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[edit] SQL Editor for Database Import

When importing from a database, users can select from two import dialog options: Open Sql Editor, or Open Query Builder.

On the File menu, select Database Import, and then click New. This will open a dialog box from which you can choose an import dialog option.


Alternatively, click the Open Sql Editor or the Open Query Builder button on the Database Access toolbar.


Selecting Query Builder opens a dialog box in which users can generate a SQL query using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Selecting SQL Editor opens a dialog box in which users can type or paste in a SQL string. This option is intended for advanced users who prefer to work within the SQL environment.

  • The SQL Editor supports syntax coloring and LabTalk substitution.


  • LabTalk variables can be initialized using the Before Query Script dialog box. Click the Preview button on the Database Access toolbar to test LabTalk substitutions before importing.


  • Create workbook templates containing simple scripts for modifying query conditions. The script in the example below changes the workbook’s long name in order to import data from multiple countries.


Combining scripts, pivot table features, and embedded graphs, templates can be completely self-contained and easily reused.

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[edit] Graph Export

[edit] Transparency Support for PDF and EPS

As there is no native support for transparency in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), EPS output contains raster elements when graphs contain elements with transparency.

  • By default, raster elements are compressed to minimize file size. To turn off this default, clear the Raster Compression check box under EPS Options in the Import and Export dialog box.
  • To turn off transparency in EPS, select Draw as Opaque in the Semi-transparent Regions group under EPS Options.

Portable Document Format (PDF) has better support for transparency, and in PDF export Origin provides a compression option which enables the creation of more compact files.

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[edit] Data Import

Origin can import the following third-party file types:

  • TDMS (LabView 2009)
  • Graphpad Prism

ASCII Import:

  • ASCII files are always imported using the System Default dialog theme unless a user-defined theme has been saved to the worksheet or selected from the Dialog Theme menu. Expand Import Options to define a new dialog theme.
  • Use the Add Sparklines menu under Import Options to show or hide thumbnails after importing.

Import Wizard:

  • The import wizard supports custom time formats. Custom Time Format options are available in the Data Columns dialog box of the Import Wizard.
  • In the Import Wizard, under Advanced Options, select Run script after each file imported to run a LabTalk script at the end of each import. Select Run script after all files imported to run a LabTalk script after all files have completed importing.
  • The Import Filter Manager includes a Drag&Drop Exclusion column. This column specifies which file extensions are to be excluded when using Drag and Drop. This can be useful when a filter format supports multiple file types and you want to exclude some file types but include others.

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