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SQL Editor for Database Import

When importing from a database, user now can select from two import dialogs:


Then 2nd radio for Query Builder will open the dialog that existed in previous versions where user can graphically create a query.

The 1st radio option opens a new dialog where user can simply type or paste in the SQL string. This dialog is designed for advanced users who know some SQL and prefer to directly work in that environment.

  1. Separate buttons are available now for both the new and the old dialog
  2. Image:New_SQL_editor_toolbar_button.png

  3. The new SQL editor supports syntax coloring and LabTalk substitution
  4. Image:SQL_editor_dialog.png

  5. LabTalk variables can be prepared via the Before Query Script and Preview button is available to allow quick checking:
  6. Image:SQL_editor_dialog_LT_preview.jpg

  7. Workbook templates can be made to allow very simple script to reuse it for different conditions. In this example, user can simply change the book's long name and import data from different countries.
  8. Image:SQL_editor_Before_query_dialog.jpg

Coupled with pivot table features and embedded graphs in the book, the template can be completely self-contained and easily reuse.

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Graph Export Improvements

Transparency Support for PDF and EPS

In 8.5.0 graphs with color transparency did not export properly to EPS and PDF. The export code has been updated for both EPS and PDF to support transparency.

With EPS export, as there is no native support for transparency in EPS, the output will contain raster elements. The raster elements are compressed to minimize file size.

PDF has better support for transparency. Also with PDF export there is option for compression which will create more compact files than before. The compression option always existed, but has now been turned on by default.

Other Graph Export Improvements

  • Add a radio group in ExpGraph dialog for supporting raster embedding
  • "Raster Compression" checkbox is added at the bottom of "EPS Options" for better compression for eps export. It's checked by default.

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Data Import Improvements

  • Support importing 3 more third party files
    • TDMS file created by LabView 2009
    • Graphpad Prism files.
    • MZXML files.
  • Import ASCII improvements
    • The Import ASCII menu always imports with default/sheet theme
    • Reuse the "Add Sparklines" option in impASC dialogue for thumbnails when importing data into matrix.
  • Import Wizard improvements
    • Two radio buttons were added on Advanced Options Page in Import wizard to specify when LabTalk script runs at the end of the import process.
  • The Remove Leading Zeros from Numbers option is on by default in Import Wizard and impASCII.
  • "Drag&Drop Exclusion" column is added in Import Filter Manager, which specifies what extensions would be excluded when Drag and Drop.

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