ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.1 SR3

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[edit] Window

  • Fixed a bug where certain project files from Origin 8 caused Origin 8.1 to crash. ID = 15228
  • Matrix : Flip menus now only flips data, and leaves the column X/Y map coordinates unchanged. ID = 15235

[edit] Graphing

  • Graphs are protected from having short names which are entirely numeric. ID = 14847.
  • Fixed a bug when "Offset Reciprocal" scale type resulted in bad scaling. ID = 15199

[edit] 2D Graph

  • Fixed a bug where a change in Contour Lines dialog was lost if Set Levels dialog was opened. ID = 15227
  • Fixed a bug where polar graph showed data less than 0 in opposite quadrant without regard to @YN System Variable. ID = 15225
  • Fixed a bug where Shift key did not allow multiple plot selection. ID = 15200
  • No blank areas shows on contour graph any more when axis scale is Log10. ID = 15368
  • Correct the positions of axes labels in Ternary Conoutr plot when data has long name (units). ID = 15321

[edit] Analysis

  • Speed of opening Change Parameters with multiple curves fitting is improved about 40%. ID = 15248
  • Fitter Message has been improved when iterations hit the maximum number. ID = 15283
  • Function list for baseline in Peak Analyzer can update immediately after change has been made to Fitting Function Organizer. ID = 15304
  • Batch Processing dialog has been improved. ID = 15293
  • Fixed a bug where importing files more than 1200 times in Batch Processing led to Origin crash. ID = 14867
  • Recalculation works again in Two-Sample Test for Variance tool. ID = 15286

[edit] Statistics

  • Statistics on Row tool can support non-contiguous columns. ID = 10824.
  • Fixed the bug that reference line disappeared in Probability Plot with Exponential/Weibull Distribution when the input is a large dataset. ID = 14644.
  • Statistics Gadget can output Standard Deviation information/value now. ID = 15289

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

  • Fixed a bug where "dll -a abf lababf32" failed to load pClamp.dll. ID = 14558.
  • LabTalk user-defined functions now have proper scope inside functions. ID = 14808.
  • Problem about LabTalk GetN string combo

is resolved. ID = 15332

[edit] Origin C

  • Code Builder now allows Ctrl+F Find dialog, Ctrl+H Replace dialog and search toolbar during debug mode. ID = 15236
  • Fixed a bug in the String::Match method. ID = 15172
  • Fixed a bug where an OP file generated from Origin with DevKit license had linking fail when used in Origin without DevKit. ID = 15159

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Fixed a bug where the Data Reader was not usable on a Histogram Plot. ID = 15250
  • Slide show now plays on the same monitor as the Origin application when there are more than 1 monitor. ID = 15232
  • Fixed a bug that saving a project when the worksheet is active led to Origin crash. ID = 15269
  • Bold, Italics, etc. buttons have been disabled when entire text label is selected. ID = 15340

[edit] Worksheet

  • The column formula edit box will not be missing after closing a minimized Set Values dialog and re-opening. ID = 15152
  • Added two system variables controlling maximum number of columns and rows to be auto re-sized together. @RLC : Maximum number of Columns, @RLR : Maximum number of Rows including Header rows. ID = 15187

[edit] Import/Export Data

  • Fixed a bug where the pClamp Import Theme did not remember all settings. ID = 15213
  • The Filter Manager now supports editing filters created by Import Wizard. ID = 15192