ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.5 SR0

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[edit] Graphing

Tracker/JIRA Summary
14950 Restore the distribution of multiple columns in multi-layer plots back to the way in Origin 7.5, which will distributes one plot per layer until the last then loops back to layer 1 and adds more.
15305 Improve 3D data reduction algorithm for contour plot.
11579 Filling color to grid lines will no longer make XYZ contour graph color disappear.
14727 More 3D color map surfaces can show when add a line created from workbook data.
15091 Data plots in saved OGG can retain its range after creating new workbook from loose dataset.
15275 Raster caching is now the same as None caching for displaying graph.
ORG-74 Fixed the bug that Radio button state cannot be remembered in Polar graph.
ORG-144 Axis scale always became ascending after scale-in.
ORG-214 Fixed memory leakage that is caused by graph duplication.
ORG-330 Linked layer with straight linked axes now link scale increment as well.
ORG-371 Added a Update button on the Control tab of the Object Properties dialog which can be used to update the object for column/row resizing or cell color changed in the source worksheets.
ORG-396 Fixed the bug that theme accessing to 3D XYZ Scatter projection was missing.
ORG-398 Fixed the bug that theme accessing to XYY 3D Bar Faces was missing.
ORG-522 Numeric Formats tab is hidden when no labels is availbale in 3D plots with color map.
ORG-577 Improved the interface of selecting special points.
ORG-680 Improved the repositioning for 3D plots Axis title position.

[edit] Analysis

Tracker/JIRA Summary
12054 Peak Analyzer tool designed by new X-Function wizard mechanism does not crash Origin any more.
15287 More improvements for integration gadget, including column designations, baseline, axis rescale, etc.
14968 Number of Iterations and Fit Results are the same now between fit directly and click “1 iter” button in sequence.
13021 Dialog theme file name with dash (-)/dot in Theme Organizer is not truncated any more.
ORG-206 Now derivatives work fine for Y-Script Function Type.
ORG-367 Fixed the bug that Constants did not work for Equation function type in user-defined fitting functions.
ORG-1055 Fixed the bug that the output fitted curve matrix has wrong dimension when set Data Type to "Same as Input Data" in the dialog of Nonlinear Matrix Fit.

[edit] X-Function Programming

Tracker/JIRA Summary
ORG-322 Error message of image analysis X-Functions has been improved to inform customers to convert Image to data.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

Tracker/JIRA Summary
15356 The page which is not in current active folder can also be moved by pe_move X-Function now.
14245 AddCol method will not allow creating bad names any more.
13503 Declaring and assigning variable in the same line works fine now.
ORG-919 Fixed and improved "layer.cmap.zmax" script.

[edit] Origin C

Tracker/JIRA Summary
10916 Worksheet::SetCells() will not clear existing data any more.
14581 The debug toolbar can respond to mouse now when placing breakpoints and executing script.
ORG-337 Origin will throw an error message when using an Origin C function in LabTalk environment whose maximum number of arguments is beyond the LabTalk's limitation.

[edit] Import/Export Data/Graphs

Tracker/JIRA Summary
15337 ReadRowBin method can work properly now.
ORG-134 Reduce the saving time dramatically when dealing with a large file.
ORG-666 The smoothness of waterfall curve will not be degraded when the graph is exported.
ORG-1053 Fix the bug that the value of Paste-Linked Cell from Worksheet can corrupt on Graph Export.

[edit] License

Tracker/JIRA Summary
ORG-1115 Simplified the instructions to get license manually.
ORG-1132 When try to get a license file online, the activation time count will start when click OK to launch IE.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Tracker/JIRA Summary
ORG-527 Folder names in Project Explorer has been improved so that "New folder" will enumerate from 1.
ORG-578 It is not allowed to specify User Files folder to be Desktop folder.
ORG-1070 Origin no longer crashes when setting long path for the User Files Folder.