ReleaseNotes:Bug Newly Fixed in 8.1 SR0

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[edit] Window

  • Added system variable @TOS to control text stretch in Window View. ID = 14104.

[edit] Graphing

[edit] 2D Graphs

  • Fixed the bug that a graph with 4 trajectory plots could not show correctly. ID = 13782.
  • Introduced a new algorithm for creating a contour plot. ID = 12407.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the increment of the color scale of the user-defined graph template failed to be used. ID = 14347.
  • Fixed Time X plotting problem for crossing over night. ID = 14389
  • Fixed color indexing with custom colors problem. ID = 14417

[edit] 3D Graphs

  • Corrected the designation when Plot Setup was opened from template library. ID = 14344.
  • Fixed the bug that caused layer color covered by page color for 3D graphs. ID = 14082.

[edit] Text Object

  • Provided shape dependent hot spot for arrow head. ID = 14119.

[edit] Analysis

[edit] General

  • Analysis Tool with Preview did not rescale on update any more. ID = 14403.
  • Reorganized the categories of the F(x) menu of the Set Values dialog. ID = 12790.
  • Fixed the bug that Add Plot menu in NLSF data selection could not add curve data which was plotted by partial of column. ID = 13724.
  • Fixed the bug that average curves tool failed to extrapolate when duplicating X at beginning. ID = 13816.

[edit] Data Manipulation

  • Fixed the bug that caused the wrong result when undo the operation of Subtract Reference Data of a graph. ID = 12146.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Average Multiple Curves tool could not work properly when the one of the columns of the source data (not the last column) was empty or fully contained missing values. ID= 13736.

[edit] Fitting

  • Fixed the bug that exponential decay functions failed to calculate y value for x which was less than x0. ID = 14414.
  • Fixed the bug that caused crash when Data Points Input of Ellipse less than two in Linear Fit. ID = 13894.

[edit] Peaks and Baseline

  • Fixed the bug that Finding Peaks with Local Maximum failed near right edge. ID = 14290.

[edit] Statistics

  • Fixed the bug that Time and Grouping range values were recognized as Censor values in Survival Analysis when Censor range was empty. ID = 14173.
  • Fixed the bug that colstats could not give correct result when selecting whole rows or subranges. ID = 14136.

[edit] Programming

  • Provide Origin C and LabTalk access methods to merge cells. ID = 14146.

[edit] LabTalk

  • XIndex from another sheet. ID = 14527.
  • Added simple ways to delete a worksheet with all columns by using LabTalk. ID = 13513.
  • Fixed the bug that caused some characters could not be used as a row index. ID = 11376.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the NLSF nlfx method could not call the built-in function. ID = 6711.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the color levels unevenly spaced after setting the values of ZMax and ZMin by script. ID= 10912.
  • Fixed the bug that string variable definition failed when string concatenation involved column property. ID = 14505.
  • Fixed the bug that LabTalk range incorrectly initialized when initial string contained scientific notation. ID = 14468.
  • Added more variables for nlfit LT tree. ID = 12017.
  • Fixed the bug that fit control options such as constaint did not work in NLFit LT command nlbegin. ID = 14471.
  • Added a new function named nlbeginr for handling multiple independent X fitting. ID = 13859.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Origin crash when assigning a small array to a range variable. ID = 13102.
  • Made improvements to handling of Range variables in LabTalk. ID = 13225.
  • Fixed the bug that data/time data was truncated in the label of graph and resulted in loss of precision. ID = 14128.
  • Fixed the bug that Command Window lost focus. ID = 14036.
  • Fixed the bug that Color Map Z levels all got rounded off by script. ID = 13897.

[edit] Origin C

  • Fixed the bug that lock method led to crash on saving project. ID = 14384.
  • Fixed the bug that page name was not reset if the page was created from Origin C. ID = 14203.
  • Graphic objects used for graph programming control were allowed to be printed. ID = 14169.
  • Offered better indication for minimize button on Origin C DDK dialog. ID = 14108.
  • Graphic Object to show plot symbols. ID = 14170.
  • Fixed the bug that got incorrect position of axis label object. ID = 14355.

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] File Loading/Saving

  • Origin took less time to open project file. ID = 14150.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Workbook label in 7.5 wasn’t converted to Origin 8.0 Comment label. ID = 13460.

[edit] Worksheet

  • Forbade to set columns’ short name from cell values when existing the same value. ID = 13880.
  • Fixed the bug that caused wrong swapped X and Y results when converting worksheet to XYZ. ID = 14046.
  • Fixed the bug that caused multiple columns could not be selected while the Column Properties dialog was opened. ID= 13804.

[edit] Import

  • Fixed the bug that caused the dataset in a certain custom format could not be recognized in Import Wizard. ID = 12236.
  • Mathematica was able to connect with kernel started by Origin. ID = 14232.
  • Fixed the bug that JCAMP importation failed due to Regional setting. ID = 13858.
  • Fixed the bug that Import Wizard failed to detect correct number of columns when the number of header line was set without filter. ID = 13790.
  • Fixed the bug that impAsc fails to import numeric data on GOS with default options. ID = 14392.

[edit] Graph Export

  • Fixed the bug that Origin caused crash when exporting ASCII from image matrix. ID = 11704.
  • Fixed the bug that caused wrong position of Grouped Graph in layout when exporting image. ID = 14073.
  • Fixed the bug that Export Graph dialog failed to open when the graph name contained invalid characters. ID = 13923.

[edit] Matrix

  • Matrix transpose will swap axes coordinates ID=6677