ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.5.0 SR1

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[edit] Graphing

JIRA Summary
ORG-1308 Fix the bug that axis titles of 3d surface plot became gibberish after rotate in JOS.
ORG-1128 Origin will not crash any more when smoothing has been performed on a contour plot.
ORG-1284 Fix the bug that Probability Plot makes Origin crash after deleting UFF.
ORG-1224 Enable Skipping Gridlines option by default for 3D graph templates.
ORG- 1241 Improve the Labels display in Draft View and Window View.
ORG-1244 Origin 8.5 can open the column graph creaetd in Origin 8.1, not crash any more.
ORG-1266 Fix the bug that System Theme override is broken.
ORG-1372 Skewing or shrinking a graph with two matrices in the same layer will no longer caused the change of the color map.
ORG-1367 Pressing the Z key can enter the panning mode after changing parameters are used in the windrose graph.
ORG-1350 The Graph: New Color Scale menu item is available when the surface color map assignment is changed in the Front Color control in Plot Detail's Surface tab.
ORG-1346 Slideshow will not change the size of 3D Vector symbols any more.

[edit] Worksheet

JIRA Summary
ORG-1192 Fix the bug that any column or range cannot be highlighted in a specific worksheet.
ORG-1259 Fix the problem that Recalculate after Extract Worksheet Data causes to switch sheet.
ORG-1312 Fix the bug that Matrix Thumbnail context menu did not work in G/J OS.

[edit] Analysis

JIRA Summary
ORG-1298 Fix the bug that Undo failed to trigger recalculate of any analysis tools such as Worksheet Query (Extract Worksheet Data).
ORG-1178 Change the conclusion text to use "Model"/"Data" instead of function name when using the Compare Models tool.
ORG-1286 Fix the bug that Normalize tool and similar tools reflection, fitLR, fitpoly, vmathtool, vnormalize and unwrap fail to set sampling interval of output column when input has sampling interval.
ORG-1219 The wxt function will work now if the options c1:=n and c2:=m are used and m matches the last column number of the worksheet.
ORG-1283 Compare Datasets can draw a conclusion for Linear Fit and Polynomial fit now.
ORG-1228 The report sheet of Compare Models will now show the model name correctly when compares the Linear Fitting model and Polynomial model.
ORG-1246 "Find Y" in Quick Fit's Polynomial Fit now can return the correct value when X=0.
ORG-1330 The Apply button in the Simulate Curve dialog can be displayed properly in Japanese OS.
ORG-1364 Fixed a bug that caused wrong all-zero fitted values in surface fitting with some user-defined functions.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

JIRA Summary
ORG-1177 Fix the bug that an Oirgin C function with char argument that used in LabTalk scripts cannot return correct value.
ORG-1297 Fix the bug that nlbegin fails to create Fitted Curve and Report table when fitting from graph.
ORG-1280 wcol to read cell will not auto add columns now.
ORG-1230 3D scatter and trajectory plots are now script accessible.
ORG-1250 LabTalk to set fill color can now set the fill color to None by using rect.fillcolor=-4 correctly.
ORG-1262 TicksByData$ will not fail to be cleared any more when reload project.
ORG-1365 Scripts related axis label can work well without pausing to wait for redraw.
ORG-1362 dBase importing works again with LabTalk.
ORG-1311 The worksheet and column positions can be set via LabTalk.

[edit] Origin C

JIRA Summary
ORG-1332 Origin C function now works properly when strings passed contain the equation mark.

[edit] Origin COM

JIRA Summary
ORG-1229 Auto Rescale setting for Y axis now works when pushing data to Origin via COM.

[edit] Import/Export Data/Graphs

JIRA Summary
ORG-1175 The Germany characters will not become gibberish any more after exported as PDF file.
ORG-1180 Fix the crashing problem caused by opening an Origin 7.5 project that with the error message: Instruction "0x58731531" referred to the memory "0x000000014", and couldn't become 'read'.
ORG-1294 "Replace Existing Data" option for importing image can replace the target matrix when it contains only one object now.
ORG-1222 The limitation of file numbers in the multiple selection of files for import has been significantly improved.
ORG-1360 Arrow head size is correct when 3D Vector graphs are exported to EMF format.

[edit] License

JIRA Summary
ORG-1361 From sr1 on, XP non-admin users will not be able to get license and deactivate license. Only Admin can get license and deactivate license.
ORG-1287 Authorization Code will not change if Lock or Log Off Windows.
ORG-1137 Win7, Starting Origin in normal way, license message pops. Relicense after patching to sr1 should fix the problem.

[edit] Miscellaneous

JIRA Summary
ORG-1278 Fix the bug that VC6 Realtime Send Matrix View Image.exe fails to send data to Origin and crashes.
ORG-1902 Add an open button in Browse Package Manager dialog and pop up message when Repack Files with incorrect source path.