables in report sheet. ID = 10919. (SR2)
  • Provide name specification for book and sheet in Operation-Based tools. ID = 10934. (SR2)
  • X-Functions specified with <input> for output variable fails to work when doing analysis on excel plot. ID = 11688. (SR2)

[edit] Data Selection


  • After closing the Data Info window, it will not automatically pop up until user opens it again from the main menu. ID = 9856. (SR2)

[edit] Mathematics


  • Interpolate/Extrapolate tool: Errors occured when X values were large but their increments were small. ID = 11246. (SR2)
  • Interpolate/Extrapolate tool: Bug in spline interpolation that causes wrong result when the input dataset only had 4 data points. ID = 11044. (SR2)
  • Integrate tool: Failure to update output range when output is set to <input>, <new>. ID = 11444. (SR2)

[edit] Fitting


[edit] General

  • Failure to save Number of Points of Fitted Curves in theme (SR2)
  • Crash when fitting from graph plotted from Excel book. ID = 11685. (SR2)
  • Error bars lost when fitting from graph. ID = 10970. (SR2)
  • Problems with checkbox Use Reduced Chi-Sqr ID = 11541. (SR2)
  • Problems after using Simulate Surface from the Function Organizer. E.g. Matrix window filled with 0. Failure to use Simulate Surface again. ID = 10875. (SR2)

[edit] Nonlinear Curve Fit

  • When you reopen the NLSF tool by Change Parameters, the Find Specific X/Y Tables branch is disabled. ID = 11605. (SR2)
  • Fixed several bugs related to NLFit themes:
    • Error in parameters Share and Fix status at theme changes.
    • Failed to save settings of "Enable Automatic Parameter Initialization" and "Enable Linear Constrains".
    • Theme values cannot be applied when the Enable Automatic Parameter Initialization check box is cleared and replica is enabled.
    • Theme loading result is not consistent with different loading procedure.
    • Parameter values are wrong when applying a replica theme to multiple datasets.
    • Parameter values for existing datasets can not be kept when adding or replacing datasets.
  • Parameter Share and Fix status is wrong in NLFit. ID = 10499. (SR2)
  • Fixed the error in Confidence and Prediction Bands of Fitted Curves in NLFit. ID = 10923. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused error in parameter initialization in old fitter (opened by nlsf.control()).ID = 10886. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the decrease of height of fitted curve in report sheet, when recalculate is issued. ID = 10853. (SR2)
  • Now the X Data type of fitted curve info can be saved in themes. ID = 10442. (SR2)
  • When the NLSF dialog is opened with a graph plotted from Excel active, the input range will be picked up correctly. ID = 10587. (SR2)
  • When fitting with replica, parameter initialization now works for all supported function. ID = 11501. (SR2)

[edit] Compare Model/Compare Datasets

  • Fit Compare Model now can work even if RSS, SSE, DoF, N do not exist in NLSF result. ID = 10975. (SR2)

[edit] Nonlinear Surface Fit

  • Failure to paste linked table into source graph. ID = 11629. (SR2)
  • Failure to add Fitted Curves and Residual Curves to reportsheet when doing surface fit in graph. ID = 11685. (SR2)

[edit] Matrix Fit

  • Failure to clear Matrix Fit result sheet when the source data worksheet is cleared. ID = 11619. (SR2)

[edit] Data Manipulation


  • Clicking the ">>" button in Set Column Values dialog will apply the current settings before going to next column. ID = 11034. (SR2)
  • Text pasted into the Set Column Values dialog will be treated as plain text. This improved the display of text. ID = 11031. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused broken links in extracted worksheet. ID = 11547. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug where column calculations on large datasets will be much slower after you save your project. Reload project and the decrease in speed go away. ID=10898 (SR2)
  • Translate Vertical/Horizontal now can work on a selected range. ID=10913 (SR2)

[edit] Spectroscopy


[edit] Fit Multiple Peaks

  • Fit Multi-Peaks: Not working with descending X. ID = 11287, 11302. (SR2)

[edit] Statistics


  • Fixed the error of Means (Comparisons) plot data in ANOVA tools. ID = 11610. (SR2)
  • Plots in ANOVA results will be correct after recalculation. ID = 10992. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused recalculation of Stats on Rows to fail when rows were selected by clicking the row header. ID = 11624. (SR2)
  • The Results Log Output checkbox now works for One Sample t-test. ID = 11655. (SR2)

[edit] Graph Export


  • Crash when exporting a large worksheet as an image. In addition, user can control the limit for number of rows and columns to export via system variables now. ID = 11443. (SR2)
  • The Export Graph dialog failed to handle themes with Path set to <Project Folder> properly. ID = 11005. (SR2)
  • PDF export of graphs fails with Outline mode . ID = 11500. (SR2)
  • Export of Layout fails with Tight page setting. ID = 11514. (SR2)

[edit] Graphing


[edit] 2D Graphs

  • In scatter plots, data labels fail to show those from Text&Numeric column. ID = 11178. (SR2)
  • Offset Grouped Data works on polar graph. So user can create windrose plots. ID = 10974. (SR2)
  • Adding box chart to grouped plots will not cause crash any more. ID = 10848. (SR2)
  • Plotting a line plot from an X column that is set as "text" and a Y column that is set as "numeric" will not caused display error. ID = 10965. (SR2)
  • no data will plot when both XY are filled with pure text data. (SR2)

[edit] Statistics Graphs

  • Crash during customization of histogram plot. ID = 11459. (SR2)

[edit] Contour Graphs

  • Contour plot created from some special data make origin crash. ID = 10836. (SR2)

[edit] Function Graphs

  • X column can be shown correctly from a worksheet from a Function Graph. ID = 11283. (SR2)

[edit] Graph Customization

[edit] Plot Detail

  • Operation in the Plot Details dialog will not switch active layer any more. ID = 11690. (SR2)

[edit] OLE

  • OLE problems that occurred in Windows Vista:
    • Failed to add texts into graph in PowerPoint.
    • A waning message appeared when a graph was paste to Word.
    • Pasting a graph with table as Origin Object into Word caused crash of a separate Origin instance.
    • Opening the Plot Detail dialog in the edit mode of embedded Origin graph led to crash.
    ID = 11372. (SR2)
  • OLE: Embedded graph in Microsoft Word will always keep the same as it is opened in Origin. ID = 10909. (SR2)

[edit] Graph Template

  • Data label properties failed to be saved with graph templates. ID = 11457. (SR2)
  • Plot button in Template Library works for contour and polar contour plots. ID = 11553. (SR2)

[edit] Import


  • Status of Results Log Output checkbox can be saved in dialog themes of import features. ID = 11189. (SR2)

[edit] Import Wizard

  • Setting data format to date for double data and setting Designation for date columns in the Import Wizard now works properly. ID = 11544. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that ComponentOne dialog opens in G Origin G GUI Import Wizard when click Next to Data Columns page. The dialog opens at first use of each Origin session. (SR2)

[edit] Import Excel

  • Excel import Supports allowing which sheet(s) to import. ID = 10625. (SR2)

[edit] Import Third Party Files

  • ETAS INCA MDF feature broken in sr1 German Version. ID = 10911. (SR2)

[edit] Import ASCII

  • Fixed an Import ASCII error in German OS. ID = 11349. (SR2)

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk


  • When calling an X-Function with multi-column range, user can now use expressing in row index of the range. ID = 11013. (SR2)
  • Improved the checking for dot separation. Now user can use data filling like col(d)={1:.5:2};, which used to generate error. ID = 11098. (SR2)
  • Wks.cNamen$ now works fine. ID = 11179. (SR2)
  • Scripts like dataset1=dataset2[dataset3] now work properly. ID = 11146 . (SR2)
  • _INTEG_AREA will be generated correctly after the integ command is used. ID = 10988 . (SR2)
  • Fixed several bugs related to GetToken for LabTalk string variables. ID = 10927 . (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Origin to crash at startup if there is a toolbar button with LabTalk expression involving a page layer. ID = 11083. (SR2)
  • Loose datasets can be plotted with the plotxy X-Function. ID = 11198. (SR2)
  • Fixed several range problems related to the copy command. Now copy -a and copy -u work properly. ID = 10938. (SR2)
  • The doc -a command now works properly when filename is enclosed by quotation marks. ID = 11313. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect path shown in most recent used file list after the Save command is used. ID = 11138. (SR2)
  • "%C" now works as "<active>" in setting value to a X-Function variable. ID = 11577. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the script label -r line not to work when it is set to run after an object is moved. ID = 11562. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug in SR1 that caused the mark -d command fail to work for two segments of plot in same section. ID = 11669. (SR2)
  • The Average command now works. ID = 11652. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused getsize() not to work with dataset. ID = 10862. (SR2)

[edit] Origin C


  • Matrix access by bookname(sheetname) now works properly. ID = 11528. (SR2)

[edit] License Management


  • Modify failed to install dongle drivers ID = 10540 (SR2)

[edit] Matrix


  • Fixed errors XY mapping and plotting as an image plot for matrix object that has only 1 column. ID = 10945. (SR2)

[edit] XYZ Gridding

  • Worksheet Gridding now works even when X and/or Y data has missing values. ID = 10984. (SR2)

[edit] Miscellaneous


  • Now ALT+3 can work properly in toggling the Command Window on and off. ID = 10067. (SR2)
  • The Save Changes to Project message will not pop up when user clicks the New Project button, if the current project is never modified. ID = 11069. (SR2)
  • Setting numeric numbers to a fixed format (such as fixed decimal, fixed significant digits) now affects "0" as well. ID = 11373. (SR2)

[edit] File Saving/Loading

  • When user chooses to save a built-in template, the template is saved to the User Files Folder. ID = 11175. (SR2)
  • Saving an opj file with excel file (which has "()" in sheet name) now works fine. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Origin to hang when a second instance of Origin was started by opening a project file with Origin C files set to Build on Startup. ID = 10935. (SR2)

[edit] Transfer User Files from Previous Version

  • Fixed bugs that caused error in transferring user files for Version 7.5 client mode or student version. ID = 11227. (SR2)
  • Transfer User File failed to find 7.5 client ID=11227(SR2)

[edit] Project Explorer

  • Fixed a bug that caused Project Explorer not to be opened when user double-clicked on an OPJ file to launch Origin. ID = 9985. (SR2)

[edit] Documentation

  • In German version, the Help: Programming menu command in Code Builder can open the help file correctly. ID = 11141. (SR2)
  • User can now access Origin.chm with help command in LabTalk. ID = 11309. (SR2)

[edit] Localization

  • Project file named with special characters such as German umlauts can be opened correctly now. ID = 11055. (SR2)
  • Fixed several problems related to the Change Language feature. (SR2)

[edit] Worksheet


  • Using CTRL+V to paste a link to a graph into a worksheet cell now works properly. ID = 11057. (SR2)
  • Fixed a few bugs with the wrowheight X-Function. ID = 11148. (SR2)
  • Now the following X-functions can handle multi-sheet ranges:
    • colint
    • wcolwidth
    • wrowheight
    • colshowx
    • wreplace
    • wcellcolor
    • wcellsel
    • wcellmask
    • colmove
    ID = 10946. (SR2)
  • Fixed several problems related to auto filling or copying/pasting of embedded/linked objects. ID = 11016. (SR2)
  • Improved the move and rename commands in the worksheet tab context menu. ID = 11161. (SR2)
  • Multisheet selection now supports deletion. ID = 10891. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug with wrong focus after a sheet is renamed in organizer. ID = 10902. (SR2)
  • The colint Xf works when the whole sheet is selected. ID = 11173. (SR2)
  • The New Book button now resets sheet name. ID = 11262. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused lost of column settings when the Decimal Digits property is set in the Format tab of the Worksheet Properties dialog. ID = 11377. (SR2)
  • Copying and pasting multiple columns, which include both Text&Numeric and Numeric only columns, will not cause cell missing any more. ID = 11363. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused flashing and endless updating when a workbook with inserted variable as Link is duplicated. ID = 10791. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crash at hiding graph layer in sparkline graphs. ID = 11485. (SR2)
  • User can now go to the end of extremely large worksheet. ID = 11643. (SR2)
  • Now, user can use CTRL+V to paste text into the name filed of a worksheet. ID = 11473. (SR2)
  • Setting fonts to a selected cell with the Style toolbar now works the same as settings fonts for in-place editing. ID = 10555. (SR2)
  • Fixed a bug that caused failed in converting yyyy'.'MM','dd date format. ID = 10819. (SR2)

[edit] Com


  1. Fixed a few bugs related to COM:
    1. Cannot send a string through SetData() to column which is set to "Text" or "Text&Numeric" DataFormat
    2. Cannot show complex data in correct way.
    3. Cannot send Boolean data through the SetData() method.
    4. Long, ulong and decimal don't work in C#; long and currency don't work in vb.NET.
    5. DataFormat for MatrixObject doesn't work fine.
    6. SetSize() for Worksheet and MatrixSheet does not work like corresponding OC methods
    ID = 11319. (SR2)

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