ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.1 SR1

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[edit] Analysis

  1. Output range not updated when change range and recalculate -beta_forum . ID = 14567
  2. Speed of PA execution is improved ID = 14388
  3. Refresh problem on LR report sheet if change parameter on other result sheet. ID = 14545
  4. Average Curves tool gives wrong values when missing values present in data. ID = 14550
  5. Custmization in graph in result sheet shouldn't be changed after recalcuation. ID = 14484
  6. When column short name is "0" (number) you get an error during compilation of param init. ID = 11597
  7. Output columns should keep the modification of column's LongName, shortname, etc. when Recalculate. ID = 14449
  8. Section [Constants] in FDF is missing since 80. ID = 14726
  9. Escape sequences in footnote of report tree should not be output to result log, script window or notes window. ID = 10665

[edit] Worksheet

  1. Find does not look in headers, like Comments. ID = 14522
  2. Comma and dot should be allowed for sheet name. ID = 14709
  3. Support for colon as separator for milliseconds in date custom format. ID = 14632
  4. Fixed the bug that failed to Insert File Level Info Variables in Set Column Value dialog. ID = 14748

[edit] Graphing

  1. Copy +C after using Data selector in Graph doesn't work from 8.0sr6 on. ID = 14665
  2. Error Bars that extended below X=0 completely disappear with Log Scale. ID = 4170
  3. Contour's missing value do not show proper when there are some negtive value in it. ID = 14678
  4. Plot Setup is too slow to loads large project -beta_forum. ID = 14608
  5. Broken and redundant line in New Function window when change to Polar mode. ID = 14334
  6. Inserted info variable failed to show in saved graph window (.ogg) when it was inserted as link. ID = 14536
  7. Palette shows as black bar under vista operation system. ID = 14569
  8. Embedded graph created in Origin 8.1 failed to show in Origin 8.0. ID = 14611

[edit] 3D Graphs

  1. 3D Bar can not be shown completely when there is a lot of bars. ID = 14161
  2. 3D bar needs to support X and Z axis diff length. ID = 14637
  3. Some 3D graphs are incorrectly drawn when From and To Swapped. ID = 14657
  4. White specs appear in 3D Surface plot. ID = 14712
  5. Increment can not be negative in axis when 3d surface and 3d scatter plotted in the same graph. ID = 14670
  6. Improve the speed on opening the Plot Setup dialog for large project. ID = 14144

[edit] LabTalk

  1. Use of range with 'end' fails with assignment or copy command. ID = 14658
  2. LT command "second" failed since 80SR5. ID = 14563
  3. nlbegin: fit curve preview incorrect with different X ranges. ID = 14560
  4. LT function string argument turned uppercase if called in if statement. ID = 14673
  5. LabTalk Function name should be allowed to be longer. ID = 14690
  6. ogs in EXE folder should have lower precedence than LT command/ Origin object. ID = 14566
  7. String concatenation fails when it involves column property in same line as var definition -beta_forum. ID = 14505
  8. LT String can not be passed to OC num function by ref in 81 - LT_Forum. ID = 14669
  9. A local variable in scripts does not work when a dataset variable has the same name defined in Script Window. ID = 14700
  10. X-Function, colcopy, fails to include additional parameter values. ID = 11105
  11. Dataset in tree variable should display its contents instead of gibberish. ID = 14625
  12. Add methods accessed by Origin C and LabTalk to merge cells. ID = 14146
  13. The output of the X-Function impMatlab now is selectable. ID = 14325
  14. X-Function, wcellmask, was improved. ID = 14513
  15. CSV export now supports zip code, phone numbers, etc. ID = 14724

[edit] OriginC

  1. Fail to run OC function in Command window if header file with function declaration is included -beta_forum. ID = 14662
  2. When on OC breakpoint, CPU usage goes to maximum - beta_forum. ID = 14582
  3. Fixed the bug that got incorrect position of axis label object by Origin C. ID = 14355
  4. Fixed the bug that octree_set_auto_support failed to update the check-box status. ID = 14542

[edit] Import/Export

  1. Expasc with LN failed when book hidden. ID = 14696
  2. Graph with Axis Break does not Export as JPG or other raster image properly. ID = 14668
  3. Export graph and PPT failure with master page on. ID = 14779
  4. Improved the speed of importing a TDMS file. ID = 14785

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. UFF should not be allowed inside Origin EXE's subfolders. ID = 14568
  2. Embed graph under Favorite folder gone after reopen the opj. We will disable add such shortcut in SR1. ID = 14715