ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.1 SR2

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[edit] Window

  • Fixed the bug that causes all the graphs including the hidden graphs printed by selecting the All Open option in the Print dialog. ID = 14868.
  • Fixed the inconsistent sorting criteria for window and folder in Project Explorer. ID = 12593.

[edit] Graphing

  • Fixed a bug where a graph that has been embedded into a worksheet cell still shows in the workspace. ID = 14865.
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a multi-node character into sequence using \ab( ) - Above Bar - or \ad() - Above Dot - resulted in multiple bars or dots. ID = 14824.
  • Fixed a bug where Paste Link option was inappropriately available in other application's Paste Special after a Copy Page in Origin when the Origin project had not been saved. ID = 14811.
  • JASC color palette file can now be opened by Origin. ID = 13607.
  • Fixed a bug in several numeric controls in the Plot Details dialog which failed to recognize ',' as the decimal point in German Operation System. ID = 14770.
  • Fixed the bug that Insert Info Variables dialog for graph cannot support multiple plots from multiple worksheets. ID = 14845.
  • Fixed the bug that axis break location cannot be moved by dragging break lines. ID = 14991.
  • Speed Mode applied to graphic export can be accessible from graph theme. ID = 15044.
  • Fixed the bug that Button lost ambiguity zone upon near hit. ID = 15033.
  • Show drop-down list of existing themes in the Save Format as Theme dialog. ID = 15101.
  • Fixed the bug that GraphObject's event by OGS failed to show the activated worksheet correctly. ID = 15052.
  • Fixed the bug that copy page in Layout window containing graph with ROI tool in it led to crash. ID = 15168.
  • Fixed the bug that page width and height in Merge Graph did not update when unit was changed. ID = 15144.

[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Origin no longer crashes when closing the Plot Details dialog box of an X Y Error graph. ID = 14866.
  • Fixed the bug that ungrouped Histogram did not lead to proper update of all plots. ID = 14493.
  • Fixed the bug that float column plots wrong in 8.1. ID = 14917.
  • Fixed the bug that contour lines are not selectable in polar contour plot. ID = 15021.
  • Fixed the bug that the number of levels for Contour did not work when Scale Type is Log10 rather than Linear. ID = 14987.
  • Improved the Contour drawing order. ID = 14986.
  • Fixed the bug that Rescale did not work correctly when a graph Layer has multiple datasets with reverse axis. ID = 15073.
  • Fixed the bug that failed to add plots or display columns for "Show Columns with Common LongNames" when LongName is empty. ID = 14754.
  • Fixed the bug that Auto-designated plotting doesn't work for X, xEr, Y, yEr, X, xEr, Y, yEr order. ID = 15098
  • Fixed the bug that failed to add labels to Ternary. ID = 14121.
  • Fixed the bug that changing scale type to LOG would make the plot changed. ID = 15093.
  • Fixed the bug that the legend of High-Low-Close graph did not show the pattern of dataset. ID = 5424.

[edit] 3D Graphs

  • Fixed the bug that recalculation led to undesired changes in 3D bar widths. ID = 14710.
  • Fixed the bug that "Below Minimum" color scale appeared wrong in 3D Color Map Surface. ID = 13302.
  • Fixed the bug that XYY 3D bar chart with custom color would make Origin crash. ID = 15028.
  • Fixed the bug that Z scale lost and unrecoverable after using log on X scale of 3D XYZ. ID = 15163.

[edit] Analysis

[edit] General

  • Fixed the bug that all the data that are inputs of any operations are wiped out when saving as analysis template. ID = 14781.
  • Fixed the bug that failure to move locked column in Output sheet. ID = 14953.
  • Fixed the bug that set <input> as Output did not clear the source data range by default. ID = 14500.
  • Fixed the bug that Palette Editor failed to open in Japanese Operating System. ID = 15103.
  • Putting output data to locked range will give clear error message now. ID = 14959.
  • Fixed the bug that Auto Recalculate did not trigger if input is linked cells. ID = 10985.

[edit] Mathematics

  • Fixed the bug that function betapdf(), wblpdf() and erfcinv() did not work. ID = 14793.
  • Fixed the bug that the results of Simple Math were missing values when no X column is presented in the worksheet. ID = 10921.
  • Fixed the bugs about X-Function reflection. ID = 15092.
  • When output is a numeric sheet name, X-Function m2w will not creates redundant sheets any more. ID = 14764.

[edit] Fitting

  • Fixed the bug that the redundant fitted curve is added to the source graph if the source graph has been embedded in a worksheet. ID = 14860.
  • Fixed the bug that the report sheet created by using nlbegin command is in disorder if the Change Parameters option has been used on it. ID = 14819.
  • Fixed the bug that Recalculate changed the X data type in fitting. ID = 15016.
  • Fixed the bug that neither "," nor "." can work correctly in Fitting Function Organizer's Parameter Settings dialog in Germen version. ID = 14957.
  • Fixed the bug that the substitution notation cannot be used in the output report book/sheet name. ID = 14801.

[edit] Peaks and Baseline

  • Fixed the bug that peak integration using Peak Analyzer caused crash when zoomed-in. ID = 15085.

[edit] Statistics

  • Batch processing failed on Find Specific X/Y sheet. ID = 14814.
  • LongName of Fitted Curve Sheet didn't change when fitting function is changed. ID = 14813.
  • Batch processing tool should handle existing data with sampling interval. ID = 14851.

[edit] Programming

[edit] LabTalk

  • Use expression as 1st argument in max(a,b) function leads to infinite loop. ID = 14804.
  • Prevent Cancel button in GetN and xf dialog to dump #Command Error in Script window. ID = 14831.
  • Fixed the bug that the layer command causes Origin crash when a worksheet is active. ID = 14947.
  • Improve the matrix element access with command %C. ID = 14872.
  • Fixed the bug that macro %1 outputting was wrong when defined in button. ID = 14695.
  • Added a System Variable to use/ignore vectorization of string dataset argument. ID = 15022.
  • Command line to open an OPJ file can use user file path. ID = 15037.
  • LabTalk function variable default return type changed from void to int. ID = 14979.
  • Keep consistent when pass LabTalk string literal type to Origin C function. ID = 14798.
  • Fixed the bug that X-Function wxt would put values and variables into wrong ranges. ID = 14768.
  • Fixed the bug that string parameter in X-Function always returned error if input was not a variable. ID = 15060.
  • Fixed the bug that Origin crashed when user attempted to set LongName of column on a matrix window in German Operation System. ID = 15139.

[edit] Origin C

  • Fixed the bug of the CopyTo function. ID = 14850.
  • Arguments specified in LabTalk script can be resolved once dialog opens, and X-Function can output string to a variable. ID = 13627.
  • Fixed the bug that graph object failed to set name. ID = 14718.
  • Fixed the bug that failed to add curved arrow line graph object by OC. ID = 14834.
  • Fixed the bug that import_files() global function failed with "find function error". ID = 15010.
  • Fixed the bug that Project::Open() failed to create new project if a project was opened in OC. ID = 14315.
  • Fixed the bug that Origin C need to search UFF\OriginC\X-Functions when compile .XFC files . ID = 15118.
  • Fixed the crash when using a colon instead of a semicolon at the end of the propery -oc_forum . ID = 15150.
  • Fixed the bug that DataRange::GetBookSheet failed if X was <AutoX>. ID = 15157.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Do stats on column for several hundred columns increase project size dramatically. ID = 14138.
  • Updated the dongle driver so that Origin 8-dougle management can run on Windows7. ID = 14758.
  • Fixed the bug that Custom Menu Organizer did not show the active menu while opening and the main menu did not keep the selected menu after editing the dialog. ID = 14794.
  • Fixed the bug that OPJ cannot be opened in Japanese folder name in Vista/Win7 Operation System. ID = 14999.
  • Fixed the bug that Fly-out menu for data selection did not follow legend when legend was set to User Parameter etc. mode. ID = 15069.
  • Fixed the bug that optional string Z did not work as document described. ID = 14955.
  • Fixed the bug related to opening older file in version 8. ID = 13493.
  • Fixed the Origin startup trouble due to setting AppData folder (UFF). ID = 15032.
  • Fixed the bug that failed to open .xlsx as Excel in Origin. ID = 11959.
  • Fixed the bug that User Files folder default path was set on MAC partition using Parallels rather than on Windows partition. ID = 14958.
  • Fixed the bug that "dll -a abf lababf32" failed to load pClamp dll. ID = 14558.
  • Resized GetN dialog when there existed multi-lines hint texts. ID = 15079.
  • Fixed the bug that copying text associated with scripts and pasting to a worksheet lost the scripts. ID = 15131.

[edit] Worksheet

  • Comma and dot can be allowed for worksheet name. ID = 14709.
  • Fixed the bug that Column Properties setting multiple columns does not work. ID = 14998.
  • Tab separated texts can be pasted as individual columns. ID = 15058.
  • Operation State should be copied by Duplicate Without Data. ID = 15115.
  • Insert variable dialog support Date format data display now. ID = 14970.
  • Fixed the bug that user tree failed to update immediately in Workbook Organizer by set_user_info. ID = 15145.
  • New Text cells can be stored as id to map. ID = 13127.

[edit] Import/Export Data

  • Fixed the bug that failed to import HEKA files from MAC. ID = 15094.
  • Fixed the bug that taking a long time to import a binary file. ID = 12203.