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--- This FAQ is under construction ---

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1) Install a FLEXnet server on the new machine.

2) Notify OriginLab that you need to move the FLEXnet server to a different machine, so we can make another license file available to you.

3) Obtain the new license file for the new machine.

4) Set up and start the FLEXnet service on the new machine.

5) Stop the old FLEXnet service.

6) Have all Origin users connect Origin to the new FLEXnet service. This can be done by restarting Origin on each machine, and entering the new FLEXnet server host name or IP address in the License Information dialog. Or you can do this process on one machine, and then take a copy of the Use_Server.lic in that machine's Origin \FLEXlm\ folder, and push it out to the Origin \FLEXlm\ folder on all the other machines, over-writing the previous file.