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[edit] Index

  1. Analysis
  2. Graph Export
  3. Graph
  4. Programming
  5. License Management
  6. Matrix
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Worksheet
  9. Com

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Mathematics


  • Average Multiple Curves tool: Handle datasets whose X ranges do not overlap at all. (SR0)
  • Re( ) and Im( ): Parentheses surrounding Real and Imaginary components of the complex variable may cause compiling error. ID = 4386. (SR0)

[edit] Graph Export


  • Image size incorrect when exporting a non-active graph. ID = 6373. (SR0)

[edit] Graph


[edit] 2D Graphs

  • All layers of the Multi-Curve plot types, such as Vertical 2 Panel, now have a legend. ID = 9752(SR0)
  • Plot a graph by Plot: Specialized: Zoom, and move the zoom window. Now it works fine. ID = 9804. (SR0)
  • The automatic rescale of axes will now take into account error bars. ID = 10047(SR0)

  • Mixed text and numeric data in an X column of type Text & Numeric will no longer cause a Column plot of dependent Y columns to display as thin line. ID = 10190(SR0)

[edit] 3D Graphs

  • Rotating a 3D color map graph window will not change color, even graph axes are reversed (From greater than To). ID = 7898. (SR0)
  • 3D color map surface plot will not shows backplane pieces with Rough Data Surface. ID = 8375. (SR0)

[edit] Function Graphs

  • In Function Graph, the function name showed in the Plot Details dialog will no longer be gibberish. ID = 10534(SR0)

[edit] Graph Customization

  • For rectangle or circle objects, they are filled with the black color instead of none when we choose "black" from the Fill Color drop-down list of the Object Properties dialog. (SR0)
  • Copying and Pasting format will no longer make Origin crash. ID = 9293(SR0)

[edit] Plot Setup

  • Sorting columns by Position in the Plot Setup dialog, will now sort correctly (numeric sort so you get 1, 2, 3,... and not 1, 10, 11,...). ID = 9632(SR0)
  • The Plot Setup dialog is capable of displaying and plotting multiple sheets from an Excel workbook. ID = 6202(SR0)
  • Select any dataset in Plot List panel in Plot Setup dialog will not affect the Available Data drop-down list. ID = 7718. (SR0)
  • Double-click on the Graph Layer icon to bring up the Plot Setup dialog, add data plots in sequence, now plot list will follow order in which plots are added. ID = 8516. (SR0)
  • Plot Setup: focus wrong or lost after an Ungroup. ID = 8536(SR0)
  • The feature PLOT by row number will now work fine, and the Curve will no longer be disappears. ID = 9625(SR0)

[edit] Plot Detail

  • If you turn on the Fill Area Under Curve setting in Plot Details for your line plot and then save your graph as a template, this setting will now be saved. ID = 2811. (SR0)

[edit] OLE

  • OLE problems that occurred in Windows Vista:
    • Failed to add texts into graph in PowerPoint.
    • A waning message appeared when a graph was paste to Word.
    • Pasting a graph with table as Origin Object into Word caused crash of a separate Origin instance.
    • Opening the Plot Detail dialog in the edit mode of embedded Origin graph led to crash.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk


  • system.fileext.addtype() method fails. This is not used in Origin80 any more. ID 6170(SR0)
  • run the scripts into OEvents.ogs to compile OC files at Origin startup error. ID 9229(SR0)
  • returns z increment now. ID = 8123. (SR0)
  • Create a graph window with at least two layers. Single-click on a layer in a graph window to select it such that the highlighted boundary with control handles displays. Run layer -d in the script window. Origin will not crashes. ID = 8291. (SR0)

[edit] Origin C


  • int TreeEditor::GetSelectedRows(vector<uint> *parrRows = NULL, BOOL bExcludeBranchNodes = FALSE); when the ptr is NULL, since we always create a memory ptr if NULL on call. Right now the method (in the OCTreeControl class) fails when the ptr is NULL. ID=4264. (SR0)
  • Project.ActiveCurve incorrectly returns valid curve when X dataset is selected. ID 4311. (SR0)
  • string::Replace fail to work correctly. ID 4586 (SR0)
  • SetReportTree() after running, Origin will crash. ID 6341 (SR0)
  • memset and memcpy method fail to work when set buffer to a struct including string pointer. Testing code is not right. ID 6484 (SR0)
  • Cause crash when use float data as the first two arguments in GetMinMax method.Now compile error(right). ID 6512 (SR0)
  • Need to support overload between Dataset and vector arg Fixed. ID 6899 (SR0)
  • Using == to compare vector<string> with NULL will cause crash. ID 7084 (SR0)
  • Function TreeNode:GetAttribute(LPCSTR lpcszAttrName, double &dVal) will crash if the attribute is an string one. ID 7461 (SR0)
  • Function String::Match get incorrect return when the string length is larger than 260. ID 7497 (SR0)
  • Function AddNumericNode fail to work correctly when dVal = NANUM. ID 7529 (SR0)
  • Origin will not crash when creating subfolders from Origin C. ID = 7746. (SR0)
  • If workbook name is a reserved OC function, data can be plotted plot now. ID = 7926. (SR0)
  • Missing ';' (semicolon) will not causes crash during build. (For example: var++ //Missing ;. ID = 8969. (SR0)
  • When a layer is rescaled with OC code, the layers linked to it will be also rescaled automatically. ID = 7364. (SR0)
  • Fix a bug that scales of layer can not be selected or clicked in some cases. ID = 9326 (SR0)

[edit] License Management


  • Switching between wired and wireless network access no longer causes the License Information dialog box to display with node locked Origin. (SR0)
  • Node locked license files based on Computer ID work fine on Vista. (SR0)
  • Dongle drivers with dongle managed Origin work fine on Vista. They also work fine on 64 bit Windows and when Windows goes into Standby mode. (SR0)

[edit] Matrix


  • matrixbase::ApplyFilter() doesnot work properly when filter has negative parameter. ID = 4460(SR0)
  • Matrix View Mode not changed by OC setting bSetViewData flag in SetInternalData. ID = 7427(SR0)
  • MatrixLayer::Reset work incorrectly when Matrix is 2*2 and the parameter is true. ID = 7565(SR0)
  • MatrixLayer::SetNumCols and SetCellWidth work correctly when the value of the parameter is less than 1. ID = 7716(SR0)
  • Copy a block of matrix cells, and then paste on the source matrix, will not causes crash. ID = 9505. (SR0)
  • Set Matrix value in Origin 75, save the OPJ, and open it in 80. Select Matrix: Set Values, the cell value function will be showed on the edit box. ID = 9589. (SR0)
  • The formula of a matrix cell in a Origin 75 OPJ will no longer be invisible when opened in Origin 8. ID= 9589. (SR0)

[edit] Miscellaneous


  • Axes missing, File Open fails, script fails, OPK fails to unpack - Bug related to HP Laserjet PCL driver have fixed. ID = 7442. (SR0)

[edit] File Saving/Loading

  • Some OPJ file save in 75, 80 crashes in 6.x when accessing Window menu. This is because window label is getting too long. Run this script to fix it: doc -e W {page.title=2}; ID = 7982. (SR0)

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Worksheet


  • If you paste a long string that contains more than 73 characters in a label column, the string will no longer be truncated. ID = 6175. (SR0)
  • Numeric display in the worksheet column: Double-click on the column heading to open the Column Properties dialog. To set fixed number of decimal places, select Decimal: 1000 from the Display drop-down list, choose Set Decimal Places = from the Digits drop-down list, and then enter a proper number in the Decimal Number edit box. For example, if you set 3 as the Decimal Number, the value 0.000005 will display as 0.000 where as in the past it would have been displayed as 5.000 E-6. ID = 7862. (SR0)

[edit] Com


  1. Fixed a few bugs related to COM:
    1. Cannot send a string through SetData() to column which is set to "Text" or "Text&Numeric" DataFormat
    2. Cannot show complex data in correct way.
    3. Cannot send Boolean data through the SetData() method.
    4. Long, ulong and decimal don't work in C#; long and currency don't work in vb.NET.
    5. DataFormat for MatrixObject doesn't work fine.
    6. SetSize() for Worksheet and MatrixSheet does not work like corresponding OC methods

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